What's Your Favorite Model Locomotive?

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Just call Me Tom, I'm not much into second generation to modern diesels; but, will admit you certainly can buy some nicely detailed stuff now-a-days! That's a super nice Viaduct, too!

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but after picking up some SD-45s recently and ....
Ok your comment(s) in the other thread made me do it. I searched through my pile of boxes and found.....

My favorite N-scale locomotive. Got this for my birthday in 1970(?) or so. It was the 2nd N-gauge locomotive I got (first was an E8 in red war bonnet paint from a starter set). So I guess it was my first freighter. I loved the flared radiators, and the pinstrip paint scheme accented them.

But this thread was about our favorite, so also from the train storage room I looked up V&T #11 the Reno. It is a little dog eared for the wear and years. It is AHM from back when they advertised "true to blueprint". The brass that needs polishing is all real. It was Christmas when I was in 4th grade so that had to be 1967(?). This was the first new locomotive I ever owned. All still original. Before it, all I had was my fathers hand-me-downs which I now know were junk Marx units. At the same time I got an MRC Ampak , so I could actually run it. The power supply I had before that was downright dangerous, with basically exposed contacts on the 110v transformer in it.

On a dictate from my mother when I was in high school, I sold my favorite O and S scale locos. The O was a Lionel O-27 2-6-4. Nothing special about it except it was my introduction to 3 rail track and it had a whistling tender. It ran so well and so easy. I could build all sorts of intersting layouts without worrying about reversing loops and the like. For S scale I had an Americal Flyer pre-war 4-6-2. It was all metal die cast unlike all the post war plastic junk. But they are both long gone, so I suppose I should choose some new favorites. Probably have to be the O-gauge Polar Express loco from the "Have you seen this" thread.
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My Favorite?


Athearn Genesis SDP40F - Big, powerful and fun to run. Too bad they had short lives, because of a pattern of derailments.



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Several: Mostly kitbashed HO scale Mantua steam locomotives. Then there is a Proto2000 E6 kitbashed into a Burlington E5 by adding corigated siding. But, I suppose my favorite of them all is a ConCor Post-war Pioneer Zephyr (4-car version), because the prototype is what I rode as a kid!


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This is my favorite, partly because it is NP and partly because it is Diesel. I don't know what brand this is, I purchased it on ebay and did some work on it. (I used to know what it was, lets put it that way).

It runs well and I did some weathering on it so it didn't look brand new, but still appears well cared for:

May, 16 023.JPG


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That is a really pretty paint scheme. Does it have any basis in reality? I do not recognize it. It is too soon to be a B&O 200 year deal.
I don't know of any real locomotive like it, I don't even know if CSX has any real heritage locomotives. Lionel did several fictional heritage locomotives to honor some of the many fallen flags that make up CSX.

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