Weekly Photo Fun, 1/7/11 thru 1/13/11

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Those are some great pictures! Now, if you could find a place where the trees in the backdrop were much farther away, it would be much harder to tell that what we're seeing is not a 1:1 scale train!

Keep up the good work!

Tom Stockton
Long story with this engine. Back when I graduated kindergarten in 1985/1986 my dad built my a 4 X 8 to get me started, I had grown an appreciation for the NS. So my first engine was a NS GP35 my dad kitbashed for me.

Fastforward to 1996. New layout is almost done. Someone broke into my train room outside and basically wiped the layout into a trash bag, getting about 1/2 of my stuff, including the 2647.

About three years ago, I rebuilt it, as best I could remember. Here it is on my dad's layout picking up the IC delivery:

Nicely done on your new GP-35, Kurt! And that's a darned shame that some !%#&^@! stole so much of your stuff! Sure do hate to hear that part, esp. the engine your father made for you.

Tom Stockton


"retired" conductor
Looks like a good fit Jeffrey. I did something similar a few years back, My original engines, a pair of Lionel FA's had the rubber band drive. I wanted them to be runners, mainly for sentimental reasons. I slid a pair of Walthers FA1 chassis under them pretty easily.
Its called having your cake and eating it too! :D Best of all, it doesn't screw with your blood sugar!:D
Thanks Karl. The only problem I had was that the rear of the shell sat down too far. I glued a couple of Kadee coupler boxes to the top rear of the frame (one per side) and that solved the problem.

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Hello everyone! I see this is a good week to show off locomotives, so I'll join the club. I know I always show structures since that is the major focus of my layout but I just purchased this beauty. It's a Bachmann Spectum, with sound. Runs great, sounds great, looks great. Now I'm adjusting my sorry track work for it. Doesn't steam look great in black & white?

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