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    Building the Pinacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    Thread Starter: HOexplorer

    This is my opening thread on the PCM&T. It is a small mining layout in SE Alaska up one of the fjords. It is October 1931. Shown is the woodworking being done over my old N scale layout. This layout will have three levels. The highest level will be reached by a switchback. There will be two...

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    Bill Tidler Jr.

    Running Bear's Coffee Shop XLV

    Thread Starter: Bill Tidler Jr.

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Good Morning! Today is Fri 10/31/14.

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    '1943, Somewhere in England', N scale Monster Layout

    Thread Starter: armyairforce

    Since getting back into railroading in 2005, I built three N scale layouts for myself. 'Dreamland' was the first on a 6 x 2ft board. 'Area 51' was next with a similar but enlarged track plan on an 8 x 2ft 6in board, both of which operated diesels. My last layout was 'Storage Depot 41, Kingman'...

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    D&J RailRoad

    The D&J Railroad -- From Scratch

    Thread Starter: D&J RailRoad

    I started this thread in the Introduction section, but decided it really should be over here. I hope you can follow along as I start this major project from a blank basement setting to a fully sceniced model railroad with a southwestern look and UP/BNSF motive power. This is the start of a large...

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    The wife's HO Atlas layout...

    Thread Starter: wombat457

    Hi Guys, Since working on the "other" layout, my wife decided that our layout needed "updating". Great idea thought I until I realized that my idea of an update and hers was completely different. My idea of an update is to add to the existing layout, replace older gear etc. Her idea requires a...

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    Winterquarters/Car Shops for circus and showtrains

    Thread Starter: enjineerbill

    A bit of backround for this thread; Years ago, many circus and carnivals traveled by rail. When they took a break(usually) in the winter months, they would keep equipment , animals and other related items on company owned property. Most of these properties were owned by the shows and had...

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