Hawks NEW "MHO Junction" layout

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Thanks Rico and Yannis, the more I advance on my engine house, the more I can wait to finish it.

Hi Lloyd,
I've been inactive on here for quite some time now but I started having a look through your thread and I have found it fascinating!
I'm absolutely astonished that you have achieved so much in just two years or so - really well done!
My modelling ebbs and flows all the time so it's good to read of your enthusiasm.
Thanks John, Yes I'm very enthusiastic with this hobby. I learn stuff everyday and my imagination is non stop running with ideas, some doable and others a real puzzle.

Thanks Sherrel, lots more to come in the next …. so many years…lol

That's going to look really nice Lloyd. What location on the layout are you going to install it at?
Thanks Jon, if you’re talking about the engine house, it’s going in the corner near the train station, if you’re talking about the backdrop, it’s going right where it is.

For the last few days, I’ve been working on one of my trestles which will go in the back of the gorge.

View attachment 61880

Someone suggested I use my flex track and remove a few ties and glue wooden ones which are longer. Once dried do it again until all ties are replaced with wooden ones.

View attachment 61881

I also did the top of the rails with two platforms for the water barrels and the guard on the edge. I still need to install the inside guard rail.

View attachment 61884

All the bends for the first trestle are done. All that's left is the painting and weathering.

View attachment 61883

In the next few days I will be assembling the first trestle and working on the next.
I'll also be receiving my order of super trees which I will try out



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Lloyd your really moving along nicely , the trestle will look great. Although I have my new layout started I've been moving at a snails pace, I did although manage to build not one large trestle but 2 of the same. Your work is inspiring me to take some time out of my busy schedule and start a new layout thread real soon.
Thanks Flyboy, I used super glue (like crazy glue)

Hey Lynn, thanks, please do take time, you had some very good ideas and it's always nice to see others working on their layouts

I never would have thought to replace the plastic ties with wooden ones. It turned the flex track into what looks like hand laid track. Which in a way that's what it has become. And the added detail on the top side really finishes it off nicely.

Good job!

Thanks Jon, much appreciated

On another note, I've been wanting a Speedometer to match speed all 30 of my locomotives, but at $70-$80 US ($100-$110 Canadian), plus shipping and customs was a bit expensive. When it comes to electricity and electronics, I'm at a loss. With some help from Valerie Valley RR for the idea and sketch and Chris and Andy for more help, I was able to build my functional speedometer for less than $10.

In the picture I have lots of tags to make sure I knew which wires were what and where they had to go.

I'll be building two of them, one for my test track on my work bench and the other will go under the track/fascia.

View attachment 61922

I saw 9 videos on Speedometers, but NONE explains exactly where to connect what wires to where. I'll be doing a video later (next month) detailing the procedures to building one.



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Lloyd, your dollar and ours seem to be much the same against the USD, currently just shy of 76c. What I've found odd is the Global Shipping via Pitney Bowes that ebay uses. For locals in the USA, it seems to be expensive, but down here not so, always seems cheaper than USPS Priority International, sent by the seller, but is used by Pitney Bowes anyway.


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Have a look at Rodimus Prime on Y/tube, don't know if he's done one on the speedos, but his other instuctional vids seem well presented and explained.

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