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Gourmet and me in the same sentence? I never thought that would happen.

I do like to cook, but I'd call my cooking comfort food.

I made Paprikás krumpli with Kolbasz for dinner, sounds fancy but it's very simple.

I spent the day with the radio and TV, interesting stuff coming out of DC.

Now I have update my accounting software.

Have a good night Everybody!
Just placed my new Rapido Reading RDC2 on the layout. Just as Greg reported with his CNW version, great detail and accurate sound. Runs nice. Now to locate the proper decoder for my earlier DC version RDC1, then speed match them, and I'm in the passenger business.

Hello Everyone!
Sherrel: Selleck was good in Last Stand at Saber River. I really liked the movie.
Mike: I got Quigley Down Under on DVD. One of my favorites & Selleck was very good in it.
Toot: The Ma & Pa Kettle video was great. It brought back forgotten memories, as a kid on a rainy Saturdays watching their movies on TV. They would team them up with a Johnny Weissmuller/Tarzan or the Bowery Boys flick.
Dave LASM: Great photos! Really like the gravel tipple!
Willie: Great photos! Nice work!
Louis: As always great photos!
Greg: Really like the ore cars!
Chet: All of our snow disappeared yesterday! I miss traveling through Montana, but not in the winter!

Have a nice day, everyone!

Anchorage AK

1903 coal tipple Putney WV

Wolf Creek WV


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Good Morning all,

Last day of February and the month can’t end fast enough! Looking forward to March, and more spring like temperatures. Clear and 8 degrees this morning going up to the mid 20s. Have a chance of snow later today. Kind of a carbon copy of the last 6 weeks.

Have a great day everyone,


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Hi, y'all! It's -10 below this morning and by 9:00 AM it's going to go above Zero and stay there until Saturday morning at 1:00 AM. Is the winter loosing it's grip on Minnesota?

At any rate, Flo, Please bring me a cup of Hot Joe, and two eggs over easy, on toast and Pace Pecante Sauce on top! Thanks you so much!

This may well be my last post in this months forum, as it will be a new month tomorrow!


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Good Morning,
Mike, I am with you on the "good riddens to February". Two below here but feels like -20 with heavy moisture hanging in the air. Yesterday's high of 18 felt like spring after all the brutal cold we have had!

Mark--I will have my eggs over medium and an order of hash browns

THANKS all for the layout comments, here are a couple more pics

anewlayoutpic 002.JPG

The grocery store was an old kit I purchased on ebay, was a bear to assemble but really did look like an old building. Must have been some brutal wind to get the sand and dirt blown all over

anewlayoutpic 003.JPG

The machine shop is a plastic kit, and the Swift building came mostly cardboard. This is a view only the camera could get due to the center of the layout.

Time for more coffee...



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I guess my post above, was not my last for this month!

Yes, I have to say that for February being the shortest month, it has taken an eternity to get through! I have never had to shovel more snow in my lifetime. I'd get done with it only to have another 4-8 inches fall the next day. We have also had some hellaciously cold weather! Not the coldest I have ever seen; but, plenty cold enough! I think all of us from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North & South Dakota are ready for nicer weather to get here, probably many other states too! Please let the misery be over!

Logandsawman, Check your Inbox.


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February 27, 1912: The New York Yankees announced that they would be adding pinstripes to their uniforms. Worn only a few times during the 1912 season, the iconic look became a permanent part of the home uniform in 1915. With the exception of alterations to the cap, the uniforms have remained largely unchanged since. The Yankees were the first team to permanently add numbers to their uniforms in 1929, and the interlocking “NY” insignia returned permanently in 1936 after coming off the uniforms in 1917. Pictured below is Yankees pitcher Waite Hoyt in 1921, wearing the iconic pinstripes and the short-lived pinstriped cap.
(Photo Reproduction by Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images)

Baseball Digest


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There's a lot going on at the west end of CSX's Mt. Winans Yard in this view from the Patapsco Avenue overpass. CSX SD40-2-8136 & U18B-1987, in SCL paint, are on a "Drag Freight" switching on track three. On the right, New York, Susquehanna & Western B40-8-4018 (with N&W/NS C30-7-8034 & NYS&W B40-8-4020) is slowly pulling up to a stop signal on track one of the Washington Sub with W/B train R-403. 8136 will pull forward onto track one and then back into track four of the Mt. Clare Branch against the four car cut. 4020 will then make a cut, pull forward and back into track three to make a pick-up. 2:30PM on 4-30-89 in West Baltimore, MD. Photo by Chapter member Bill Kalkman
Baltimore Chapter, National Railway Historical Society
know nothing about this photo, other than it's supposedly somewhere in the Lansing area.
Beady: The locomotive, is ex Reading 2100, a 4-8-4, built in 1945 using parts of Reading 2-8-0s - notice the wide Wooten firebox. Chessie utilized the engine for their Steam Special promotion, which covered most of the System back in 1977. I believe the locomotive was owned by Ross Rowland, at the time, and also was the power for the Eastern portions of the American Freedom train tour in 1975, and 1976. I have no clue, where the photo may have been taken, so if you say Lansing MI, it's Lansing, MI.



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Howdy Railfans!
54 degrees supposed to reach 64 today with mostly overcast skies. Rain is in the forecast for Saturday with maybe one half inch - we will accept any given?
I spent most of yesterday trying to fix a bunch of minor issues with the RV. Most of the time was spent trying to get air into the tires: What a nightmare - the wheels have these aluminum covers which make it next to impossible to get to the valve stem without removing them. I have been trying to install some nipples and bends to get the stems out in the open - some work, but still need more parts and I have one cover that refuses to go back on! Today, I will get a bigger hammer! Had the backup camera fixed - something from the road had damaged the cable running underneath. It works now, but dummies at the repair shop must not have looked at it on screen? It gives a nice picture of the rear bumper. Changed the oil in the generator - easy,peasey - just have to get down on the ground which is getting harder to do all the time! (getting down is easy - getting up is requiring more effort each year. Need to take it down and (dread) fill the gas tank and then service the water tank.

MAX - DAVE -LOUIS ... Great photos! KARL - Likes the Chip & Dale, Cute!
Dave, I like your street level photos - really like real life.
Max, Those aerial terrain shots are simply just real purdy!
Louis, I don't now where you find all that stuff - most of it is great. I really enjoyed the Carlton story yesterday?
Where do the owners get the money to pay those high tagged players? Surely not from the mostly meger attendance? The amount of money paid to sports figures is nothing short of "silly" - no human being is wirth those kind of monies?

Willie, Garry ... You two keep me going WOW with all your photos.

standing by to hear how much more snow that Chet received yesterday?
Good Morning All. 27° and cloudy. What's the difference between cloudy and overcast? Miserable fog with mist all day long yesterday made for a lousy day outside. Conditions will improve for the next two days and then winter returns Saturday night, with a forecast low of 18° Sunday night. Blah!
Making the grocery/beer trek today, the normal day for a change.
I posted last week that the road fronting my property north of the house was crumbling apart. Well I called and spoke with the county road commissioner for our precinct and he stated that I was the first person to call him about it, and he would come take a look. On Tuesday, there was a grader/spreader, a road compactor and three semi-trucks with "flex-base" out to fix it. Ripped up the old road, smoothed things out and replaced about 150' with a new surface. "Flex-base" Is a clay/rock material commonly used as temporary roads around here. They were back yesterday with the compactor only, running it back and forth for a few more hours. We're not due for a road resurface until fall of 2020.
Had to refile my application for the agricultural exemption for my property taxes yesterday. Have to do this every few years. They tax office took it away once about ten years ago because an intern looked at the property and reported that I wasn't farming. The intern came by in December!:rolleyes:
Yesterday was an off day as far as projects in the train shed. Spent time running trains instead. Switched 16 covered hoppers at a large grain elevator on one run. Made a different run for 16 tankers at the ethanol processing plant. Capped the day off by switching eight industries, including another smaller grain elevator in my town of Charlottesville. Interrupted that one with a unit train of intermodal containers passing through.

Beady - Sorry to hear about your MIL's sister. My condolences go out for your family. I see that you didn't lay the track soon enough and now the layout table is full of stuff.:p
Dave - Nice scene with the gravel loader.
Garry - Nice angle on the farm scene. Do I detect a couple of kites across the tracks?
Terry - My LP tank is only 125 gal. I was told by the delivery driver over 35 years ago that if I ordered "fill-up". I would pay 10¢ a gallon less than if I ordered 100 gallons which is what I had done at the time; even if I didn't actually get 100 gallons. Still holds true today. I know that your tanks are bigger and you only get what you need, just an interesting factoid here.
Louis -
Gourmet and me in the same sentence? I never thought that would happen.
You could feed Hannibal Lecter for a week or more.;)o_O
I woke up with stiffness in my right ankle again. It comes and goes every few weeks and I can't figure out why.
Reckon it is connected with trying to do four hour Amazon runs in two hours? Remember that you're not eligible for worker's comp.
Jim - Thanks.

Today, February 28 is National Chili Day. A good day for it after reading some of the weather updates. It is also National Public Sleeping Day, a rather odd observance. So eat a big bowl of chili and go to the mall to catch up on your own celebration.
Everyone have a great day.


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Beady: The locomotive, is ex Reading 2100, a 4-8-4, built in 1945 using parts of Reading 2-8-0s - notice the wide Wooten firebox. Chessie utilized the engine for their Steam Special promotion, which covered most of the System back in 1977. I believe the locomotive was owned by Ross Rowland, at the time, and also was the power for the Eastern portions of the American Freedom train tour in 1975, and 1976. I have no clue, where the photo may have been taken, so if you say Lansing MI, it's Lansing, MI.

I'm not married to the location. I'm making an assumption based on 50+ accompanying photos uploaded by a guy talking about his memories of growing up around here.


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Good morning everyone. 26 and icy out there. Most of the school districts close when it gets like this, mostly because it's too dangerous for the school buses to navigate these Ozark hills in snow or ice. We hit one icy patch on the way in to work, but other than that no issues. Time for coffee, though.

Ran trains for a while last night. Finally figured out why my Athearn Genesis locomotive kept derailing at one spot when the other engines don't - the track makes the slightest bend at that point, so I pushed it over very slightly and nailed it in place. Now all my engines roll fine through that spot.

Willie - quick question: your structure called Jack's (I think that's its name) - is that a kit and if so what one? Or is that something you kitbashed?

Have a good day everyone.
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