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Louis - looks like Terry already answered regarding Advil being Ibuprofen.

Scattered thunderstorms all around but not here yet. We are under a tornado watch until midnight, still 69°, meaning conditions are close to being right. It's headed Johnny's way, the weather but maybe not the tornados.


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Thanks Karl and Mike,

Actually Mike, I do like your signature and often apply it's advice, particularly in the field of model train purchases. Why suffer two lots of criticism?


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The only US President who I met in person and shake hands was George H W Bush who just passed away. .... RIP, Sir.


Cambria .... I like your coal loader very much.... Nice club layout, too.

Louis ... Another good photo of a streetcar.


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Amtrak's United Aircraft TurboTrains 50 and 53, seen at Stamford, Ct. a week apart, April 13 and 20, 1973

Photos by William L. Hoffman.


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Good morning Everybody!

I hope the tornado missed you. Until the recent tornado at Amazon's 5501 Holabird Ave location I have never seen a tornado on the east side of the Patapsco River. Seeing the damage that an F-1 can do with my own eyes shocked me.

No cramps and I slept great. The milk and a few glasses of water seemed to have done the trick.

I did wake up with swollen hands from all the tedious work I did yesterday. I had anticipated that, I asked my wife to leave the dishes for me to do this morning. Nothing brings down the swelling like washing dishes, hot water, cold water repeat. My hands are good to go!

Now I have to find my advent candles!

I just thought of something. I complain to you guys more than I ever have to anyone else my entire adult life. I've been near death and always told people I was fine. But you guys I whine about swollen hands and whatever else! Thanks for listening to me :)
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