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  • Selector, I was looking at one of your pictures you posted for the 2009 Holiday Special titled "In the Bleak Midwinter" and it showed a locomotive exiting a tunnel portal with a barren tree to the right and I have to ask...where did you get that tree trunk? It looks incredible!
    I did not mean to sound mean in my thread. I just was starting to get the impression that everyone in there, thought that they knew everything, and I really did not want the whole thread going that way.

    Otherwise your comment about needing 1000 amps of electrical service for 1000 locos if each loco takes 1 amp is kind of misleading. I just took a look at my power converter for my TV. It takes in 120 Volts AC and 1.5 amps AC. The output is 12V DC and 3 amps DC. So if the DCC boosters work with at least that efficency, a 5 amp booster is only really using 2.5 amps of power from the electric company.
    Hey Crandell thanx for the heads up.
    I was looking at that and it does look off, I'll take another shot at it.
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