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Well, I was browsing ebay and ended up bidding on and winning a Rivarossi U25C for what I would consider a pretty good price.

It is DCC Ready, so I will need a decode. I know it has the 21 pin plug, but from the pictures I have seen, it looks like it has an 8 pin plug as well. Anyone has experience with these?


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I believe it does have both plugs.
I have two with factory sound and one that I added a lokpilot to that runs between them.
I think I used the 21 pin plug.
Rivarossi has really upped their game with the details and paint.
Even has rotating bearing caps and real chains.


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3016 arrived in the mail yesterday. I was super stoked to get it on my layout and watch it navigate the 18r curves. I've been desperate to get a bigger, 6 axle, loco on the Whistlestop, but the the 18r curves that are still on my layout's main line from when I started the layout have been a barrier.

As the original portion of my layout is still switchable back to DC (instead of DCC), and has some of the roughest track, it was great seeing it run smooth and even.

Now I need a decoder.

I already have an NCE D13SRJ, but it is a 9 pin decoder, so I would need an 8 to 9 adapter, but won't there be a big loss of feature vs. a higher end decoder? like a Lokpilot V4.0?


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Several cups of coffee, yes... ;) At the end, he basically said that you lose functions unless you use a decoder like the LokSound V4.0.

I got an 8-9 adapter and have been running the loco with the D13SRJ decoder. The adapter leaves the two extra function wires hanging loose, so it only really runs the headlights.

What I need is to get one of these and then get creative with some wire routing: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to