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CHET- If I used a hammer on the 'puker. Debbie would use the hammer on me..

MR had an issue, years ago showing most ,if not all,the various F units. It was one of the magazines I've already given to my local library.

Good Morning of course its windy today since its garage collection day...!

Johnny: Check Walther's on line catalog for Evergreen Models who sells a bunch of different sizes of sheet styrene.

Chet: I have a set of Steward Milwaukee Road A & B set of F units. I need to check the box to see which phase they were. I purchased them at Milwaukee's TrainFest 15 years ago for $101. Just added DCC to the A unit.

Just an aside...many years ago just after the Milwaukee Road disappeared, I interviewed an older gentleman who worked in the Milwaukee Road shops. He was applied for a position in our Facilities Department. Soon after the interview started he had many problems which which prevent him from safety doing the job he was applying for. Years at the Milwaukee took a toll on him. But, we shifted to the Milwaukee and he talked for three hours about how the Milwaukee let nothing go to waste and how they patched up locomotives, using whatever parts were on hand. Great three hours, he just wanted to talk. Welding tools were their tool of choice.

Sort of 1:1 scratch building.

Going to spend an hour in the train room. Just cleaning up odds and ends.

Have to watch George Sellious' s video where he stained and distresses wood model so I know what to do on my Blair Line building.

Sherrel: Wish I had your weather.

That's all for now.



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Greg - I can remember my relatives talking about how the guys in the shop could fix most everything. Still talk and joke about it today. This little guy was built from spare parts in the Deer Lodge shop to move the electric locomotives in and out of the roundhouse. Looks like an Alco truck underneath it. This is the one that ran off of an extension cord. In the last years of the railroad, it became more of a necessity because of the lack of funds.

Everyone - I probably won't post much over the next 5-6 days, but I may "lurk." I pray everyone has a memorable Thanksgiving! See ya on the flip side!


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Good afternoon all,

I'm off to have a few X-rays taken of my Left knee and hip and lower spine to see if possibly the Chiropractor can help to give me some relief so I can move more freely and sleep better.

Talk with you all later.

D&J RailRoad

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Good afternoon all,

I'm off to have a few X-rays taken of my Left knee and hip and lower spine to see if possibly the Chiropractor can help to give me some relief so I can move more freely and sleep better.

Talk with you all later.
They will probably send you to a physical therapy type place to do some stretching and weigh lifting with your bad leg. I just finished up a couple months for a sore right hip. It's Arthritis setting in but it can be delayed with the right workout. I feel much better now and can actually jog about a mile now, where as before, 1/4 mile was the limit before the pain was just excruciating. i should be able to get back up to 2 1/2 to 3 miles by next summer.


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Evening fellers,
I'm making a rare evening appearance to say howdy.
Of course, that 12 pack my Dad brought today probably helps with that.
The appointment to take out my trach was made.
Next Thursday the 30th it will be history!!!!
Then I'll be moving back ASAFP.
This ENT Dr. is in Champaign (IL) and I suggested to Dad this evening that we pick up the u-haul trailer
on our way back from the Dr. office. He said "we can do that. Have you rented one yet?".
I only need help loading a single piece of furniture. Other than that I can load the trailer myself - which I plan on anyway.
Party on!!!!


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Good evening.

Still busy. Friend were here from Friday through tmyesterday. We made a trip to Nashville TN today and just returned. Tomorrow family members visit from OH and MI for the long thanksgiving weekend.

Chet. That is an F3 phase 4 which looks like an F7 except for dynamic brake details on the roof. I see in my Northern Pacific book that the NP was one of the railroads which called these units F5’s .

Greg ... Milwaukee Road called itself “America’s Resourceful Railroad”. The locomotive shops lived up to that name. I still recall many years ago I saw a MILW passenger Fairbanks Morse locomotive hauling a commuter train in Chicago. It has some sheet metal replaced with plywood on a side panel.

Eric. ... hoping all goes well. Your courage fighting cancer should be inspiring to others.

Have a good evening everybody.
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Happy Thanks Giving to All !

I'm off to have a few X-rays taken of my Left knee and hip and lower spine to see if possibly the Chiropractor can help to give me some relief so I can move more freely and sleep better.
I get over to the X-Ray place only to find out that an aiming/positioning light used for taking the X-Ray is burned out so I'm supposed to go back tomorrow!! I asked about their working more than half a day tomorrow and the office girl said they'd be there all day.

Great, more waiting and more pain.

Talk with you all later.

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Thanksgiving eve. I'm working from home today and I have a few hours banked up on the books to use up, so I can go do something else at about noon time. I think I'll get the garage back in order then probably mop the hard floors in the house. After that, I'll go into town to the cigar lounge and have a smoke with the guys for a couple hours. After that, go to the YMCA and do some workout, back home to do some stretching and a little free weights then go play with the trains.


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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
It's 72 here in Apache Junction, AZ. Say the high will be 82 today.

Have a good and safe Holiday everyone. We're going to go find the Lost Dutchman mine - after breakfast of course!

Ken D&J Wow - an organized plan so early in the morning? Don't over do it!


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Good Morning All. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Weather Underground claims 34° about 6 miles south of here, but I've got 39° on my thermometer with perfectly clear skies today. The amber waves of regrowth hay are sparkling out the back window. I can now see my hayfield since the trees have lost all of their leaves, mostly on the pool cover! Busy day in the house getting ready for the guests tomorrow. Some pre-cooking and some remaining cleanup. Picked up my deep-fried turkey yesterday and cut it in half to put into the freezer. I am saving it for later consumption since we're cooking a traditional turkey tomorrow. On the way back home I stopped at a tire place to see if they could find the slow leak that they weren't able to find three weeks ago. The tire loses about three pounds of pressure a day and I have been filling it at home regularly. Yesterday, the same guy found a small screw as soon as he removed the tire. Expressed embarrassment that he hadn't spotted it the previous time, but also blamed the screw for not letting air out when he subjected the tire to the soapy water test previously. Well, at least it got fixed and I can drag the air compressor back to the shop.
Train layout-wise, I got out the brown paint and painted some bare plywood prior to adding ground cover, which I won't start to do until next week, but I needed to paint two small areas within the small town business district that I am working on. One is going to be a very small park and the other odd-shaped parcel at layouts edge is going to be a fenced-off, overgrown vacant lot; it is about the only thing that I could do with the spot. I'm looking at something like Lance Russworm did on his Bleeker Street area on his model railroad.

Elsewhere on the layout, I rearranged some vehicles to allow the asphalt road to "age" more evenly! I also selected some more little people for inclusion in the area.
- Space savers huh? That gives you an excuse to get a few more to fill in the space saved!
Ray - Thanks for the historical recap regarding mail pouches.
Eric - Great news, thanks for taking the time to update us. Glad too that you can enjoy the beverages.
David - Good luck at the X-ray center today. Prayers that it is nothing serious with you.
Ken (D&J) - Sounds like a fun-filled day.

Remembering this day in 1963, I was in seventh grade in Dallas TX. We came in from outdoor recess and the TV was on and local newscaster Eddie Barker was about to hand over the reins to CBS national guy Walter Cronkite, reporting on the terrible news from our fair city. Interesting sidebar is that Walter came to our house with his nephew, my dad's boss, about six months later for cocktails (that's what they were called back then!). We reciprocated about four years later by visiting him at his house in Connecticut where his wife served us lunch.

Everybody have a great day.

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Good Morning All,

Have the grand kids here today after spending the night. Daughter is having surgery on her right knee this morning. Last night my son and I took the oldest grandson (12) to the range. I had him shooting my .22 rifle (single shot) that I got as a kid. He did pretty well and I'm thinking seriously about passing it down to him for Christmas.

When I received the news about President Kennedy I was in class (2nd grade) and I remember a girl that had been in the office came back to the class crying. The whole school said a prayer for him, his family and our nation followed by a minute of silence. The next couple of days the entire nation was in mourning and glued to the TV or radio. It was another one of those moments that forever changed our country and probably not for the better.

The dryer is fixed. It turned out to be the thermal fuse and not the heating coil. The wife is happy, so by definition that means I'm happy.:rolleyes:

Sherrel- Neat picture.

Toot- You were right. It was almost like being on a amusement ride.

Chet- Nice track photo

Willie- Really interesting way of doing roads. Thanks for sharing.

Eric- I'm glad that it's going good for you.

This is my next kit. I will probably start it Saturday or Sunday.


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