Running Bear's Coffee Shop September 2018

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Why is it that something you kept "'cause it might come in handy" and then tossed in a cleanup of unused items, is just the thing you need now. Did that with a long, narrow enamel baking dish from the old stove. Now I want it to soak long bits (MTH flatcar decks) in alcohol. Bet no-one makes them now.
Toot, . You may want to try looking at something by Rubbermaid. I've got a shoe box size container with a lid that snaps on tight so that the alcohol can't evaporate. It saves alcohol from evaporating and you spend less and you can save it for projects months later.


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Good Morning All. 70° and cloudy today. Not a lot going on around the estate right now. I did manage to put the cover on the pool yesterday and mowed for about 15 minutes. Despite all of the rain, nothing is growing right now.
Out in the train shed yesterday, I spent more time on the fence. Had to redo a part that I managed to unglue.:mad: Even superglue has a problem when you are gluing two pieces of .018" wire to one another. Not a lot of bonding surface. As a diversion, I painted some more Preiser figures and unboxed two RTR freight cars that I purchased before my self-imposed moratorium in 2014. One is a beautiful Railbox boxcar from Atlas and the other is a 65' ATSF gondola from Athearn (MDC Roundhouse lineage). Did my usual inspection, weigh-in, coupler height check and hit them both with Dull Coat. Today I will take pictures and log them into my database before incorporating them into the fleet.

Chet - I absolutely agree that the detail on the Franklin & South Manchester is astounding. I also agree that cab-ride videos are the best way to view a layout. I know that George puts a lot of details in his layout that cannot be seen from the aisles, only from the cab.
Sherrel - Cheer up!

Slow day in the Coffee Shop yesterday, I'll leave an extra tip today for the girls.
Everybody have a great day.


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TERRY -- Thank you, thank you, thank you! That was something!
How the heck do they transport it? Complete with landing lights that retract into the wing and, from what I can tell, brakes that work? They just really have outdone themselves on that model - just needs some three bladed props.

I haven't put up a train pic in awhile - here's a nice color shot which you don't see too many of back in the steam days.


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Good morning ..

Chet, Curt, Willie, Greg, and others: .... Thanks for commenting on my freight train photos.

Chet ... I like the photo of the PRR K4.

Terry ..... That is quite a model of the TWA Lockheed .

Sherrel .... I like that photo. I have another color photo of team below.

Our neighbors took us out on their boat yesterday afternoon and evening. I think he has the fastest pontoon boat here at the lake. It has two 400 HP outboard motors. It can go 70 MPH which he did with us.

Below is a photo of the NC&StL City of Memphis.

Good Morning Everyone..................overcast and wet in Wisconsin....more rain tomorrow.

Yesterday, I forgot to mention that I changed three CV's in the LokSound decoder in my almost new locomotive and finally now have flashing ditch lights. The lights merely dim when flashing and look very prototypical. I sure enjoy the LokSound decoder, but know they cost a few $$$ and require high quality speakers.

No trains today since it's NFL Sunday and my wife insists that I watch the games with her. She's a Football Fanatic!!! She's met every Green Bay quarterback from Bart Star to the present, except Arron Rogers. I wish my train room was a large as her 1,000 sq.ft. football memorabilia room in our basement level. She will travel to different locations to watch the Packers.

Terry: As a drone nut as well as a model railroader, those large scale model aircraft are something else. And, we thought model railroading could become an expensive hobby! Sherrel, there's no auto-pilot on this aircraft.

Chet & Willie: Yes, the Franklin & South Manchester railroad is astounding as Willies justly put it. George Sellios attention to detail has no revivals. I read and have every video of the F&SM that I could find and I am wearing out George's book on his layout after countless times I read the book cover to cover.

Toot: Try cutting a plastic quart milk container length wise and you should be able to soak your strip models in that container. Use another container to save your solution.

Forgot to add that I ordered a Rapido BUDD diesel Rail Car in C&NW. Should have it in January 2019.

That's all for now.


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You guys are making me shutter with those speeds on water!
I learned to waterski behind my HS girlfriends - fathers 18 HP Evinrude 16 foot boat.
It must have taken us 100 feet plus to reach a plain on the water!
Good morning fellers. Trolling my Facebook groups this morning. I find there quite some hateful and grouchy individuals on my groups. Typically I'll leave a group for such anger. I've decided to just look the other way. I guess about all I can do is just shake my head and move on. In other news the heat is making a return. Supposed to be 90° heat index tomorrow. Good time to be back at work. As much as I hate rain it seems to be the only time we get fall temps around here. We did have some minor flooding this past Thursday. I'm thankful it wasn't as bad as it was some few years ago. Moving on....I have found the handrails for my GM50 project! Always exciting! So hopeful to get back to it here again soon. I'll try to catch up later.


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Good morning. 32 degrees with snow flurries. Might get into the mid 50's. We are supposede to warm up into the 60's over the next few days. I think it's time to get the winter tires on the car.

Garry - Nice photo. Sleek looking locomotive.

Terry - Enjoyed that video. At first I was wondering why the plane didn't have retractable landing gear. When it was coming ion for a landing, the addition of the landing lights was a big suprise. I always liked the Connies. We have one on display at the Helena airport.

- When I saw the first section of teh F&SM back in the 90's, it blew my mind. I would love to see it again, but it is more than a day trip for me.

Sherel -
I think you need a big hug. ( and maybe a beer or two).

Ran the F-9 at the club last night and am happy with the results. That thing is a horse. I was able to pull more than the 10 cars that the RS-1 is capable of. I added a couple more cars after these photos were taken and it still had no problems on the two and a half percent grade.

20180929_201908.jpg 20180929_203519.jpg 20180929_203615.jpg

The sound wasn't any where as load as the RS-1, but I personally think the RS-1 was too loud. I am quite happy with the results.

Here's a rail picture for today.


I can remember stopping at tat station in Milwaukee when I was a kid.



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Justin, if you don't like some of the people in your FB group, simply click on their name, which takes you to their page. Click "more", then click "block". You will never see them again.


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NO BEER, Chet! I'm going for the hard stuff today - lol! Thanks for the suggestion.
Your loco looks nice; glad it's working out for you.
That's no amature photo -BTW it's beautiful- the composure of the train, station tower, and water column is very good!


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One of life;s frustrations yesterday = Spousal Unit was shopping a few miles away and car just "clicked" when she tried to start it. :mad:
She said that it had done that prior times but had started with the second attempt. :eek:
Rather than wait for AAA to come - I drove down and jumped it... I looked at the sticker on the battery and it said 5/13 :eek: ... I thought well that's pretty good .... an honest 5 year battery like the old days. :cool: I told her to go straight to O'Riley's (1/3 mile from home) and, if you ask nicely they will install it for you ... which they did. :)
So -- Now I come back home and just for kicks I look at my truck battery. I'm doubly shocked - the sticker on the battery 9/11 - that's 7 years! :eek:
Now, I ask you, Do I replace it at this time, or do I wait until it quits as well?
The frustration is that battery's are no longer $35.00 - they are now $135.00 - must be a CA thing?


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Sherrel - I can always go for hard stuff. Not much of a selection in the liquor locker right now. Jack B;lack, Makers Mark, Jim Beam Devils Cut and a few bottles of Pendleton.

Batteries have gotten a lot more expensive. I can remember replacing batteries years ago for $35 to $45 but those days are cone. I finally replaced the battery in my LeSabre a couple of years ago because it was the original (2005) and winter was coming on for $95. Hid the darn thing under the back seat.


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Another frustration that I have around here is that MOH NEVER turns off anything when she stops the car! She leaves the lights on, the radio is on, the a/c is on. I know that the lights shut off after a delay, but they also come on while the engine is cranking and the a/c compressor has a short time delay, but all seem to me to be hard on a battery life.

Thanks, Willie, I figured that CA probable added 40 or so to the cost for environmental reasons?
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