Running Bear's Coffee Shop September 2018

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Willie -- I decided to give my beers to the Judge -- he certainly needs them after that, but sounds like he indulged quite a bit during his younger days?


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Why is it that something you kept "'cause it might come in handy" and then tossed in a cleanup of unused items, is just the thing you need now. Did that with a long, narrow enamel baking dish from the old stove. Now I want it to soak long bits (MTH flatcar decks) in alcohol. Bet no-one makes them now.


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Here's something different, if you're bored, and want to waste some time watching model trains:

I've only watched 3 mins yet, but if it wasn't for the glimpses of ceilings, you'd swear it was on a real train. What sets it apart from most European layouts is the more prototypical starts and stops. Their usual automated stuff is zip up to a station and propel all passengers into a heap at the front. Start up and fling them to the back again. Coffee is never served.


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Good morning. It's mostly cloudy and 64.
Today is National Coffee Day. In celebration of this event, coffee here in the coffee shop is free all day. Drink all you want, we'll brew more.
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Good Morning All. 65° and cloudy with a bit of fog. Pleasant weather in store for the next week or so.
Same old stuff in the train shed yesterday. Run trains, assemble more fence (still slowly), paint Preiser figures and read the latest issue of MRR. Cleared some stuff out of the way in order to spray paint the next section of track that has passed eight months of testing. Ballasting comes after that.

Garry - Nice looking countryside in those photos.
Chet - I like yesterday's rail photo. I don't often get to see pictures of those water pans.
Curt -
Willie- I did not realize you had a 2 level layout.
It's really two separate layouts without the planned helix.
Sherrel -
Willie -- I decided to give my beers to the Judge -- he certainly needs them after that, but sounds like he indulged quite a bit during his younger days?
I resemble that!
Terry - That was a great layout video. Scenery was fantastic. One has to pray that nothing derails as access seems limited with distance and all of that catenary.

Everybody have an awesome day and a great weekend. I was going to point out the appropriateness of National Coffee Day following National Beer Day, but Joe beat me to the punch.
Good Morning everyone....frosty morning in Wisconsin, but the sun is out and warming up.

Came home from a Amtrak trip to Chicago...great train ride both ways and we left Milwaukee at the recently added Amtrak terminal at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport. The track-work into Chicago is amazing. Our Hiawatha passed two freights that took the siding so we could pass on to Milwaukee, later after our train departed for downtown Milwaukee another Amtrak followed as well as the two freigths. I was amazed at how close the trains actually ran on the same track.

Interesting buildings and details in downtown Chicago along the right of way...a blend of old and new.

Willie: Just may start a fencing project like yours. Going to make a template for the posts and supports in-order to glue them properly together.

Great photos as always.

Short and sweet.





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Good Morning. 29 degrees to start off the day with an expected high in the 50's. Fall is here.

Willie - I wasn't aware that the Pennsy used the water pans. I know that it was common on the NYC.

Terry - Really enjoyed the video. I thing cab ride videos are some of the best ways to visit a model railroad. I agree with Ray's statement also. I would love to see a trip around Howard Zane's layout. Another is the Franklin & South Manchester. I got to visit the F&SM in the 90's when there was only the first part of the layout done. The attention to detail is astounding. Here is a short clip I found of it.

Have to get my stuff together to run at the club tonight. We'll be giving the F-9 the smoke test.

Here's a rail picture for today.


Good Afternoon Everyone.....planned to work on the railroad this afternoon and I did work on a few things that needed attention, some unplanned.

Ran an ore train into a branch line to clear the area I was going to work on. One of the ore cars derailed and I pulled it from the train. Checked the wheel gauges and found that they were fine, but a coupler trip pin was hanging too low. Adjusted the coupler pin on a coupler gauge and it did not meet the proper clearances. Ran the train again and a major derailment....I forgot to set a turnout for the correct route. Oh well.....! Not correctly setting the turnouts or not having the switch machine power on is a bad habit for me. I can't just trust the toggle switch position.

I rejoined the NMRA after being absence for many years. My short term goal is to achieve the NMRA's Golden Spike Award. Something to shoot for and keep myself busy preparing for it.

My planned trip to the cabin maybe be postponed due to rain that's forecasted on the days I plan to be there. I can find something to do at home, like Model Railroading.

That's about all to report today.



New Ore Cars.jpg

A tired ALCO (Atlas Classic w/DCC) pushes a couple of ore cars to a siding. These cars started as black, undecorated Round House models and weathered heavily using stains and powders. Chooch ore loads (covered with WS ore), KD couplers and metals were all added to the cars.
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Nice videos guys ......
Anyone have dreams of like ... Something is chasing you and you are trying to run in quicksand?
That's about the way my whole week has gone it seems. Never quite reaching the finish line before another boulder comes crashing down the hill and pushing you back into the murk. This entire week has been FUBAR.

Summer is still holding 0n - supposed to cool into the 80's this coming week with a chance of rain from a storm coming up the coast, but I have doubts that it will reach us.

Maybe I'll just wish for World Peace and forget everything else?
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