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Louis... I recall the cars in the 1950’s as in your historic photos. ... I also remember my grandfather fussing because cars no longer had running boards.

I just ran the Lionel train around the Christmas tree a few times. The cats seem to like watching it.
That is a great memory, thanks for sharing. I suspect I will be complain about my grandsons cars. I'm already complaining about modern cars. :)

My Noel loved to watch trains run under the Christmas tree.


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Good morning Everybody!

I had "one of those" nights. Leg cramps. shoulder and hip pain. My back feels ok :)

I was scheduled to work for Amazon today and tomorrow, but I canceled both days. I may feel better tomorrow, but I kind of doubt it. Best to give them as much notice as possible. I can't believe they put up with my crap, but they keep sending me work.

I woke up at 1:30 am sat at my desk doing bills and only felt worse. I decided to move my ass and knock some rust off these old joints. I put together a space saver shelf that fits behind the toilet in the basement bathroom. I'm so glad my wife keeps the bathroom spotless! :)

I have come to appreciate these build it yourself things. It's amazing how nice they are.

I'm moving better now, but for some reason my muscles feel fatigued. I think that is the root cause to this joint pain. The good thing about pain; at least I know I am alive! :)

Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. Coincidently it is also the first day of Hanukkah. There will be lots of candles being lit this Sunday.

Happy Holidays Everybody!

PS How about those Cowboys?! Perfect example of why I don't bet on sports!


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My second pot of coffee is ready so I'm off to work on another easy project to cross off my todo list.

Before I go here is what I will be listening to.
I had to scratch that previous post of songs, it was … not so good, I hope this one is better.

I love this old commercial

Have a great day Everybody!
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Good morning. It's cloudy and 40, with rain expected later.

Ray, a little bird told me it is your birthday. He just didn't tell me if it was your birthday here, or there.


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It is morning here in Central Minnesota! We had a traditional Lutefisk and Meat Balls dinner last night at a church in Bemidji, MN. The weather is here, wish you where Beautiful!
That is interesting, thanks for posting. I'll take it you live in a Norwegian community?

I like your weather update.


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Good Morning Everyone. 61° and cloudy/foggy in this neighborhood. I wonder if the local cows have as much trouble seeing in the fog as us humans? At least they don't try to drive in it! Fair weather here until Monday when the next cold front hits and the wind is forecast to be northerly for at least a week. Bought a new washing machine yesterday which didn't quite fit all the way in the SUV. Had to tie the back door down and drive home. The folded-down seats didn't quite fold all the way down flat and about 8" of carton hung out the rear. Got the old one out and the new one installed in about 90 minutes by myself. Wasn't exactly easy getting it from the ground up on the porch (quite heavy and my wife wasn't much help) and there was only 1/2" of clearance through the door after it was removed from the carton. Could have opted for free delivery...on December 11! Nope, we needed to do laundry. Good thing is that it worked well, no leaks and I don't ache this morning.:) Bad - because it stuck out and we couldn't lock the car, we had to skip the grocery stop and we will have to go back this morning, with clean clothes though!;)
Didn't spend any time in the train shed yesterday as I spent the afternoon with the tractor and the weedeater, hopefully for the final time this year. I will have to mow again around mid-January when the volunteer winter oats all over the yard get to be around 6" tall. I have to mow 11 months a year, but I never have to shovel sunshine! I did do some more entry and updating in my freight car database while helping with the laundry.

Terry -
As for GPS tracking of a company vehicle, it will only take one time of somebody calling your boss to complain about how bad you're driving, trying to get you fired, and the tracker shows you're 20 miles away from where the caller claims you are, to make you a believer.
Quite true. It saved the jobs of at least two of our truck drivers after our company started using it 15 years ago. Dashboard cameras also saved some guys (jobs and CDL's) when stupid drivers did what truckers called "brake-checks" in front of them.
Well wishes for your stepson.
Justin - Glad that you could find time to check in. Good that everything seems to be going well with you.
Chet - Good luck with the switcher.
Johnny - Continued thoughts and prayers from me for Dena.
Garry -
Louis... I recall the cars in the 1950’s as in your historic photos
I remember them well also. My dad's first car was a 1953 Buick. I still remember releasing the hood by grabbing a lever inside one of the portals on the side of the hood. He never needed a car before that since he lived in Brooklyn.
Louis -
I had "one of those" nights. Leg cramps. shoulder and hip pain.
That's a drag. Are you staying hydrated? Those are some symptoms of dehydration although they are also symptoms of lots of other stuff. I know that you, like me, don't take pain relievers for everyday issues, but an Advil or generic equivalent can sometimes work wonders especially if you don't often use them. I take three or four a year.
Get those Advent calendars ready! My son in law has one that features a different beer each day. It originally came with a case containing all 24 varieties to be opened daily.
Yep! How 'bout those Cowboys? Too bad that I no longer watch the games...although I always went to bed during the first quarter of night games anyway.
Ray - Happy Birthday.

Everybody have a great day. Look forward to seeing everyone in the new shop tomorrow. Flo and Francine are still being tight-lipped about it.


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Good morning. 21 degrees with some snow in the forecast for later today through tomorrow. Might make it p to the mid 30's again.

Johnny - Thanks for the update. Sure am hoping that the test results come back negative. Prayers.

Terry - Hope the best for your son in law.

Louis - Love the trolley photos.

Willie - I sounds like you had quite a job getting the new washing machine home. Reminds me of when we got our new refrigerator. We just about had to disassemble it to get it into the kitchen. What a pain.

Thanks for the comments on the little Alco switcher. It is finished. It was more work than I wanted to do getting all of the handrails on. I think my eyes are still looking at each other.




It kept the "family " look for the LV fleet. Yes, it does have a Leslie 5 chime horn. That's what I had in my part bin. My railroad, my rules. It is one exceptionally good running locomotive. Excellent low speed control. Wish I could find a few more, but after putting this one together, I might pass. You never know what you might come across rooting through boxes of model railroad stuff.

Here's a rail photo for today.




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Willie, it could very well be something as simple as dehydration. I drink mostly coffee and that is not a good way to stay hydrated. I forced down a glass of water, I will drink a few more today along with a tall glass of milk for lunch. I usually keep sugar free Powerade on hand for cramps. Somebody must also like them because I ran out. I'll get some more when I go to the store Sunday with my Mom.

I'm supposed to avoid ibuprofen or any anti-inflammatory due to kidney troubles, but I can take an occasional regular strength acetaminophen. I'm not sure what Advil is, I only buy generics. Like you I may take only 3 or 4 per year and 1 regular strength acetaminophen usually helps. I'm already feeling better. I find moving, resting and moving again works best for joint pain. As long as I don't move too much.

Advent beer calendar, that is just too cool! :)


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I'm limited (per Dr. suggestion) to 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning. Most of the time I can do this. Coffee is a diuretic and does dry you out. I love water and we have great tasting water here. However, I can get dried out, at times, too.
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