The BC and F Railway

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In general, your progress is impressive;

The third shot looks best, whatever you did there. Could add some fine ground cover in some flatter spots to look like moss/grass growing out of cracks, could also add a little pulverized dirt or talus/rocks at the base to look like sediment/erosion/; adding a few clumps of brush over the ground cover between the rocks and maybe a couple at the base?

Also, will look better when some material covers the mesh. All in all don't expect it to look super until everything around it is in!
Touched up the rocks to give more contrast. There are several areas where the plaster cloth is showing through that I will address. It isn't quite what I envisioned, but I don't dislike it. Once some trees are added it will look good! uploadfromtaptalk1428108032105.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1428108066862.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1428108093948.jpg
I am thoroughly enjoying the extreme realism of your railroad. Soaring drills in the distance and tiny stretches of track across a complete void. I love it! No, seriously... That wasn't sarcasm. It pleases me to see someone else's table looking like mine does 99.2% of the time (the other .8% is when I'm trying to take a picture of something and pretend that I don't have a complete mess everywhere most of the time. :D As an aside, I like your lumber mill very much. Did you scratch build that? I think something similar would work very nicely in a place where I "need" a mill.
Thanks Paper Tiger! Here's an image I found of the mill....i cut the waterway off but still have the little shed and the tower structure. I have not done any scratch building yet...not sure if I'll ever get to that skill level! Usually I paint then build structures, or repaint them of I get them at a show or online. (I searched HO lumber company If that helps) uploadfromtaptalk1428145202577.jpg


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I am a little late on this build, still catching up on things from being away but have to say - it is looking really good!
Like I said at one point postings my be intermittent, as it reflects the time I have to work on, and play with, trains.
Here is an area in the back corner I whipped up the other day. I imagined it as part of a strip mall sort of area. If you look carefully you can see one person trying to get their drone/remote control plane/helicopter...........they must have gotten it for Christmas and were a bit too zealous in flying around buildings and trees!!
20160101_095224.jpg 20160101_201901.jpg 20160102_133456.jpg 20160102_205833.jpg


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