Running Bear's Coffee Shop August 2018

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I figured I'd go with another one which was a little better from the previous club day, showing a long train on "The slingshot" part of the layout.
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Good morning gang
71 degrees, had a good rain last night. Started right after I got the lawn finished. :cool:
Toot, loved the videos, #2 was better, keep it up.
Louis, careful dancing on that poly-tickle fine line there. You are getting close to a nerve.
The Lionel stuff is interesting, even though its not my cup of joe.
Thank all who commented on the B&O switchers. They are on a pending sale, but if it falls through, I'll let you all know. They have n-s wheels, can motors, flywheels, LEDs and decoders under the hoods.
GF and I are going to a pet adoption fair today. Might come home with a canine furbaby.
I smell coffee brewing, later gators!


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Good Morning Everyone. 75° and clear, Weather Underground says wind gusts of 0 mph from the SSE. I wonder how they know that? Pool in the back yard is a very, very pleasant 82°. Spent much of the day doing small home projects, mostly in the newly remodeled bathroom. I added some hooks for towels, moved a bunch of stuff back in that has been residing in boxes for the last three months, hung some pictures and did some other stuff around the house. Yes, even threw some old stuff away.
Out in the train shed yesterday, the "odds and ends" odyssey continues, although yesterday was mostly running trains. I haven't yet decided where my next scenery project will be, but I have narrowed it down to twenty or so places. I'm looking at some small areas that will tie together some already completed scenes.

Garry - Nice picture of the E7's
Sherrel - Didn't use the grill last night, but I used leftover grilled pork chops to make "Pork Chop Hash". It was a new dish for me and it was great! In & Out Hamburgers just last month opened a place in Denton TX about 25 miles away, wife says that they are supposedly really good. They didn't make it to Texas until recently.
The spiders that I have in the train shed are the tiniest things I have ever seen. At best they are 1/8" across when full grown. But they leave a trail of "spider silk" wherever they go. Much is invisible until it balls up on something like a snowplow or axle. Doesn't cause any problem other than cosmetic. I prefer to not use poisons if possible.
Louis -
Jeff Bezos is rich because he is brilliant.
This is very true. I do wonder how long the Amazon bubble can last. He has admitted that the retail side of things does not make money, and that their cloud business supports everything. The Prime thing is also a brilliant idea, I often wonder how many people don't really purchase enough to make it worth the expense. We are barely ahead of the game. Trivia - WalMart, Kroger and Costco all have greater retail sales in the US than Amazon. Home Depot and CVC juggle the #5 spot.
Ray - Nice videos from the club. That's one long train in the second one.
Karl - Kudos to you on getting an adopted canine.

Everybody have a great Labor Day weekend.


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Good morning. It's partly cloudy and 71.
Wife is still in ICU, there's not rooms available anywhere else in the hospital. She may be discharged from there on Monday.
I took another hard look at my roster, and am culling more stuff. Currently, a BLI PRR F7A/B, green, with trainphone, MTH PC GP35, Genesis PRR GP7, and a herd of Pennsy heavyweight passenger cars are on the block. They have sound. The Fs have removable DCC, and the sound works on DC.
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Good morning all,

A very rainy start to the day, so no mowing this morning, unless it dries out later.

Willie- We use the heck out of our prime membership, but your right, I also to wonder how many people pay for the year, and just don't use it. We also have been using Pantry Prime a lot lately. Anymore all we get at the store is milk, fresh produce, meat, and bread for the most part.

Toot- loved the videos of that second train with the awesome flat loads. Please show us more.

Have a great Saturday all,


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Howdy .

Sherrel, Chet, Willie, and others .... Thanks for commenting on my photo of the E7's.

Toot ..... Your videos are great. Thanks for sharing.

Karl ..... Let us know if you and GF have a new canine fur baby.

Louis .... Lionel certainly has a lot of colorful trains available.

This photo is for Chet who (if I recall correctly) once was interested in buying one of these locos. ..... This P2K Heritage 0-8-0 has been a very smooth running and very reliable switcher . .... Currently, it is working at the power house.



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TERRY-Continuing prayers for you and your wife.

Temps. here hot and humid. T/S's later till nighttime.
Prayers for all.


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Thanks for all the very kind comments on my first video uploads, I think the reason the 2nd one included all thegobbledegook, top and bottom, was because I used the embed option on Y/tube. Not game to edit it out in case it takes it off the post altogether. Another oddity seems to be that editing the upload on Y/tube itself can only be done AFTER publishing it. But then, that might depend on just what they mean by publishing it.

Willie, Weather Underground says wind gusts of 0 mph from the SSE. Maybe they forgot to wet their finger?


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Hello to all, I figured it had been far too long since my last post so I'm stopping by to say Hi!
The weather seems as though it's cooling down, both during the day and at night.

I wound up buying a 2016 Hyundai Veloster, their base model with a 1.6 L non-turbo dual overhead cams and 16 vslves with a six speed manual transmission, it scoots right along now that I've learned the shift points. I had some fun with the sales guy when I told him I had never driven a stick before, he got a bit anxious but when I was able to back it out through a tight spot and got out of the lot going down the road he relaxed considerably.
Even though it's not a turbo, with it's 11/1 compression ratio and continuously variable valve timing it moves along very nicely.

I haven't done much RR'ing due to the hot weather and the need to keep things watered by hand it gets time consuming.

A belated thanks to anyone who has asked about me, I'll try to stop by more oft

Later, Track Gang,



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Toot ... LOL at your comment to Willie about weather report .
I often think their forecasts are based on which side of the building they're looking out the window of, and which way the wind is blowing if the window is open from where it's blowing from.


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Good evening.
I thought I'd post a quick wife update.
She has been moved from ICU to a regular room this evening, and they really were keeping her there because they were concerned. They've drained 21 pounds of fluid, 19 more to go.
Possible discharge on Monday.


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