Dukes of Hazzard Layout! Hazzard Square

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This is the Hazzard County Layout I been working on. I have started the Hazzard Square. It's coming along nicely. It's not 100% prototypical to the real Hazzard Square although it's about 75% prototypical.



Its a great start. Just FYI the real name of the square is Covington Square in Covington, GA. They filmed there for the first 5 episodes before heading west to film the rest of the series. I know there is a rail line that runs just outside the square, believe the Southern owned it (correct me if I am wrong) but last time I checked it was no longer in service.

Keep up. The work and this is the first time I have heard about someone modeling Hazzard as well as trains. Looks to be a fun project.
That is sweet! One question, where did you get those big lifted trucks?? Ive been looking for lfited trucks for our layout forever. Are they actual HO scale or hotwheels?
Looks good. You will need to set up some little remote control launch mechanism so that when you have visitors viewing the layout, you can shoot the Dukes Charger over the passing train.
Unfortunantly, there is no 68-70 Charger like the Duke's car available in 1/87 scale so it appears you'll be stuck using larger 1/64 scale cars.
The layout is looking great so far, and Hazzard Square is looking good to me.
awesome idea back when i was 10 i used to watch the show on friday nights with my nephew i had a tyco durango trainset that i was going try to use to model hazzard and at tha time use matchbox cars for my nephew to play with, never happene dtho.
This is the Hazzard County Layout I been working on. I have started the Hazzard Square. It's coming along nicely. It's not 100% prototypical to the real Hazzard Square although it's about 75% prototypical.

Permit me to add some fun facts.

Hollywood used a freelance Hazard,Ky including some of Warner Brothers back lots in the TV series and several locations for the movie and oddly enough none was filmed in Hazard-Hazard is the correct spelling for Hazard,Ky.

So,your freelance TV Hazard looks great!

Keep up the great work!

Are you going to add a film crew? ;)


Hey guys! Thanks for all the ideas and opinions! I will consider them greatly! And all the nice and great comments! Also thank you guys for the useful information!! The idea of the Launching Mechanism is a great idea!! I may fabricate something to work that out!

The Camera Crew is a great Idea, never even thought of that!

About the lifted trucks, those are scale 1:87 scale models made by Revel. I bought them about 5 years ago. I haven't seen another one yet. So they are a bit rare.

I forgot to mention that this Hazzard is being model after the one in Burbank California. I have updated the scenery to be as the one in California. I will update some pictures.


Its looking real good. I like the desert scenery and the truck looks right at home...lol. Keep them coming.
Careful now, MonsterMountain may be getting nourishment from cans with pull tabs. Just kidding I thought it was a cute idea. I once saw a Hobbit railway complete with trolls. Burned into my memory.
One of the things that some people don't realize is that the Dukes of Hazzard town is also the same town that was used for the TV show "In The Heat Of The Night" with Carroll O' Connor to represent "Sparta Mississippi"
A little more info, A good majority of the driving scenes were filmed at the disney ranch located in Placerita Cyn. just north of the San Fernando valley. You can see the ranch as you head north on highway 14, used to be very popular for filming but not so much anymore.
This looks nice, You got the Hazzard County S.O. cars too? Remember the released ones from Ertl is bad..Good cars but WRONG kind being 1980 Pontiac Bonnevilles..Hazzard County S.O. never had Pontiacs.

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