Running Bear's Coffee Shop August 2018

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King Toot?

Optic Fiber, Fiber Optic.

I think it's a left over thing from the Brits. Everybody knows they were the smartest. Their problem was they focused on themselves and lost the world. Thank God America is full f immigrants from all over the world, not just the Brits! ;)

Or maybe they just do a lot of things backwards down under?

I may not be a serial kidder, but like Garry I enjoy a bit of ribbing, but only with the best of my train buddies.

Speaking of best buddies, where is Boris? I hope he is keeping off Putin's radar.
Louis- you might want to bring Moose & Squirrel in for questioning.


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Louis -

I assume that you are referring to our legislators who voted against the tax cuts?
I can see the logic in voting against those tax cuts. I did not read the entire tax bill myself. I have to admit I'm not surprised my tax cut will expire in 6 years. Jeff Bezos' baby Amazon's tax cuts won't expire along with much of the 1% whose tax cuts are permanent. No surprises there, hard to call that stupid. Crazy like a fox maybe, but not stupid.


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Good Morning Everyone!

I fell behind quickly.

I am so happy to hear of the plan, Sunday sounds good! God bless you both.

I slept good yesterday, nights have been good sleeping 5+ hours most every night! Still those naps on my off days work wonders, thank God

Rested and ready, thank God again!

Have a great day Everybody!


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Good morning. It's partly clear and 68.
The move to a regular room didn't happen yesterday, maybe this morning.
When the doctor and I talked, he said they were going to try to discharge my wife either Saturday or Sunday. Being the realist, I have been assuming it will be Sunday. We'll see how this delay in getting her transferred to a regular room interacts with the plan of discharge.
Class on giving her dialysis is still planned for 2 weeks, though no dates or times are set yet.


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Good Morning all,

Hope everyone is well. Going to be another picture perfect day temperature wise going up to the upper 70s. Got some rain forecast for the weekend, it we will see if that transpires.

Great photos Louis, I’ve always loved that Chessie paint, and logo! If I didn’t model present day I would have that logo all ove my layout.

Have a splendid Friday!


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Good Morning Everyone. 73° and clear with wind gusts of 2 mph?!?! Still hitting 97°-99° in the afternoons. Had a great time on the grocery/beer trek yesterday. Spent too much, but bulk packs of steaks, pork chops and chicken breasts as well as spare ribs and wild caught shrimp were all on sale and the freezer had some spare room. Stopped by Sam's Club for thirty more pounds of charcoal on the way out of town. No time off for the grill at the SFW estate.
Only spent a little time in the train shed yesterday because life got into the way. I cleaned off a few more freight cars. In the old train room, I had to dust and clean about every 10-12 months. Now in the new train shed, the interval is five years plus for everything except black tankers, which are about three years before dust becomes noticeable. Many don't need it at all, I just do it as I am inspecting them. Biggest culprit is spider webs on wheel axles. Installed two more ground throws and ran some trains over the newly installed entryway bridge.

Louis - You asked about Ken, D&J I presume. He is still posting in other threads, but quit visiting the Coffee Shop after another visitor posted a joke with an obscenity in it. Regarding CJ, Carey last posted in April, but hasn't been a regular visitor for quite a while, either before or since. I miss his posts as well. Hadn't seen any posts from Joe (Boris) recently, but he's still around.
I can see the logic in voting against those tax cuts. I did not read the entire tax bill myself. I have to admit I'm not surprised my tax cut will expire in 6 years. Jeff Bezos' baby Amazon's tax cuts won't expire along with much of the 1% whose tax cuts are permanent. No surprises there, hard to call that stupid. Crazy like a fox maybe, but not stupid.
Something is better than nothing. Jeff's tax cuts allow him to give you a job that pays well. The other candidate promised to raise taxes. Disclaimer: I will not see any tax cut as they went into effect before I started receiving Social Security. I also use Roth IRA's, the distributions are tax-free.
Ray -
I passed my local servo (gas station) this arvo (afternoon) and the price was $1.39/ltr. That's the low for the week, was at $1.55. Now there's 4 ltrs to a US Gallon, so that's $5.56 as a low, and $6.20 for a high. Feel sorry for us now?
Maybe if you all would drive on the right side of the road it would be cheaper.
- Nice looking switchers.
Terry - Keep posting good news. Thoughts and prayers continue.

Everybody have a great Friday. By the way, where's Jesse? Hopefully making money.


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Good morning everyone. 67 and partly cloudy out my window. Monstrous rain came through this area yesterday. Springfield itself got over 3 inches of rain. Only a little over one inch out at our place. All much needed moisture for this area.

Terry - I join the others in rejoicing at the good news about your wife. May things keep improving!!
Karl - very nice photos of your layout. Seeing yours and others' always inspires me.

Yesterday's off-site meeting went well, lubricated with much coffee!! Long weekend coming up (office closed on Monday). I have to paint the remodeled master bath this weekend so the major installations can begin (new vanity, large walk-in shower). Tiled floor was finished yesterday and looks real nice. This will be great when the ordeal is over o_O

Have a good day everyone.


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Good morning. 49 degrees now with an expected high in the low 70's. May mow the lawn today.

Terry - It does sound like your wife is improving. Praying that all works out for her.

Karl - Like the switchers. Post more photos of your layout.

Willie - I also miss Carey in the Coffee House. I believe that he had some health problems. Ken D&J was up near Glacier Park on a road trip
from the posts I have seen on another forum. I do miss his posts. I haven't Ken in MD for a while, but I assume that he may be lurking.

Louis - A nice group of photos. Nice.

Garry - Here are some photos of the building at the club you had mentioned with the roof off.

20180830_131636.jpg 20180830_131654.jpg 20180830_131711.jpg

It was rather quiet at the club yesterday. Had a bit of wind (in Livingston, a 50 mph wind is considered a breeze) making it interesting driving over the pass. One of the guys was having decoder problems keeping a couple of guys busy in the shop area for a while. Think he will have to send the decoder back. Hope the new decoder for my F-9 works when it's put in to the chassis. Here are a couple of photos of the shell that will be going on it. Yes, my work bench is a mess. Have a few different projects going on.

20180830_102545.jpg 20180830_102643.jpg

Think I'll head down to the train room for a bit while it warms up outside.

Here's a rail picture for today, with a train on the tracks.




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Willie, thank you for the updates.

Better than nothing, can't dispute that.

I've never had the pleasure to meet Jeff, I do admire him. One of his semi-young go getter managers made the deal with me long before any talk of tax cuts. Why they keep me around is another story. I'll have to remember tax cuts to use as leverage for an even better deal.

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