Running Bear's Coffee Shop August 2018

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TOOT The dozer loads look fabulous, seeing them again still bring back memories. You have set the standard on those I think!!
I've still got the rest of the chains to do when I get a "round tuit" and I've bought 2 more of the same ones that Diecast Masters have produced in a fancy tin box (more expensive of course). They have taken over much of the Norscot range and also the front loaders that "Trucks'N'Stuff started to make. I'm also glad MTH recently released more of the TTX HTTX flat cars. Oddly enough, Intermountain Trains have, or are doing the same with their similar flat cars, which previously only came as OTTX, but now in both designations. They are not as highly detailed as the MTH, but do have the advantage of real wooden decks (laser cut boards). The main differences in the real world, apart from some slight physical, as I understand it, is the weight of the chains used. HTTX have 1/2" and OTTX, 3/8". I have found one or two pics of heavy earthmoving equipment on the OTTX cars, one a 627G Scraper, which is still in that new makers range. Mostly the OTTX's seem to be found carrying farm machinery.
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