Criticism towards fellow model railroaders.

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That's the end all of it all. It's my railroad! I'll do what I want with it! Going back to the layout though. I loved the scenery. They did a pretty good job with it.

Ahh you do realize what I said was in jest and being obviously sarcastic right? Just wondering as the smiley was left out of the quote and wouldn't want anyone thinking I was serious.
Yo Tony! Of course, I knew you were not serious, I did accidently miss the smiley when quoting, and what you wrote did jog a memory from back when...:)

I still have four or five Roundhouse box cars from the same era, and I just replaced the Lindberg wheels in another BB with Intermountain metal wheel sets, so some of the cars lasted as long as the memories. BTW, my current build is the first around the walls point to point layout I ever attempted. One of the features I liked about the continuous loop, was I could go down into the train room, start a train and watch it run as I lifted. Very relaxing. Can't do that any more...:rolleyes:



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What a "Big Girls Blouse"! Guess we can't call her an A Hole can we - ah to hell with it - she's an A Hole as well.

From what I saw of the video, it didn't look like half her comments were justifiable. Looked to me as though the train (an F7 to boot I think) ran very nicely, although maybe a little fast for the video? Anyway, point is - another nice little layout unjustifiably criticized by obviously another self acclaimed expert, and we all know what an expert is right?

"A slow drip under pressure"!!!!!


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I think Justin hit the nail on the head. We all have different talents, abilities and different spaces for our model railroads. If you are enjoying your railroad, that is what is important. As time passes, we learn more, gain skills and possibly obtain more room.
As the model railroad expert that knows all I must say that layout had issues... with the stupid reply from that d!(k. LOL That's a joke son - me being the model railroad expert.



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In Justin's post, that layout is a bunch of fun! There is so much trackage for a O-27 layout contained on a 4 X 8 foot sheet of plywood! Kids have two throttle speeds; off and full! That the train can make all the curves and not fall to the ground would be the best test of a layout for kids. This one certainly passes that test. I also have to say that the scenery is top notch. This layout goes far beyond most of the Lionel layouts I have seen. Who ever built and detailed it did an excellent job! The Santa Fe F-unit in Warbonnet paint brings back memories for me!
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I don't model that scale but I am really impressed with what they were able to do. Even the loop that the one person thought was worthless. It helps the operator turn the train which is a part of their operations. They felt they needed it and put it in. This layout fits the operators needs and wants on a layout. They defended this as well.



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I like it, I want one. My only "criticism" is that I want a caboose! An F unit needs a caboose.
All trains need a waycar at the end... and passenger trains need an observation! Everytime I see one go by, I keep thinking that they lost part of the train somewhere!
I've always tried to be careful offering any "suggestions" because they always sound like "criticisms" to whom I direct them. However, if someone asks for suggestions, I then feel more open to provide any insights I might have. Posting this sort of thing on the internet is really dicey because it can be interpreted wrong. Best to stick with compliments.



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I think I have only come across one individual who asked, in a forum, for "opinions" and suggestions and for people to be "honest" who received the advice sought and immediately questioned the advice and suggestions and reasons given. This same person was new to the hobby and stated he knew nothing about it and wanted to learn from "experience". Every piece of very good advice given was argued by him every step of the way.

This sort of person is few and far between, thankfully, and I believe most people who ask for advice (constructive criticism) do so because it is what they genuinely want. The individual above merely wanted people to pat him on the back and tell him what a wonderful job he was doing.

As has been said, offering advice to those who ask for it is one thing. Handing out demeaning, unwarranted jabs at something some one has done without reason and without it being asked for is what people dislike, and the two video's offered as examples are good examples of that occurrence.

Personally, if someone asks for advice or for an honest opinion and are given that with reasons and explanations and then they get bent out of shape because they got what they asked for, perhaps they shouldn't have asked in the first place.
Handing out demeaning, unwarranted jabs at something some one has done without reason and without it being asked for is what people dislike, and the two video's offered as examples are good examples of that occurrence.
Tony: You are right. I saw another example, of what, we are discussing, on another forum just yesterday. Everyone here has a different skill set, and many of us have different interests. No one is right, or more right in this hobby. My current layout is a bit more than two years since the initial plan. it needs a lot of work, and I'm already revising my obvious screw ups. I'm my own harshest critic, but I wouldn't appreciate someone going off on me, without reason.


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WJLI26, The above sounds like your "Whimpering" to me! (I'm joking around, here).

I've been building models for close to 60 years; now, and my current layout is now 30 years old. Like WJLI26, I am my own harshest critic and don't need/want unsolicited criticism from others and would never solicit criticism from them, either! However, I would be lying if I said I have never been critical of others; or, that others haven't given me unsolicited criticism. It's sort of in human nature to do so.

As hard as I do try to be a Saint, I just never reach that goal!
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Every layout has something wrong or could use some improvement in some area. Best leave negative opinions unsaid.

I remember at a local clinic who sponsored a model contest, I followed two older guys (I'm old myself) and they had a negative comment or two about every model in the contest. Some of the models were made by Master Model Railroaders and were "Contest Quality".


Just another person showing how stupid they are! Is this another one of those "Watch This" things?
I'd offer that it's more in line with what "social" media claims to be all about. Nothing social about it at all. Quite the opposite. It's "Look at me!"
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I'd offer that it's more in line with the what "social" media is all about. Not at all social. Quite the opposite. It's "Look at me!"
I couldn't agree more with that statement concerning what people "claim to be" social media ... it reminds me of a commercial on TV with a line that goes ...

"Ever noticed how kids activity often lacks the activity part..."

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