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"retired" conductor
Good morning gang!
Sunny and 61°, heading for 80° MAYBE p.m. thunderstorms.
Been busier than a 1 legged man in a butt kicking contest lately, so my time here has been limited, and the only reason I have had to get down the basement is to clean the cat box. (pee yoooo!) I'm hoping this weekend things will lighten up.
Lots of great pics the last few days, keep em coming!


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Good Morning All. Damn, it's 76° and cloudy with humidity at 84%. Envision MUGGY! I have already shut the windows and turned on one of the A/C's this morning. I feel like having a breakfast burrito this morning Flo, with a generous helping of salsa. The usual, sausage, egg, cheese and potato.
It must be grocery/beer day at the SFW household, fridge is kinda empty; I do lose track of the days somewhat now that I am retired!;) Yesterday was catch up day on household chores after two days spent with doctor's appointments. I did locate my piece of steel mesh that I needed to use to repair the charcoal tray on the grill, which I did. I'm still a charcoal (occasional wood) guy as the taste is infinitely better than gas. This afternoon mowing will resume. I also need to prune some errant branches from a few trees that decided to grow downward to meet my face while mowing under certain trees. Onion harvest should be completed today as well.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding yesterday's post, Jerome, Phil, Mark, Sherrel, Chet, Curt, Garry.

Another short day in the train shed yesterday, had to stop early to fire up the grill. I did do some ground cover in one area and I added some details to the back lot behind the paint distributor. Curt - Note skunk on the left side.
05-23-19 001.JPG

Closeup of leaking chemical drum.
05-23-19 005.JPG

Further detailing of the slab, not yet completed; weeds still to come as well as other details still being painted at the workbench.
05-23-19 004.JPG

Closeup of the skunk didn't come out well enough to post.

Sherrel -
I have never seen a grade crossing over a frog
I recall seeing one many years ago before digital cameras. For this situation, I didn't have a lot of choice. One part of it was a bit difficult to figure out just how I was going to make it work; but it does! The wide flange on the bottom of the point rail has to slide under the wooden crossing. The spacing for the flanges on prototype frogs and switches is not as great as model products, which gives it an odd look.
Chet - I like the pond. I have not tried any water features yet. I have three places where I intend to model creeks/streams, but they are way down on the procrastination list.
Curt - Yes, I have tiny spiders that leave trails all over. It's a pain.

Regarding Louis - My last communication with him was about three weeks ago and he said that all is well and he is adjusting to a new schedule around his rehab.

Today is National Lucky Penny Day. For all of you Canadians out there, a penny is a coin representing 1/100th of a dollar.
Everyone have a great day.


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Good morning all, 50 and partly sunny out. Smells like spring after the off and on rains we have had lately.

The weather guessers are calling for sun all weekend.

Willie-- nice details. The skunk works well in the setting you chose.

Mark, Terry, Boris, Karl, good of you to check in

I got my track painted last night on the Groningen display:


There are those areas around the turnouts that are difficult to get the tool into, may try to work them over a little more now that I see the photo

more later, Dave


Whiskey Merchant
God morning. 37 degrees to start off the day with a bright thing up in the sky that I haven't seen for almost a week. We should make it up into the 50's today.

Willie - I can understand muggy. That's one thing that I DO NOT miss about Florida. Nice photos again. Nice detail work.

- It's a beginning. Glad that you liked the way I for the pond boundary figured out. Polish engineering.

Have to get the locomotives and rolling stock together to run at the club this afternoon,. I may just box it up and leave it there.


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Afternoon All,

Had a nice visit with Jon and Phil today and I brought my repaired locos home. Not sure what's on tap for tomorrow.

Garry- That's unfortunate about both grandkids graduating at the same time.

Willie- Nice detailing. I especially like the oily dead area around the 55 gallon drum. Nice touch with the skunk, in fact I have one of ours sleeping on me now.

I hope everyone has a good night.


Plucked Tailfeathers
Staff member
Never thought You would hear me saying this: I'm readddy for some summer! Do not recall the furnace running in May!
I'ts at the high of 60 from a low this morning of 49 and -- YES -- It is cloudy and spitting a few more drops of rain.
Normal temp for this date is 77 and record high of 96 in 2001.

Gradually getting the house put back togather - Spousal Unit had 7 ladies over for a 5 hour lunchon and card playing yesterday, so, it was clean up the house and re-fill the garage again that I was making progress on before. Oh Joy -- now I get to start over!
Still waiting on the carpet to be re-done -- did I mention that the wrong carpet was put down? Can't seem to keep up with all the goings on around here. Daughter from D.C. hooked up and taught me how to use Netflix, so wifey and I have been glued to the TV lately getting to see things that we would have never paid to watch. She managed to get her Prime hooked up to the TV as well ... more stuff to see.

I do wish the weather would give us a break -- have not had a chance to try and hook up the vehicle to see how it's going to tow; it's just been so that I have not wanted to go outside. Went to the HOA meeting last night just to see what was going on and got wet just getting to the car and parking about 75 yards away from the door.

GARRY - Nice touch saving the little kitten! We went to an "event" here last Saturday evening for a local farm animal rescue. I donated to help buy hay. I was shocked to learn that a bale of hay now costs $20.00! When I was younger I helped load bales on a trailer that were worth 50 cents then - that's some backbreaking work.


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Had a nice time with CURT at JON's home. Learned even more how good it is to be straight DC and not have to remember all the CV's and which button does what when.
Waiting for 10:30 when the rocket is to up. Weather and upper winds are cooperating. Looks good so far. We will be watch from our driveway.
Prayers for all,


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Good morning all, 52 and light rain out there.

Sherrel--sounds like you are having some crappy weather

Phil--I guess I am out of the loop on your occupation, something to do with rockets I take it

Terry--sounds like you have real summer weather

Was supposed to test concrete at the airport at 7 this morning, did not find out about the cancellation until I was awake so my routine is a little off.

Chet wanted to see some powerline photos, I found 5 or 6 so will be posting one each day,

Here we have the lines mysteriously end at the edge of the layout. I managed to get a guy wire (is an actual wire which actually is not attached to the ground, only the top of the pole)


These wires are made of thread, I coated them with glue and let them hang to dry straight. They worked pretty good but you had to be careful if you bent one too much it would kink.

Most of the other powerlines on the layout are the commercial ones like rubber bands.

Looks like they are wasting a lot of power with the streetlights on in the middle of the day!

more later, Dave


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Good morning everyone. 70 and sunny here. Should hit low 80's this afternoon.

Back from the workshops in Orlando. Took yesterday off work, but no time for trains - just mowing and catching up on work inside and outside. I'll have to talk with my boss - - these business trips are interfering with my model railroading hobby. One will have to stop - - guess which one?? I hope to make some progress in the train room this weekend.

The city of Springfield has managed to dodge the worst of the severe weather we've had these past couple of weeks. No tornados here, but one hit just a couple of miles east of our house, another northeast of us (at a place called Wildlife Safari) - - and of course the ones Wednesday night and Thursday morning in Carl's Camp and in the capitol of Jefferson City - major damage in those two places. At our house we've had over 6 inches of rain in the last week - - no-one emptied the rain gauge while I was gone, so we know there was more. Springfield airport had 5 inches of rain Wednesday night alone.

Have a good day everyone.
Good morning y'all. Happy Friday! 70° and sunny

Today is the day that all the B.E.N.N.Ys invade the Shore for the summer. That means even more congestion on local roaads, and seasonal higher grocery and gasoline prices. This to will pass, (after labor Day).:rolleyes:

B.E.N.N.Y is a term that derived from Jersey Central railroad baggage checks, which were pre-printed, showing the destination station, and a possible five originating stations which were checked off by the baggage agent. B.E.N.N.Y stands for Bayone, Elizabeth, Newark and New York. The name became associated with all the vacationers that "summer" at the Jersey Shore.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!



Whiskey Merchant
Good morning. 42 degrees and partly cloudy.

Phil - Saw the launch on TV this morning. I can imagine what it looked like in person. I did manage to see a few launches including the first launch to the moon and also say the space shuttle a couple of times all the way from Miami.

Sherrel - Happy to see your daughter got you hooked up with Netflix. The new TV we got recently is what they call a "smart TV". My son got it hooked up with our wi fi and we can use Amazon Prime. Haven't tried it yet. I do like the series that the crew from the old crew from Top Gear that the BBC dropped. Twenty bucks for a bale of hay???? Holy crap.

Dave - Nice photo showing the power lines. They really make quite a difference.

We had a busy day at the club yesterday. Had 7 trains running around the layout so we really had to pay attention to the signals. Here are some photos. Wasn't able to take many as we were quite busy going from room to room on the layout.

This one shows the entrance to what we call the east yard in the lower area. The train is starting up the grade to the summit in the next room. This room used to be the coal bunker for the Northern Pacific.


This photo is near the highest elevation in this room before it passes through into the largest room of the layout.


In the photo below, the train is still pulling the grade to the summit which is just above it. The end of the train is still in the other room.


This is the main yard. The BNSF train is on the main line and the track to the right is also a main line track. At the top of the photo my train is descending downgrade from the summit.


Someone threw the wrong switch sending my train into the third room of the layout which we call the Gardiner Loop. I still can't get over the work done in this room as photos from the Museum of the Rockies were used for the station and many of the other structures in the town.


In this photo, my train is emerging from the tracks that looped under the mountain where the summit is. You can see the signal bridge before the tunnel. We have to really be careful to watch these because there is a cross over in the hidden tracks under the mountain.


In this last photo, our scenery lady rebuilt the farm over the winter. Just pass here, the main line goes into the room where the east yard is located.


This morning I have to do something that I haven't done in years, take my car to a shop. I need to replace the serpentine belt and pulleys but with my bum arm, I can't.



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Good Morning All. Another muggy start of day, 75° and cloudy with 83% humidity. Wind is absent for another hour or so. This is our normal humid time of year, it lasts about three weeks. Then it's just HOT for three months. This is also our mosquito season, as the county does a lousy job maintaining the roadside ditches and there is standing water in them everywhere. Flo, I'll take some more of those ham, egg and cheese biscuits that you served the other day. Naw! Save the doughnuts for Johnny. Another doctor visit today for my wife; next one is Tuesday. Lots more mowing later this afternoon, and then the dreaded weedeater. I will do the final preparation today to take the cover off the pool tomorrow morning. Looking forward to that. We really enjoy our pool and we will use it every day until October. Had the water tested yesterday and the good news is that it's going to take less than $12 worth of chemicals to get it right. I'm switching from granular chlorine to liquid bleach this year and that will cut my maintenance costs nearly 80%. No more unwanted and unnecessary extra chemicals any more either.
Thanks for the comments and likes regarding yesterday's post; Dave, Mark, Chet, Jerome, Curt, Phil.
Another limited day in the train shed yesterday and I did very little scenery work. I did run trains for about 45 minutes though. I'm itching to get some work done, but life is interfering. My wife's medical issues take a much greater priority right now.

Dave - It's fortunate that you can work on your modules while waiting for the future train room (and house).
The skunk works well in the setting you chose.
I have you to thank for putting the whole idea in my head regarding the blank area. I still intend to do a lot more with the slab itself as I work my way to the right.
Curt - Thank you for noticing the oily dead area around the 55 gallon drum. I wondered whether anyone would notice. I often put details such as that in, that in reality only I know that they are there. It's kind of like detailing the backside of a structure!
Here's a close-up of the skunk roaming around.
05-24-19 009.JPG

I think that the legs are a bit on the long side and I am going to add some ground foam to make them appear shorter. Can anyone see the HO scale ants?
Karl - In my era, there were no HAZMAT teams. Normally when a cleanup of this type was needed, a company just hired some day laborers with a couple of shovels and a dumpster. That is if they did anything at all.

Time to move on and make room for other patrons. Everybody have a great day


Plucked Tailfeathers
Staff member
YES ... Not a cloud in the sky and a high of 73 in the forecast - Hip-Hip Hooray! It's time to get out and play!
Flo -- I'll have a big breakfast this morning with a side of bisquits and gravey.

Spousal Unit wants to re-arrange a couple cubboards today, so if I can uncover the saw, I will cut a couple shelves and put them up. Maybe when it warms up a little, I will take the CRV out to her Mom's (where the RV is parked) and see if my BIL and I can get everything hooked up for a test run. I have to read some instructions in order to pull a couple fuses so the battery does not run down while the car is being towed?
Maybe I'll see if the SIL can work in a haircut for "Charlie the dog" while I'm there. It's been 4 months and usually he gets trimmed after two months. Right now it's hard to tell if he is coming or going!

OH, CHET, Those are great photos -- that little boxcar shed close by the caboose track I remember from a club I was in back in 1966.
Later guys!


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DAVE-I'm an ex autoparts man. Worked the counter for 12 years then ran the store till we sold it. Then worked another 12 years as a manager- then retired till wife got ill and I became a medical van driver. Stopped working after my cancer operation.
Near enough to see the rockets go up- far enough not to hear the engines or feel the blast.

Heck of a way to start my day. Dentist at 7 a.m. Need root canal and crown and MAYBE new lower denture . Oh well, can't take it with us but sure as heck would like to spend it on other things.

Prayers and Blessings to all,
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