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I'm a new member as of 2 days ago, and I'm also confident that I'm the oldest member on the Forum, at 82!

Brakeman Hal
I'm catching you up percentagewise, very close.
One thing I have been wondering since the arrival of your Avatar, does it mean you are 1 eyed (hope not to offend there) or are you related to 7 of 9? If it's 7 of 9, I will say you've got good looking relatives.
Hey tootnkumin, (King Tut, the Boy King?)

The picture was taken shortly after Cataract Surgery, where my Opthamologist said to wear the eye bandage for 24 hours.

Please...what does 7 of 9 mean?

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Iron Horseman

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Please...what does 7 of 9 mean?
It is a Star Trek Voyager reference. The cyborg race called the Borg do not have names as they belong to a collective. When they need to identify an individual they get designations. This character was in a Borg crew of 9 people, she was performing the duty/tasks of the 7th position, so her designation was 7 of 9. When she became a member of the Federation the designation stuck and it became her name - 7 of 9.

The metal around her left eye are remnants of the cyborg mechanisms that were removed from her when she "became human", so they sort of made it into a jewelry effect.
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