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Sherrel: While the Packers were scoring, I broke the news to my wife about buying the Rapido BUDD Diesel Car. Works every time, she never paid attention to what I said.




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Sherrel: While the Packers were scoring, I broke the news to my wife about buying the Rapido BUDD Diesel Car. Works every time, she never paid attention to what I said.


DANG, Greg, I believe you have mastered the code!
That's funny!

Your photo yesterday, or before -- homemade rock castings? or storebought?
They look real good.


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Good morning ..

Chet, Curt, Willie, Greg, and others: .... Thanks for commenting on my freight train photos.

Chet ... I like the photo of the PRR K4.

Terry ..... That is quite a model of the TWA Lockheed .

Sherrel .... I like that photo. I have another color photo of team below.

Our neighbors took us out on their boat yesterday afternoon and evening. I think he has the fastest pontoon boat here at the lake. It has two 400 HP outboard motors. It can go 70 MPH which he did with us.

Below is a photo of the NC&StL City of Memphis.

GARRY -- WhenI first looked at the photo - I saw the switch stand and immediately thought - Look, It even has a wind-up key with it. :p

Nice photo!
I never really cared for the streamlined steamers very much. Do't really know why?
I guess that I just thought that it takes away from the "raw power" look.

PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

Did some chores this morning and then ran errands. I got my son to give my truck a jump and it started immediately. However I noticed behind the cab there appears to be a gas line leako_O.

Terry- Nice videos.

Greg- Nice layout picture.

Sherrel- Did you ever fly one? Nice train picture.

Garry- Nice train shot.

I hope everyone has a good day.


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Gas line leak behind the cab? Outside, or Inside? Neither one is good!:eek:

Flew all 7 different models, Curt. 4 different 749 models, 2 different 1049's (Super G's), 1 - 1649 (Starstream - the biggie one).
Chet's photograph of the Milwaukee Road terminal on the lakeside edge of downtown Milwaukee also brings back some memories of the site since it was considered by many as a historic site and its demise was sad and I believe the terminal had a fire and burned beyond repair. Walthers did produce a model of the terminal, but I believe it was condensed to save space.

A member of our model Railroad group did do a nice job of constructing the model and he found a place for it on his layout.

Chet: Thanks for the photo and it's a reminder as to how old I'm getting.

That's all and back to Brewer's Baseball.


Sherrel: The rock formations are molds from Woodland Scenics and I believe the lower formation is a blend of two molds. The coloring I used was the old ColorRite liquids.



Terry: That video of the Super G Connie was awesome.

Garry: Is that the famous "Night Train to Memphis"? Looks good.

Sherrel: Nice steam power.

Greg: I have the trainshed kit Walthers put out, it is condensed to about two 85' car lengths. Plan on using it as part of my elevated passenger terminal. I'm undecided what I will use for the head house. Still working on the marine terminal and warehouse complex, which is more complicated than I first anticipated.

Spent some quality time "working" the "Market Street Switcher" this afternoon, then watched some pre season hockey. The season starts Wednesday. Really haven't had time to spend on the layout, just run a few movements to keep the dirt from building up on the rails.

Today was a nice Fall day, with plenty of sunshine, but I spent most of it inside.



"retired" conductor
One of life;s frustrations yesterday = Spousal Unit was shopping a few miles away and car just "clicked" when she tried to start it. :mad:
She said that it had done that prior times but had started with the second attempt. :eek:
Rather than wait for AAA to come - I drove down and jumped it... I looked at the sticker on the battery and it said 5/13 :eek: ... I thought well that's pretty good .... an honest 5 year battery like the old days. :cool: I told her to go straight to O'Riley's (1/3 mile from home) and, if you ask nicely they will install it for you ... which they did. :)
So -- Now I come back home and just for kicks I look at my truck battery. I'm doubly shocked - the sticker on the battery 9/11 - that's 7 years! :eek:
Now, I ask you, Do I replace it at this time, or do I wait until it quits as well?
The frustration is that battery's are no longer $35.00 - they are now $135.00 - must be a CA thing?
Sherrel, we sell 5 year batteries for $149.95 all day long, plus $24.95 installation . The local advance down the street is a bit more, and they no longer install batteries. , The newer cars use a somewhat different battery, the name escapes me at the moment, but those batteries are just over $200.
But as far as longevity, I'm convinced heat is the enemy here. We install more batteries in the summer than we do in the winter. Cars with batteries in close engine confines last the shortest. Pickups fare better, if the battery can stay away from the heat of the engine. Cars with batteries in the trunks last the longest. I've seen Cobalts and HHRs batteries last 7 or 8 years without failure.


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Toot, . You may want to try looking at something by Rubbermaid. I've got a shoe box size container with a lid that snaps on tight so that the alcohol can't evaporate. It saves alcohol from evaporating and you spend less and you can save it for projects months later.
Yes, I haven't had a chance to get out and have a look yet. Keeping it sealed would be an essential to avoid wasting the alcohol. One thing I was going to ask is, is there a way of filtering the removed paint from it?


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Howdy. ...

Correcting my comment yesterday ... although the boat could go 70 mph, we were going 42 mph . It seemed like 100 mph.

Sherrel ... A wind up key. Lol

Curt ... glad you liked the photo.

Boris... the song about a Memphis night train did not identify the train. ... this train went from Nashville to Memphis (240 miles ) in the afternoon. It returned in the evening .
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