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Good morning, everybody....

Garry- define "normal", other than a city in Illinois.
Mike: ..... Does Normal, IL have a sister city in CA named "Abnormal"?

Ken D&J .... Your breakfast in Jackson, TN is about 1oo miles from where I am located. There is a lot of railroad history in Jackson.

Johnny .... I hope you can show us your MR-IV structure when it is completed.

Willie ... I have not seen "insta-Fence" ..... Most of my fences I made myself.

Happy Model Railroading, everybody ...


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Good morning. 56 degrees to start the day off with a high predicted in the upper 70's.

Yesterdays rail has helped by not have me to have to drag hoses all over the yard to keep things green. One decent shower can easily out do hours of irrigation. There were a few spots that were starting to get a bit dry, but they are all green again. Thanks you mother nature. The storm that came through yesterday evening did break a few limbs on an apple tree so I was out there this morning with the saws all cutting them off. Hope the trash company hauls them off. They do pick up today.

Greg - So long as that truck is full of beer, that's what counts.

- I am not going to empty the shop out, just thinning things down. A guy is supposed to stop by today to pick up the '69 AMX that I sold. May have another deal in the works also. Everyone that stops by wants the '59 Impala. I just tell them that they don't have enough $$$ for that one. Not for sale.

Ken D&J
- Have a safe trip home.

Garry - Getting back to normal is good. I find that when we have visitors, you don't get to do many of the things that you have had planned.

Joe - I just love the old straight 8 engines. Not particularly powerful at just over 100 horsepower, but so smooth and especially fun to drive with the old 3 in the tree.

Here's a rail picture for today.




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Dang, overslept this morning. Sun was up already. On the road in about 10 minutes, now stopped in Jackson, TN for some b'fast
It's probably too late to tell you now, but I have visited the Casey Jones Home & Railroad Museum in Jackson TN before. It's within spitting distance of IH 40. Some interesting stuff as well as a layout inside a Pullman. Museum is 8000 sq ft.
Chet- send some of that rain this way. We haven't had much rainfall in the past couple weeks. A couple spritses here & there, but not enough to fill the rain barrels back up.


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One of my 2 latest eBay purchases arrived today. Very happy with it. 20180711_155416.jpg

Now I just have to find it's place on the layout as I have no idea what to use it for. Lol. I bought it on impulse. Cheap and ended soon after finding it. Should have held out as I had to pass on other, more useful cars. Oh well. Found another want sitting at $5 with free shipping. Rail boss authorized it's acquisition as long as it is $5 and no higher. :cool:


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Can’t go wrong with a hopper, it won’t look out of place in front of many industries.
I know they are useful for many things, I just haven't really given a lot of thought to what industry/use to incorporate it into. I plan to start my layout based on a maintenance yard, but the primary industry will be related to the textile industry and cotton farming. Eventually.

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Afternoon All,

Got all packed up today then found out SIL got out of bed today and fell fracturing her jaw in 2 places, dislocated her shoulder, bruising her ribs and hip. She is going to have surgery for her jaw. On top of all this she has some sort of cardiac issue, but my brother hasn't told me what that is although I asked. Based on this we are on stand by on driving up there until we know a time frame of her returning home.

Garry, Joe, Willie, Chet and anyone I may have missed thank you for your kind words.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Good afternoon. Got the '69 AMX loaded and on its way to the new owner this afternoon and managed to get some yard work done.

- The showers we got the last two evening are unusual. Wish I could help you. Have you tried a rain dance?? Grin.gif

Tomorrow I'm headed over to Butte to see the dentist and have my permanent bridge put in. May do a bit of sight seeing if I have the time.

Gotta get out of here and start the grill. Steaks tonight.



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I just read the good news . Durango and Silverton has just resumed operations of steam locomotives for the first time since the major wildfires in that area.
Home. Tired and soaking wet. My rain suit just couldn't stand up to the last rain I experienced while riding over the mountains near Wayne'sboro, VA. Geezo criminey that was a lot of rain. I think I must have been traversing across the front instead of directly through it. I had a puddle of water building up in my lap of the rain suite which finally over flowed my belt line soaking my trousers and shirt. Must have been about a half hour in that stuff of just torrential downpour. All traffic I passed was on the shoulder of the road waiting it out.
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Good Morning Gang. 77° and mostly cloudy to start our day here, no wind and 81% humidity. Needless to say, I immediately went for the pool when I returned from my 1.5 mile walk this morning. Other than picking tomatoes, I have no real outdoor chores planned for this morning. I do have around 25 lbs. of tomatoes to process inside though, just to keep me busy. Bathroom remodel is still going on, although somewhat slowly since the contractor's helper hasn't made it back from Mexico yet. Mama must have put a noose on him when he got home.
The critter onslaught continues here with this very public visitor, although I am not too sure what kind of prey it was planning on getting on top of the tiller.
07-12-18 102.JPG

After posing for pictures for a while, it slithered off to look for rodents elsewhere.
Out in the train shed, I installed the next 100 scale feet of safety fencing along the main line, and cleaned some other part of the layout while the glue dried. Meanwhile I also yanked a structure off the "frustrated" shelf and determined that I was going to finish it no matter what. It's "Brownie's Northside Service" from JL Innovative, another of those laser-cut structures.
Although there isn't much of that in this kit. It's actually a little dated for my era, but I liked the kit and there were actually still service stations like this around this area that existed into the early 80's before they were demolished and rebuilt as convenience stores. It includes modern gas pumps for people like me. The thing that got it banished to the "frustrated" shelf were the gas pumps/hoses/nozzles. I initially could not get them to stay together when built according to kit instructions. I was also still working at the time and didn't want to devote the needed time for it.
07-12-18 108.JPG

07-12-18 109.JPG

Still have a bit of touch-up work to do before I am satisfied, and I do want to add a few more people. I'll try to get a picture of the interior today, I added a bathroom, storage room, counter, chairs and people. Sadly, none of that detail may be visible unless I use it somewhere other than originally intended. Seems like I have a few other structures with this malady.

Johnny - Quietly add a large room to your workshop!
Garry - Insta-Fence is a quick and easy substitute to making fences board by board. All of the boards are connected by a strip of wood that you remove after adding the horizontal stringers. As Greg pointed out, you can remove or break some of the boards to change the characteristics of the fence. Here's an example of it's use on the junk yard that I built back in January. Sorry about the lousy picture as the light coming through the window distorts the colors that the camera sees.
01-28-18 006.JPG

Jesse - It's not necessary to have a destination or a place to use every rail car that you have. They can be used as filler on through freights. Cotton industry - The cotton mills generate a lot of cottonseed hulls which are used in a lot of feed mixes for cattle and in some cases are hauled by hopper car; although in modern times it is usually trucks.
Curt - Quite unfortunate, prayers are still with your SIL.
Ken (D&J) - Good to read that you are back home safely.

Everybody have a great day. I just looked at the calendar and my retirement anniversary is today, three years now. Never going back.


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Good morning everyone. Got room for one more? I'll have a cup of coffee, cream, no sugar; and a doughnut, sugar, no cream. 76 looking for 96 today, 20% chance of rain.

Willie - Adding a room to my workshop is a possibility; "quietly" is not. BTW, nice work on the gas station. Will like to see the final photos when it's done.

Had some time in the train room last evening - working on landscaping two rural areas. Still need the engineers to release more water into the lake but there's none available (i.e., the LHS is out of stock).

Coffee's here. Have a good day everyone.
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