The BC and F Railway

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Don't know how I miss your post. You have really moved along. The work you've done on the hard shell with the rock castings are excellent. Keep up the good work.
Well, I've had the train on the 'back burner' for a while, and I suppose with good reason.....the good news- I'll soon have more space, a dedicated space for my layout. The bad news-we will soon be moving, which means all the planning and work I've done will once again be undone, and modified in the new location.
Well, here's the space I'm working with......


Well, we've moved, painted, repaired, upgraded, painted, refinished, and painted. Now I am back to trying to make some semblance of what I have to work with.

If any of you want to draw some layouts on this I won't complain. I run HO DCC, and my overall scheme I suppose will have city/buildings on right side as I can walk all around the part that is 48" wide but juts out at an angle. The two long sides are walls, therefore the skinnier 24" bench work.
The area on the left with two tracks shown is on a 4ft square section that is more or less completed that I wish to reuse on this layout. It is more rural with trees, rocks, etc. The outer track has a slight incline to it from the front at sea level, the back at about 1.75" or so.

Any suggestions?



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Played with SCARM a bit. Total freelancing on a continuous route, but it might give you some ideas. All done with 22"r curves (to fit with the 48" end sections), flax track and Atlas #6 turnouts.


Nice! Thanks for the idea. I use scarm too, a bit, but have the hardest time with elevating track :(

Played with SCARM a bit. Total freelancing on a continuous route, but it might give you some ideas. All done with 22"r curves (to fit with the 48" end sections), flax track and Atlas #6 turnouts.
Well, it's only been 2 years since I last worked on the layout. Increased the bench work from 36" to 42" tall. Let me tell you it is a tremendous back saver! The "duck under" board is easily removed since we also iron in here (you can probably tell by the iron in the pictures~) It will have elevated track and varying geographic features. I'll spend (too much) time putting track down on the flat surface to help me visualize what I want to do. I'll put some buildings out and some misc stuff and just "play with trains" for a while to make sure that I REALLY like what's happening. Then, I'll do what is necessary (cut the flat wood/risers/etc) to accommodate the tracks to the terrain and city scape area.

20181013_110845.jpg 20181013_110857.jpg 20181013_110900.jpg 20181013_131129.jpg


Here's the track laid out now, the pictures in a "left to right" sequence. The track towards the back will be elevated. I hope to make a nice curved viaduct type or wooden trestle bridge on this line as seen in image 210108. I will certainly tinker with both lines a bit, but I don't anticipate it changing drastically. the next step will be to get the elevation built up and then apply power. I'll then 'play with trains' for a while as I make sure I like the flow and move the structures around to see where I like them best.


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Had a long planned day off yesterday, and was "working on the railroad" bright and early and about up to dinner time. Didn't get nearly as far along as I was striving for. I did get quite a bit of sawing and cutting completed. Not sure how I like the 'terraced' look as shown in picture 2, but it's too late now-besides once the scenery and structures get going it will more than likely appear much different
20181030_100701.jpg 20181030_100706.jpg 20181030_100738.jpg
Well, it doesn't look like much, but after a few hours Sunday, I completed the base terrain and track on the lower "loop". After some track and wheel cleaning (and a bit of nudging) the 723 finally made it completely around on it's own power...running a bit smoother each time. Now, I can actually play with a train while I complete the 'upper' loop. The depressed area behind and to the right of 723 will be a waterway or marsh type environment, with the upper track as seen behind it crossing on a trestle or viaduct bridge.

20181119_205552.jpg 20181119_205538.jpg
There is one passing siding now on the lower level. There will be industries on sidings as well...once I get the structures out and placed. Not sure what I'll do on the upper level....probably one passing siding or one spur only. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to