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Okay, this is the new place. Try not to splash coffee on the walls until the paint dries... Well, try not to get coffee on the walls at all....


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Evening fellers. I noticed from the last coffee shop that I haven't touched my layout in over a month aside from running trains. In which that hasn't went as smoothly as it should either. So with that being said I made a deal with the wife to go to my LHS and get some needed items. It'll be the week after next before I get my structures in to replace two in my town row that I'm not too big a fan of. I was a little let down as the hobby shop doesn't carry the Athearn micro bulbs anymore. I can't remember if I still have a set or not. Anyways here's my haul from the hobby shop. I'll be working my locomotives here I only have a handful that I want to focus on so it shouldn't take too much time to work them. Finally found my C&O yellow I've been needing for some time and of course a tree kit. The kit is cheaper than buying armatures and foliage separate. So I get the kits which come with a bottle of glue and foliage. And as suggested LaBelle 106. Which I will most likely use on my SD40 first to see how it performs.

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Good afternoon.

Terry - On-Star can be relentless. I went through the same thing when they wanted me to continue subscribing on my Silverado and the Buick. Talk about a pain in the butt. I didn't want it in the first place, but being that it is now standard equipment on all GM cars, the buyer doesn't have a choice.

Eric - It's a good thing you gained weight or the wind may have taken you away.

Greg - Nice going not turning the power off. At least you didn't do what I did, leave a train running around the layout for a day. By the way, signs arrived, Thanks.

- When we had a camper, we had a Norcold fridge and had no problems with any of the gas appliances even over 8,000 feet. The only problem is that it took so much longer to cook some item due to the altitude.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED almost. For the most part, the A-B-A consist for the North Coast Limited is done. I am still waiting for a few detail parts which were out of stock and on back order. The firecracker Antenna, spark arrestors and MU hoses. Willie, got all of the holes for the hand rails done without breaking a drill bit, but I do have spares. Many tubes of bits from a #60 through #80.

20171118_140528.jpg 20171118_140633.jpg

20171118_142547.jpg 20171118_142608.jpg Those details are quick and easy to add.

Now onto the next project, but which one.

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D&J RailRoad

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Attended my friends memorial service this morning. He influenced quite a few people with his faith and his work ethos. He willed his body to science so there was no burial.
After the service I spent some time catching up with some old friends I haven't seen in a few years. Several of them wanted to come out to see the model railroad. It seems that a couple guys who still attend that church have been out here and have told others about it. I started them out with my YouTube page of videos.
Spent this afternoon working on some videos for my church, to promote the upcoming Christmas season programs.
Heck, I might get downstairs to do a little work on some model railroad stuff this evening.
Riding out to a friends house tomorrow afternoon to watch some football and smoke a cigar, then going on down south of Richmond to see my g'daughter who is now institutionalized.


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CHET - Those F Units all look great. You still have the touch!
Even the "bow" in a couple of the door grabs on the B Unit is hardly noticeable? (snicker, snicker)

Thanks for chiming in on the fridge. Norcold even told me that they could not guarantee uninterrupted operation above 5000'.
RV man in Apple Valley (that looked at it while we were at Big Bear) said it could be a pressure or trash in line, but he has them working at higher altitudes Works beautifully here.

Outta here for a few hours -- Bunco group turkey dinner tonight and with Spousal Unit still on her road trip I cannot afford to miss a free turkey dinner.......


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Hi gang. Haven’t posted here much over the past month because I've had nothing of consequence to report about the layout, other than clearing out some more aisle space. Even though the outdoor yard work season has ended, my energy deficit has put a serious damper on my mrr enthusiasm.

I just saw my doctor Friday morning for a six-month checkup appt; my BP numbers were good (118/72), so he agreed to try weaning me off the Clonidine. Now I’ll be taking just 1 pill in the morning and 2 at night, and he wants me to come back in a month to make sure the BP is still good. That’s the good news; the bad news is that I might have an ulcer. I’ve had this mild pain in my upper abdomen for ~2 weeks, and during the last few days I’ve been belching up acid – even after eating bland foods like cereal. So he put me on a medicine similar to Nexium, which I was taking as a “maintenance” drug until I stopped taking six months ago [because it blocks calcium absorption]. I hope this prescription will only be temporary, and that I won’t have pick between the two scourges of Barrett’s Esophogus or osteoporosis.

One of these days I’ll resume working on my layout…honest!

D&J RailRoad

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I hope this prescription will only be temporary, and that I won’t have pick between the two scourges of Barrett’s Esophogus or osteoporosis.
I was under doctors watch for about 20 years with the Barrett's Esophagus and eventually all traces of it went away. I was on Nexium for a long time and cut out caffeinated drinks and foods from my diet. I recently had another endoscopy for the Barrett's and still not a trace of it. I do get heartburn if I eat pizza or a large meal.


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Chet, I unplugged the miror in the truck this afternoon. The only thing other than Onstar that doesn't work is the onboard cellular wifi. Since I barely used it, and that more or less to see if and how well it worked, I won't miss it.


Lazy Daydreamer
I was under doctors watch for about 20 years with the Barrett's Esophagus and eventually all traces of it went away. I was on Nexium for a long time and cut out caffeinated drinks and foods from my diet. I recently had another endoscopy for the Barrett's and still not a trace of it. I do get heartburn if I eat pizza or a large meal.
I was on Nexium for 12 years until I learned about its long-term effects, also been coffee-free since ~2007; but I do have a Coke every now & then. What's scary about this current heartburn episode is that I can't blame it on spicy or deep-fried foods, it just came on suddenly out of nowhere. I'm planning to contact my GI doc on Monday to see if he thinks I need an endoscopy...


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Ran a 110 car train of modern rolling stock at the club today, 5 Athearn Genesis on the point, 3 'ACe's and 2 ES44AC's. Not that the can motors knew the differences.

No pictures or video, so I guess it didn't really happen.


AKA Gomez Addams
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I was going through my junk mail (sometimes USPS delivers it), and found an ad from Pentrex railroad videos. I hadn't heard from them in a while, now I know why. They've moved from Pasadena, CA, to Indianapolis, IN. Yet another business flees...
Good morning, still in the upper 50s and very windy. It's clearing so I imagine, the temperature will either remain steady or drop throughout the day.

Chet: Great looking F units on your NCL.


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Good Morning All. 39° and clear, not as chilly as forecast. Back to the mid-60's later today. Not really an outdoor day yesterday with 30-35 mph winds out of the NW almost all day, although it really didn't get cold until sunset. All of the leaves that blew north Friday came back yesterday. Since I still have all of the grass catching equipment on the tractor, I'll probably vacuum the yard again today.
Trainwise, I found some of the wayward electric poles that I have been searching for: they were actually laying on top of the layout about 6' from the door. Not the big stash that I was looking for, but the right ones for what I am doing, electric poles instead of telegraph poles. Cut some scrap gray sprue material into pieces that resemble transformers and glued them to the poles. I am actually going to attempt to add wires to these for this scene since I will not have to be reaching into it for any train activity. I started by drilling six tiny holes in the insulators on each of the cross arms. Got three poles completed before I went cross-eyed. I need to do two more.

Justin - That is the right grease for the gears, just remember to use it very sparingly. Wipe any old stuff off first.
Chet - Really great looking work on the NCL diesels.

Whenever I go to the local train shows, I go on the home layout tours and take pictures. I was reviewing some yesterday and came across some that I took at an individual's layout in Lewisville TX. He has a double-sided workbench with a chair on each side. It was particularly notable and I snapped a picture from both sides. I don't feel badly about mine after seeing these pictures again.
train show 013.JPG train show 014.JPG
This wasn't the only notable thing that I saw there. His layout takes up the entire second floor (including a line through the bathroom) and he has a rather complex staging yard that is an elevator...goes up and down between levels. Couldn't get a picture because it is behind the backdrop. The third notable thing was a turnback loop that extends into and fifteen feet above the front entryway in his house. His wife even tolerates a 20' extension ladder stashed behind the front door in case access is needed!

Everybody have a great Sunday.

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