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I'm back and my goal is to keep up with all the posts, I'm not their yet, forgive me.

I'm just happy to be here, thank God!
Lois ....... Of course, we are glad you are here too.

Willie ...... Nice work on the scenery and with the building. Your photos of work on the building could be used for an article some day.

Karl ..... That is funny. ..... Good luck.

One more time I'll show photos of our recent Utah trip. They may be repeats.



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Good morning. Been MIA for a while. My wife left last Saturday for Nationals in Las Vegas with a couple of ladies from out bowling league. I was supposed to compete, but the shoulder surgery put an end to that. We have been bowling with some people from Alabama for years and they were able to come up with a sub for me.

Went and visited relatives Monday and Tuesday because the weather has really been crappy.Went to PT Wednesday and then managed to get the lawn mowed or I would have a hay field.

Ray - I have seen those SD45's in the area.

- Like the photo. Hope he is able to get a few bucks.

- Really like your photos of 4014. If you have more, please post them.

- Nice to see you back.

Terry - Great video of the derailment. At the right place at the right time.

- The lodge looks like quite the project, but looking at your other structures, it should be a nice addition to your layout. The grade crossing came out nice. Like it. Those storm shave really ravaged the middle of the country and now bad flooding is expected. Hope Johnny isn't effected.

Dave - I really enjoy your photos. The lumber mill is really nice.

Curt - That dentist visit sounds like a double owie. Pain in the mouth and the wallet. Hope you're feeling better.

Greg - I really liked the photos you posted. Excellent.

I'm sure I missed some posts. Haven't been on the computer much trying to catch up with outside chores as the weather finally is cooperating.

Went to the club yesterday and it was a long day. We started at 10 AM as a bunch of students from the Belgrade school came over to visit. Kept us hopping so I didn't manage to take many photos.

I did like seeing this Little Joe on the layout. Really a sharp model and a good pulling locomotive \.


This is what we call the east yard. The main line comes in from the main room on the track on the right, loops around the lumber mill and meat packing plant and then starts its climb to the summit in the main room on the tracks on the left.


I took a break to visit the mens room in the museum in the main depot and saw MRL 4314 being coupled to the two BNSF units. When I was leaving to go home it was hooked up to a westbound grain train getting ready to go over the pass.


My "water" for the pond came in the mail yesterday and I guess I'll be heading down to the train room some time today to see how it works out.



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Nice photos, GARRY, WILLIE, GREG -- anyone else I may have missed?

LOIS -- Good to have my sparing partner back. Stay healthy .. it's better fer you!

CURT - sorry about the tank car. I have two/three of those kits ... maybe I should try one?
Good luck with the dentist .. I've had dentures for 30 years - painless - and no dental visits - except when I get careless and break a plate or knock a tooth loose trying to eat something that I have been told better; Then the dentist makes up for his lost revenue from the non-visits.

PHIL - If you did not have such horrible humidity, I would gladly take some of that warm from you!
We are still only expecting mid 70's for the next week - MIL's pool is freezing!
Todays high 76, last year 75, record 92 in 2001 -- overcast at the moment with the marine layer.

On the local front -- got the newer/newest carpet installed and took out the new carpet from a few weeks back. Glad that worked out as Spousal Unit was contemplating repainting the roughly 24x24 kitchen/family room combo and I was threatning to leave home? Finally restored most all of the furniture and restored the TV, DVR, Tape, CD, and soundbar - and returned to a couple more 'Longmier' episodes before falling asleep on the couch. My larger dog, Foxie, finally woke me up as she wanted to go upstairs and hog her foot of the bed. Funny girl -- she won't go upstairs to sleep unless I go up too!

WILLIE - that's cool about the ballast colors .. I did not know that. UP has a very large ballast operation up at Cabazon; everytime I have driven by there they have a 15-20 car train loading. BNSF (SF) has a like operation just a few miles east of Barstow.

Patrick -- I know about being busy; impossible to get away from kids and G-kids... someties I feel like walking off a short pier! Sometimes I feel like BEADY's: "Don't care, leave me alone"! lol

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Afternoon All,

Made the monthly grocery store trek today then came home and did some pool upkeep. Tomorrow I'll probably go to the club for awhile.

Chet- Great club photos. I've never seen a model Little Joe before and it looks neat.

Willie- Real nice job on the road crossing and building front.

Karl- I need that sign so I can afford the new BLI P5a.

Patrick- 30 something triplets?

Louis- You can't be kept down!:)

Garry- Great pictures. The first one really gives a perspective about 4014's size.

I hope everyone has a good night.
this Little Joe on the layout. Really a sharp model and a good pulling locomotive \.
Chet: The Little Joe motor is an excellent model, of an awesome motor. Wonder what would have happened if the Pennsylvania had obtained some?

The club layout is very well done. I enjoy the photos.

I'm sure happy that your shoulder is coming around. Won't be long before you are back bowling.



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saw MRL 4314 being coupled to the two BNSF units. When I was leaving to go home it was hooked up to a westbound grain train getting ready to go over the pass.
Considering they've got 20 'Ace's in the 4300 series and 9 in the Mexican built 4400 series, I wonder how many are in service at any one time.
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