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Good morning all. 80 this morning and supposedly topping out at 88. But this is the south and the heat likes to creep up on you so the forecasted high isn't always accurate. There is a 40% chance of storms today, so maybe we will get a break from the heat.

Since it is such a pain to bold on my phone, I hope everyone catches their name.

Willie - thanks fot the input. I had considered the cottonseed side of the industry as well. Thinking about a cottonseed oil section. Didn't think about the feed mixes. That opens the door for a feed mill and grain silos. The gas station looks great. I plan to add something similar to mine, but with an attached 2 bay garage. Thinking about trying to scratch build it as well so I can customize it to my liking.

Curt - your SIL is in my prayers as well. I hope she makes a full and speedy recovery.

Ken (D&J) - glad to hear that you didn't get washed away on the return trip.


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Clear and expected high of 92 today.

Willie -- Very nice gas station ... remember those well - fact is: filled up at a couple of those during our trip.
As Elmer would say: "Be verey careful "yanking" anything off a train layout."

CURT -- shocking! Continued prayers for the SIL.

KEN D&J -- glad you made it home safe. Enjoyed our day together.


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Curt.... that is very bad news about your SIL. Continued prayers. ...

Ken D&J ... Good to hear you are home safely .

Willie. ... your Texaco station looks fabulous. Looks like a good kind of snake for getting rid of mice and other little pests.

I received a book from Burlington Route Historical Society yesterday. It is about the Denver Zephyr starting when it was re-equipped with Budd cars in 1956. My opinion is that is the most beautiful passenger train ever.
Took the Harley up to the service department because I was hearing excessive noise from the left side of the motor. I'm pretty sure it's the compensator going bad, but I'll let them figure that out. The bike is covered by a service plan. The front motor mount needs to be replaced as well. Hopefully it will be finished by next Thursday so I can meet up with some friends in Detroit for the second west coast trip.

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Afternoon All,

Didn't get anything done in the train room today. I haven't heard anything from my brother since this morning but he is probably at work now.

Thanks for the continued well wishes, it just seems the issues never end.

Willie- Nice looking buildings and great sign on the gas station.

VA Ken- Glad you made it home safely through all the rain.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Came home to find my second most recent eBay purchase waiting for me. This was described as a vintage Atlas from the 1970s. It was also scored for less than $6. Building the fleet slowly, but steadily.



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Good morning y'all. Enjoying this "cooler" weather. 73 currently and only forecasted to be 86. Got another 40% chance of storms today. Now that that's out of the way, let me get a short stack, 2 scrambled eggs, a side of hash browns, and a large side of bacon. And somebody get me a glass of Terry's southern sweet tea.

Toot - as tempting as your offer sounds, I must unfortunately decline. I am not so bad off that I must stoop to "counting rivets" in exchange for "likes". Lol


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Good Morning All. Happy Friday the 13th! 71° and overcast here. Had a surprise rainshower yesterday with .25". It fell while I was taking a nap so I missed it. Bathroom remodel is still coming along, although much slower than the contractor wants. I'm paying by the job, not the hour; but he isn't having to pay a helper right now. Looks like the garden has finally played out for the summer. If I keep the peppers and tomatoes watered, they'll be back around mid-September with more produce.
Thanks for all of the kind comments regarding the gas station pictures; Johnny, Jesse, Sherrel, Garry, Curt, and any others that I may have missed.
Out in the train shed yesterday, I cut and glued more .040 styrene rod for the last section of barrier between the main line and the adjoining parking lot/alley. While the glue was drying, I added some weathering and touch up paint to the gas station. That's another structure off my unfinished (for whatever reasons) shelf. I did close out the visit out there by running trains for almost two hours.
Some interior views of the gas station.
07-12-18 111.JPG

07-12-18 112.JPG

07-12-18 113.JPG

Somewhere in my details cabinet I have some additional gas station details that I need to locate to add to those already there. To repeat, this kit is from JL Innovative Design, and is "Brownie's Northside Service". I had to provide the base as the kit comes without one. All of the interior detail including the bathroom along the back wall and the counter was scratchbuilt. The other overview pictures are a bit blurred so I will retake them today. I might even find the extra detail parts before then as well.

Jesse - Sounds like you're coming up with a good running scheme.
Sherrel - Yes, believe it or not, there are actually a few gas stations like those still around in the more rural areas of Texas.

Dang! Where was Chet yesterday? I guess that his dentist visit in Butte took longer than expected.
I really am beginning to miss Louis and his life's adventures, especially his Lionel pictures.
Everybody have a great Friday the 13th! Hope that you're not superstitious.


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Good morning everyone. 76 looking at 96 later, with only a 20% chance of rain. The car thermometer registered 100 yesterday on the way home from work, but tv news said 99 was the high. I believe my car, not the weatherman.

Willie - Nice details in that gas station. That's one thing I still have to build for my town.

It rained on the layout last night, which helped increase the lake level (i.e., the LHS restocked their Realistic Water). I also got to do some landscaping in one of the rural areas. Little by little it's looking more realistic.

Have a good day everyone. Watch out for black cats.
I would almost expect the gas station to have the smell of gasoline.
Getting back into the home routine here. Not sure if the bike will be back from the shop in time for my second trip. The motor mount problem is due to the design of the motor. Harley mounts the oil filter right above the motor mount and then designs the motor mount with material that breaks down when oil gets on it. It is almost impossible to change out the filter without spilling a little on the mount. The filter is mounted horizontal, so just cracking the seal releases oil. The filter seal end is right up against a part of the motor so it is impossible to get a perfect seal with an oil catch trough. I may end up buying a remote filter mount that puts the filter back on the left side of the bike under the passenger foot pad. I did that with my 2006 Harley and it worked great.


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Good morning. 56 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Should be in the upper 80's this afternoon.

Johnny - I did see a post or 2 on the phone yesterday, but after the dentist, I met with some friends in Butte. When I got home, I got busy watering the new plants in front of the house and then started supper. Never turned on the computer.

- You did an excellent job on that Texaco station. Years ago we did have Texaco in Montana and I would have liked to have put one on my layout, but CMW did come out with the Sinclair tank trucks and I went with Sinclair. If I could have found accurate Texaco trucks There would be a Texaco station on my layout.

Ken D&J
- Smart engineering on Harleys part. Oil will absolutely ruin any rubber parts in time. Someone wasn't thinking on that one.

- I recall having a couple of those cars years ago when I was in N scale. That is an old classic.

Was going to mow today, but with the heat we've had lately, the grass isn't growing that fast so I think I'll do some household chores today and than maybe work on some model railroad projects.

Here's a rail picture for today.




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Good morning ....

Willie ... The gas station already looks good. Of course, more details will enhance it. Have fun. ... I have a small Texaco gas station on my layout.

Chet ... Your photo is a great one. I like big steel trestles.

Johnny .... 100 depress ! ... That's hot. Actually, it was almost that hot here yesterday. Mid 90's.

ACL-CSX .... I like the boxcar.

Toot .... LOL about counting rivets.

A couple of photos at Union Station ..

Yeah, you're right on the poor engineering, except this design has been in production since the 1940s.
They just don't want to re-engineer the oil lines of the motor.
Good afternoon. Got the '69 AMX loaded and on its way to the new owner this afternoon and managed to get some yard work done.

MikeInHubCity - The showers we got the last two evening are unusual. Wish I could help you. Have you tried a rain dance?? View attachment 29189

Tomorrow I'm headed over to Butte to see the dentist and have my permanent bridge put in. May do a bit of sight seeing if I have the time.

Gotta get out of here and start the grill. Steaks tonight.

We did get a line of tstorms last night, so hopefully that helped the crops.

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Afternoon All,

Did a bunch of chores outside this morning. After lunch I ordered a put together a Pennsy pipe fence from Tichy. I also noticed they now have PRR box car kits (something to think about for later). I plan on putting the fence in between 2 tracks in front of the passenger station. Since It will require a flat base I cut out and painted the base for the fence. It would of been easier without the track having a curve in it. I also ordered 2 laser cut station signs (same as before). Finally I cleaned up some detail parts and painted some of the plaster ones that came with the kit. Tomorrow I need to head down to the LHS and get a couple bottles of paint.

ACL-CSX- Nice looking box car.

Willie- Nice looking interior. I lucked out several years ago and received a completed wood gas station.

Chet- Great trestle picture.

Garry- Nice layout shots.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Yeah, you're right on the poor engineering, except this design has been in production since the 1940s.
They just don't want to re-engineer the oil lines of the motor.
In the consumer goods industry, it's called 'planned obsolescence' or 'job creation'. Got'ta keep the parts and service departments in work and profit. I remember asking, when buying a part for my 1937 Ford businessman's coupe, when I was about 20 (it was 1year older than me at the time), what it would cost to build a car from parts. The guy I asked said, "About 8 times as much, then you'd have to put it all together".
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