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Good Morning Everyone. A bit chilly at 47° and clear skies. Three hours ago it was 53°. The rain finally got here around noon yesterday and lasted about six hours, leaving 1" in the gauge. Clear mild days in the 70's in store for us for a while. No trick or treaters here either last night, continuing a 40+ year trend. They tend to go to the affluent suburban neighborhoods (like Sherrel's) where the houses aren't three miles apart. Today is grocery/beer trek day, continuing a weekly tradition in my family. I did do a few indoor projects yesterday that have been neglected. By the way, does anyone else hate those thumb screws on light fixtures as badly as I do?
No Pasties or Pierogis here. For ethnic food we eat tacos, tamales and enchiladas. At least we're not like California where they eat tofu.

Another uneventful day in the train shed yesterday, when I wasn't trapped in the house due to puddles between the back door and the shed. I haven't replaced my rain boots yet. Worked on various minor projects, cleaned some space up, added some stuff to the workbench, and mostly ran trains. I've been giving the engineers an extended working schedule over the past two weeks; when I should be devoting more time to scenery.
Haven't posted a picture in a while, here is Betty's Diner, a Bar Mills kit (Sweaty Betty's) that I may not have posted before. While it is in what is probably its permanent location, this town is still bare plywood.
05-02-18 017.JPG

Joe - Good luck with the Arthritis treatments. Add to your commercial list, the ones for "precious coins". Here in Texas, the Beto O'Rourke/Ted Cruz Senator ads are quite prolific and nasty. In my congressional district, TX-13 (a district of over 40,00 sq miles), the Republican incumbent is ahead by almost 60 points and doesn't even advertise.
Greg - I do crooked utility poles also. I model what I see in real life as much as I am able.
Ray - That would be "Uncle Fester".

Today is National Calzone Day, something I can really sink my teeth into.
Everybody have a great day.


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Good morning, y'all. 49° and sunny. We are supposed to warm up to the mid 70's today. Before PC this was called Indian Summer. Thanks for opening Willie. The precious coin commercials seem to pop up when the stock market burps. More marketing based on fear. Five more days of political ads. Then the Obamacare renewal ads will rise up to fill the void.

Had about 60 Trick or treaters yesterday. Since I had candy for 300, I was generous. All the kids were surprisingly polite, and they all remembered to say thank you. Most came after 5PM also. For many years the trick or treat started at 3PM and ran to 5pm, because of "stranger danger paranoia".
There are a lot of new people in the neighborhood, who are obviously less paranoid and stick to tradition. Still have a whole lot of candy left over.

Willie: I like the diner.



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Good morning. 38 degrees to start the day off, with a high expected only in the mid 40's.

Like the new place. A cup of coffee and a sweet roll please.

Willie -
A really nice job on the diner. A nice addition. I also have one area left with plywwod. If I would ever get off my butt, I could have it finished in short order. Too many other things going on.

- We have been here for over 40 years and have never had a trick or treater stop by.

Greg - Nice layout photos. post more of them. Joes wife pretty well summed it up on the perogies., a Polish ravioli. Living near Milwaukee, I am suprised that you don't know what they are.

That is quite close to how I make mine. I use cottage cheese instead of shredded cheese. I also run an onion through a food processor for additional taste. You can put anything in them that you want. Sauerkraut, meat or what ever. I like frying mine up in lots of butter. Here's about a third of what I made yesterday. They're in the freezer now. Should last us for a while. It's a lot of work, but well worth it.


Sherrel - Hang in there. One week top go on the political ads. I agree with the insurance ads, but the prescription ads from the drug makers are driving me crazy.

Here's a rail picture for today.




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OH -- Happy Day after Halloween! Darn year is about gone aready. I'm having to shop for some firewood this year for the first time in the 10 years that we ave been in this home. I usually had managed to have enough scraps from projects going + tree trimmings at the church - anyway - I'm down to the last 1/2 dozen pieces.
We had a count of 193 according to the Spousal Unit. I actually think it was a few more than that, but she was marking them down pretty good. Let's see - 186 she had last year. She has a good time handing out candy bars and always loves the Holiday Season in general.

Yeah, CHET, The medicine/prescription commercials irk me almost as much as the politics!

RAY - the comment about the circling water made me laugh out loud!

YAY - my body hurts today, but I finished stripping, sanding, and prep on the table yesterday!

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Afternoon All,

Spent about 3 hours grocery shopping today with numerous stops. After that was all done then it was house cleaning :(.

Sherrel- You got that right about the political ads.

Willie- Nice looking Diner.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Good evening.

Willie ... thanks for starting the November Coffee Shop. ... your Diner looks good .

Chet ... Like you , we never have had kids doing trick or treat at this location .

On the model railroad this evening, I had five freight trains running simultaneously.

Good night, everybody.


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Good Morning Everybody!

I missed you guys yesterday. I wore myself down a bit getting ready for Halloween. Only to have 2 groups of trick or treaters, about a dozen kids total. They left happy, I let them both empty my big bowl of Halloween candies. Refilling it each time. Mostly chocolates by the way. Chocolates are my favorites. Being diabetic I can't eat much of them, but it's fun to give them away. I always spend at least $100+ on candy for Halloween. I have about 1/3 of it left. My wife took some to work for her staff and I'll take the rest to Amazon the next time I work, but not today!

I saw a great costume on a pretty little girl about 10 years old, Cleopatra. I have never seen that one before. I had to encourage her to take more candy. I told her "my wife and daughters will be made if I have too much left over" she asked in a surprised tone of voice "why would they be mad?. I told her "you will understand when you get older, grown up women worry too much about what they eat" She just shrugged her shoulders and dug back in a second and third time.

Most kids reach in and take one candy. I have to show them how it's done! I reach my catchers mit looking hand in and dump it into their bag. Once they see that, they know how to do it. :)

I think I was the only house on my block giving away candy. I understand older people. They live on a fixed income. They can't get up and down or they are worried about opening the door, but the other people? I don't get it.

I stayed up late, 11pm, on Halloween. I was waiting for a friend of mine, Richard who also is a contractor for Amazon to finish his late route. He is an amazing young man. He was passed around from one abusive family member to another as a child. Now he has no relationship with his family. His little dog (10lbs) is his only family. Despite all of that he is a hard working polite young man. He may be a young man, but he has an old school work ethic and a heart of gold. I've known him for over 2 years, but only recently has he opened up to me about his troubled youth. I had asked him to come over to have dinner and take some candy off of me.

About 2 weeks ago Richard and I were getting loaded at amazon. They have 3 lanes in that bay and I was at the front of lane 3 and Richard was at the front of lane 2. I could see the Amazon people were hassling him. His route was not sorted properly by the Amazon people (they hire any warm body). His route was scattered over 50 miles! There was no way he could finish that in the 3 hours he would be paid for. Richard asked politely what should he do. They should have given him another route, no questions asked, but now the crap for brains supervisor was trying to get him to take it and he would have because he is a good guy and we all know what happens to good guys. I was pulling out, but I had to stop and say something. In my usual nice way ;) "hey. don't f@#$ with him! He is one of your best contractors and he is my son and if you keep it up I'm going to come back and settle this with you, personally!" I'm a nice guy but if you want to be a dick, I can do that too and enjoy doing it! I got out on my van walked up to Richard and put my arm around him. "Can't you see the family resemblance?" Richard is 6'9", an inch taller than me, but as black as coal. The Amazon supervisor quickly changed his tone saying "I'm sorry, It's a misunderstanding" as he rolled another cart with another route over to Richard. You should have seen how proud Richard was. :) Richard looks like a scary man at 6'9" and in great condition, but he is a gentle soul. A great example of the old saying; "you can't judge a book by its cover" Nobody worries about me more than Richard. If he don't see me for a day he is calling me. He always asks me "you need any help" and I know he means it. I never take him up on his offers, but I know I can always count on him. He really is like a son to me, thank God. Just like my other boys he is a kind hearted, polite man. My boys don't have to be mean, I handle that when needed.

Willie, I did good! After wearing myself out and staying up late on Halloween, I sat on the couch all day yesterday watching TV. No problems with commercials for me, thanks to the DVR. I feel better today, but I'm still taking it easy. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! I finally realize I am my own worst enemy. Doctor wants me to rest a day after waring myself out, I'm going one better and rest for 2! Two days on the bench is better than a week being sick.

Now I'm out of time. I'll be back after I get my grandson off to school, God willing.


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Good morning. It's cloudy and 63.
Willie, thanks for opening the coffee shop.
We had a little emergency yesterday morning that precluded me taking the needed minute or so to take care of it. It's exciting when the drain line for my wife's dialysis machine springs a leak, and spews its contents all over the floor. It was about a gallon of sticky, gooey, mess that I had to clean up before going to work.
And at work, one of my minions tried to poke their eye out with a screwdriver. I had to take her to the ER to have it taken care of. She'll be okay, and I think she understands what I mean now, about working away from yourself.


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Good morning. It's cloudy and 63.
Willie, thanks for opening the coffee shop.
We had a little emergency yesterday morning that precluded me taking the needed minute or so to take care of it. It's exciting when the drain line for my wife's dialysis machine springs a leak, and spews its contents all over the floor. It was about a gallon of sticky, gooey, mess that I had to clean up before going to work.
And at work, one of my minions tried to poke their eye out with a screwdriver. I had to take her to the ER to have it taken care of. She'll be okay, and I think she understands what I mean now, about working away from yourself.
God bless you Terry!


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Good morning Everybody!

It's 70 and very humid with a light rain falling off and on here in southeast Baltimore.

Here is a photo from Halloween.

From left to right that is my son-in-law's sister, my oldest grandson Jameson, his cousin Branon and my youngest grandson Ayden.

Have a great day Everybody!


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Good Morning All. Another chilly start to our day at 44° and clear skies. Up and down weather for the next few days, 70's today and tomorrow, 60's for a couple of days then highs in the upper 50's by next Friday. Chilly enough last night that I started the first fire in the wood-burning heater, one of those "start it up and let it go out" that are common this time of year. House is still 74° this morning. Forgot to mention that I went to the surgeon yesterday afternoon to have the cyst on the back of my neck removed. First time that I have had surgery since my tonsils were removed back in '68. Local anesthesia in the office procedure that took about 30 minutes. While the area seems irritated this morning, I have not experienced any pain...not sure if I am supposed to! Full medical week next week as I get the last two crowns and visit my regular doc for my quarterly visit and round out the week at an ENT guy to see what's up with my right ear. Full hearing comes and goes randomly.
Thanks to all for the kind comments on the diner, Joe, Chet, Curt, Garry and anyone else that I may have missed.
Between the grocery/beer trek and doctor visit, I had a couple of hours in the train shed. One long neglected task was to look at a Bachmann Spectrum Dash8-40CW that always ran backwards. It was NIB when I got it (supposedly) at a Train Show about 15 years ago. I was able to determine that the motor was installed upside down and due to its split-frame design, it ran backwards. I'm currently having trouble re-assembling it as one needs three hands it seems. Eventually it will be done. I have a sister model of the same thing that runs correctly, also gotten at a train show a few years later. It was missing the horn, nose grabirons and coupler box covers, didn't realize it at the time. All of these I can fix, already made coupler box covers. I MU all my trains and it was(is) my intention of doing the same here. I rotate engines onto and off the layout periodically for variety, since I have more of them than I can reasonably use.

Terry - No problem with finding and welcoming the crowd to the new place. Glad that it wasn't any more of an emergency than it was. As a manager of a company that made windows, you can't imagine how often I stressed and then admonished injured employees about working away from yourself. If I could only succeed with my wife I would be a happy camper. Watching her sharpen a knife (among other things) makes me twinge despite numerous scoldings.
Chet - I only wish that I had only one area of plywood left! Like I have previously posted and others have agreed, it just seems that I got busier with retirement. I thought that I would spend more time on the layout than I do. Of course I wouldn't want to spend eight hours a day out there, as then it would be just another (unpaid) job!
Ray -
Gran'Pa was the Munsters, wasn't it?
You got that right!:eek:
Louis - Keep up with the moderation. Some scary looking goblins you had there, except the one on the left.

As I have posted in previous years, today in the Mexican culture is "Day of the Dead" (Día de Muertos). For Catholics, we call it "All Soul's Day. Today all over Texas and Mexico, people have a party on the graves of their departed loved ones. It is quite a sight to go by graveyards and see tables full of food and spirits set up all over the place, with Mariachi bands roaming around also.

Have a great day everybody and an awesome weekend as well.


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Awesome posts this morning from everyone...... Delivered the Striped,Sanded, Preped table to my MIL's house where the SIL who is on duty this week will finish it off with a fresh coat or two of paint before I get to pick it up and deliver it to her house. Sometimes it's a pain having the only P/U in the family, but I guess it keeps me out of the bars. Then I finally got the recycles taken in (something I started a couple weeks ago) and pocketed 64 dollars for my trouble which I will donate to the local animal shelter. I had 7 Yougge yard bags in all - sure made a dent in the opening up of the garage getting both those things out. Then I went out and picked up the RV so I can take it in for an oil change this morning early. Daughter from D.C. is fying into San Diego Sunday afternoon and she and I will take the RV to Apache Junction monday morning to spend a few days with my son there - ride horses, shoot guns, and ATV in the desert.
To finish off the evening - helped my neighbor load up a very large 8 foot sliding glass door that he finally allowed me to list on Craig;s list - his wife had been after him to get it out of the garage for years. Once the guy drove off - she hugged me!

Louis - You are a great person - telling the super that he was your son is funny! Only 147 days to go - I love it!
Watched ONE of my favorites last evening - "Trouble with the Curve" ... being a romantic soul, I love the ending of it!

Willie - I like the way the MEX celebrate! I have always wondered why people are so quite at a cemetary - it's not like you might wake someone up.

Terry -- Glad you were around when the hose leaked - wow, that's scary. Question: How in blazes does one poke themselve in the eye with a screwdriver? I have been very fortunate, lucky, whatever - that I hardly ever wear eye protection when in my job it was most needed to have two working eyes and I have caught many a spect of sawdust, rock chips from the mower, and other things from time to time.

I'll return - don't y'all go away - LOL.
Good morning y'all. 69° and cloudy. "Happy Friday"!

I power washed the front porch, front walkway and the first floor front wall yesterday. Today, I'm somewhat suffering from my efforts. :(

Willie: Concerning (Día de Muertos), strange thing is all Spanish Speaking peoples are culturally Roman Catholic, (whether they practice or not). We had a Dominican neighbor who also referred to this day as the "Day of the Dead", which was the first time I ever heard the term.

Yesterday, I dismantled the last section of benchwork. Did not pass QC muster. later on, I plan on plugging the screw holes and starting over.:rolleyes:

In case you haven't noticed, 21 days remain before the "Black Friday Sales"! Wait until those commercials start...Buy, Buy, Buy!!!
I was in Home Depot on Tuesday, and the main aisle was already crowded with Black Friday sales displays...Sheesh!:eek:

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