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Over the past few weeks, I've done some selling of some of my collection to pay some bills, and managed to sell more than I had to in order to cover them. I ended up with enough to pick up a pair of ES44AC engines with DCC and sound. The listing showed they were Genesis models, but with no boxes or instructions, just the clamshell cases. When they arrived, they were not Genesis, but BLI engines. They both are in great shape, and run well, so I'll go ahead and keep them. First thing I did was turn off the smoke units. There's something inherently wrong to me, having a smoke unit installed in what is currently the cleanest operating diesel on the road...


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Good morning,

THANKS for the comments on yesterdays photo. I won a 2nd place in a Walthers contest with it, along with a check for $75 and a free catalog.

Willie-- very nice service station.

Chad-- I enjoy your photos

Terry-- I cannot believe your rainfall

Todays photo is one of my railyard shots. I am hoping that my views are different and something different shows off in these.

contest4.4 002.JPG

I cannot remember the story behind the locomotive on the right!

more later, Dave


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Good morning all,

Severe storms last evening dropped some hail and heavy rains on us. Son was in Doo-Dah and ended up with some light damage and a cracked windshield.

Have to go to watch one grand daughters last t-ball game of the year this evening, so no trains tonight.


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Good morning gang!
Looking out the office window, watching the clouds darken. The rain we missed yesterday may be here soon!
IBKen. Prayers for all the best with regards to the upcoming surgery, if you need a hand with the layout prep, just call!
Terry, you need to kick Murphy square in the cajones!


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Good Morning All. Partly cloudy and 67°. Humidity is 93%, a bit high. Awakened overnight by a passing thunderstorm that wasn't in the forecast. Should be hitting Johnny about now. Left .4" in the rain gauge. Strong storms are in the forecast for tonight starting around 6:00. Oooops! That's about the time that they are supposed to deliver the new super-sized screen TV for my wife.
Good morning Flo, I'll take ham and eggs this morning.
My two grandsons are coming this afternoon for a few days, that will be enjoyable. Might hit 100° tomorrow and Friday, so they'll be in the pool a lot. Today, only a muggy 95° after last night's rain. Finally went to the tax office yesterday and picked up the temporary "handicapped" parking pass that my wife should have gotten a month ago, but she failed to mention it to me until yesterday. We went to eat at a restaurant in Denton last night, but all of their handicapped spaces were full so it did us no good. It was half price bottle of wine night, so all of us old farts were there.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding the service stations yesterday; Jerome, Sherrel, Patrick, Phil, Dave, Curt, Ken, Garry, Mark.

One additional bar, although not the last one. This is a favorite of mine because it reminds me of the places that my Dad took me when I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn back in the 50's. It's in the middle of a Downtown Deco hydrocal kit that I have posted before. Affectionally known as Archie's Place. It is truly reminiscent of an older neighborhood bar in a city.
06-19-19 001.JPG

Out in the train shed, progress continued. Did some work on the Masonic Lodge. It was mainly trim work, gluing stripwood together before mounting it and added some plastic castings to the walls. Cut out some additional ones to add after I glue the trim in place.
06-19-19 004.JPG

06-19-19 005.JPG

There's 60 of these to add.
06-19-19 006.JPG

Johnny - Nice engine house scene. Looking forward to the additional scenery when you get to it.
Sherrel -
Nice photos from all - like the gas stations, Willie - but way too clean?
I agree, they are both on the "round tuit" list. I'm mostly concentrating on getting wide swaths of plywood covered right now. Although after the current peninsula project is done, I plan to hit a couple of "mini" projects around the layout. That damn throttle keeps getting in the way though.
Patrick - In this area, many service stations like Al's Victory did indeed convert into car lots when self service convenience store gas started catching on. Although many stations of this type lasted well into the 80's, especially in neighborhoods.
Chad - Welcome to the Coffee Shop. Neat pictures, thanks for posting them.
Curt - Good to read that the surgery went as planned.
Ray - The MRL boxcars really stand out around here in the sea of ATSF/BN/BNSF freight cars. I always take note.
Ken - Prayers and thoughts for the success of your impending surgery. Regarding the layout, what a decision to make, proceed with scenery or have another operating session.
Phil - Our current weather situation is beginning to resemble yours with these almost daily thunderstorms.
Terry - We're running neck in neck with rainfall this month, after our way over average of 12" in May. On the bright side, despite the mosquitoes that attack my wife, it has drowned all of the tiny grasshoppers which bodes well for vegetation later this year.

Today is Juneteenth, a popular celebration around here. While it has been around for over 150 years, it has been a Texas state holiday since 1980. It commemorates the day slavery was abolished in Texas in 1865. When I was younger (30 - 55), I would attend some of the local Dixieland Jazz and Blues festivals going on in collaboration with the day. They were usually held in conjunction with BBQ cook-offs.
Everybody have a great and dry day if you can.


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Morning Spike Lovers!
It only reached 77* yesterday with 81* expected today. It was 83* last year and record 108* in 2016.
FLO - just a large coffee to go this morning, please.

I had forgot how "wild" a 4 and 6 year old boys can be. We are trying to get ready for the zoo this morning - I said WHY? - The zoo has come here! This is a test for the 8 and 10 Year old who will be with us next month (if we don't move ahead of them and not tell where).

Willie - just noticed that your rainfall for MAY equals our normal annual total of 12.22 inches.

TERRY - Forget the lawn tractor - Buy a boat! Unreal rainfall!


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Good morning,

THANKS for the comments on yesterdays photo. I won a 2nd place in a Walthers contest with it, along with a check for $75 and a free catalog.

Willie-- very nice service station.

Chad-- I enjoy your photos

Terry-- I cannot believe your rainfall

Todays photo is one of my railyard shots. I am hoping that my views are different and something different shows off in these.

View attachment 37422

I cannot remember the story behind the locomotive on the right!

more later, Dave
I have the same locomotive, It is a Bachmann Alco S-4 # 713.


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We had a death in the family last night.
It seems to have been caused by a heart attack, but we’ll know more later. My nephew’s brother in law, he was 36.

Inaccuweather is forecasting some particularly nasty storms tomorrow, with extremely heavy rain, high winds, large hail, and lots of life threatening lightning.
I think I’m going back to Lowes and get some pontoons so I can mow the lawn while it’s underwater...


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TERRY- Condolences to the families. 36 is just to darn young.

80* overcast- rain later with probably t/s. To be continued into next week.
Prayers for all,


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Good morning everyone. Had intense thunderstorms overnight with some light hail and buckets of rain. Didn't get to look in the rain gauge before heading to work today - will check later. Right now it's mostly sunny out there. A couple of nice days ahead, so will have to mow. having garage sale on Saturday.

Willie, Chet, Ken L&SM, Flip, Garry, and anyone I may have missed - thanks for your comments and likes on my engine shed. That area and the second town are my targets for progress over the next few weeks - if I can find the time to do it!!

Have a good day everyone.


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Good morning. Another nice morning, but the weather should be changing to rain later today and then highs only in the 50's for a couple of days with rain. Just got back from physical therapy. I may only have thee sessions. I go to see the surgeon next week and the decision will be made then.

Yesterday was a really nice day so I decided to try to do some flying. The mobility in my right arm has really improved. I was concerned right after the operation about being able to reach the throttle, other controls and the radio, but had no problem at all reaching for anything. Felt really comfortable up in the skies again.

Dave - You posted some really nice photos. Thumb up.gif

Garry - I really like the scene with the grain elevator. You put that corner spot to good use.

Johnny - You also posted some good photos. Keep them coming.

chadbag - Nice to see you in the coffee shop. You also had some nice photos.

Curt - Sounds like your surgery went well. I'm sure you're feeling much better now.

IBKen - Hoping the best for you and hope you can avoid chemo.

Mark - Maybe you can work out a deal with Terry. Sound like he could use a boat.

- Sorry to hear about the death in your family.

- Like your photos also. I wanted to try to get a Texaco station for my layout, but there weren't as many accessories for Texaco as there were for Sinclair. Texaco was around my area in the 50's but is no longer around. Archies Place must be for skinny people.

Here's a couple of photos of the 70 ton switcher heading to switch out reefers at the dairy.




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Afternoon All,

My mouth is doing well and haven't done much of anything today. The gun barrel load for my flats came in today. Tomorrow we're taking off to Ft. Myers and will be back Friday night.

Ken- Saying prayers for your health. If that area is for the Ford plant wouldn't it all be concrete and asphalt?

Willie- Nice set of buildings.

Sherrel- Kids can definitely be a handful at times.

Dave- Nice layout shot.

Terry- My condolences and prayers for you and you're family.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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