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I'm old school, I take my time on the roads, even in good weather.

I leave early because in my mind if you are not at least 10 minutes early, you are already late.
I’ve done the same the 28 years I’ve been working full time. You still see it every day on the roads though. The person who will pass you , and you will still pull up next to them at the stop light in the next town. It always puts a big grin on my face when they look over and you give them the smirk, and subtle nod.


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I have been able to see this same thing when I get on the road, back when I was working and on to today. When I leave my home to head south towards town, there is a 3/4 mile stretch between my driveway and where other south bound cars and trucks come over a rise and become visible to the north of me. Then, to the south of me, 2 miles distant is another hill. Many times, after I pull out onto the highway, headlights will come over the rise to my north and by the time I'm at the top of the hill 2 miles south, these vehicles are driving right up my tail pipe; or, have passed me already. I drive the speed limit which is 60 mph! These people are speeding, sometimes up to 80 mph; or, more! I would go so far as to state that 85 to 90% of the drivers here in Minnesota speed all the time. So, instead of a relaxing trip to work, shopping; or, whatever they are going to do, they've had a nerve wracking blood pressure raising experience to start their day with! Is this the state of being that people have made the choice to do, for a few extra moments at home in the morning? To me, this shows how stupid the public has become!


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WIllie, I was trying to find AC/DC's "Problem Child" on YouTube, but I can't find the album version. Any ideas why not?
My late sister told me that song reminded her of me, I can't imagine why ;)


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I think you would fit right in with this group! It would be nice to chat with someone that could fly multiple jet engine aircraft AND comprehend the strategies and complexities of the game of bunco.;)
DAVE -- You made me dribble coffee! It is an awesome complex game!
We have 24 (sometimes 26) in our group - Yours?


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Louis - Tom Keifer, lead singer for Cinderella - - you can't mistake his voice from the 80's and 90's. After surgery on his vocal chords, he doesn't sound like that any more. Happy that his voice has recovered, but I sure miss those rasping vocals only he could do.
Good Morning Everyone....waking up to approximately 10 inches of new snow and some additional snow during the day. Checked the snow at 3:00 and a huge buck was at our (wife's) bird feeders. He didn't mind the falling snow and the blowing snow.

Lots of snow at the cabin and we'll need to call our plow "lady". Even with four wheel drive its a difficult to get into the cabin driveway.

Looks like a afternoon in the layout room, but I need some motivation. I do need to run my Rapido RDC which is still in its box by the kitchen table. The cleaning out of the space for new yard is going slow, but some progress is being made. I made some rules for the new addition that I'll follow the rules closely during construction.

Going to clean out my junk drawer that's in the middle of my work bench. It's filled with a lot of items that been there for years. I lost a part last week and thought maybe it "jumped" into the junk drawer. So I emptied the drawer, but didn't throw anything away like I should have of done. BTW the part was on the floor about 12 inches under the work bench.

Just want to add some more music to this Thread. Here's Chicago together with Earth, Wind and Fire in concert in 2004. I saw Chicago when they were the CTA in the late 60's or early 70's. I can't remember the exact year, but I still remember the girl friend I was with that night!

The groups are really enjoying themselves and it shows in their performance. Watch in HD and turn up the speakers....

There's an ad that appears before the video starts.

That's about it.

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Hiya gang
Bored off my tukas here today, Wintry mix scaring most of my appointments to cancel, momentary power outage took out our air compressors. I actually had one of the techs (young guy with an electric lift) that he could not rotate tires on a customers truck because he had no air pressure. I had to remind him what a 4 way lug wrench was for.
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