Running Bear's Coffee Shop September 2018

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Willie & Garry: The other considerations are not bad, just family business. As y'all have noticed, I have found a way to spend more time here in the forum. Thanks for the kind thoughts.

Joe: I've been gone awhile too and wondered how you were doing? I think I finally found the reason behind my leg muscle problems. Lack of salt.

Glad we are both getting back to the forums.


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OK .. That's where one was, but had to turn the couch over to dislodge it. Couch actually has a sewn piece that hides/hid several things which had gone missing!

Been there a couple times, but am going to look closer in the morning. I have one pair of pants that the pockets are not deep enough, or the pockets are cut too low. They are now history after the car keys slid out of my pocket when I sat down yesterday. If the knife "slid" out in the vehicle/s it will be there, but/unless my leg drug them out to the ground and I did not notice. If not there, I have given up - at least I got one of them back!

Sherrel: I had a similar incident happen last week. I added a metal valve stem cap, with the long neck on it to tighten or remove the stem, onto an extender to make a convenient multi tool to keep in my pocket to have it available when needed. Then I wanted to use it to check the stem tightness on a couple of new tires. Where did it go, I just had it in my hand the other day and now can't find it to save my soul. I know I CV put it in my pants pocket and wound up several pair of pants, to no avail. Then when I unzipped the change pocket in the one pair of pants I usually wear, to check my change, there was my little tool.

So you see Sherrel, your not the only one who misplaces things.


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Howdy Y'all ! 80* and humid at 6:30 a.m. , going to hit mid 90's later.
Hope the storm doesn't hurt anyone. Prayers for all.


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Good Morning All. Mostly cloudy and 71° around here to start the day. As predicted, we got thunderstorms around 2:30 yesterday afternoon that left 1.25" in the gauge. I got enough of a break around 5:30 to get into the pool and scoop out tree seeds and leaves that came along with the wind and rain. Water temperature of 78° which at the time was warmer than the air temperature and quite pleasant. Expect the same pattern again today.
Out in the train shed, I took a day off from scenery and mostly ran trains. I did take some time to look through another box of "stuff" that's been stored away since moving out of the old train room in 2010. While it was mostly Tyco and LifeLike equipment that doesn't fit my era, I found some structures that might be worth rehabbing. One was a "Kentucky Fried Chicken" model made by LifeLike, but it's missing the bucket on the sign which may be with Sherrel's knife.

Johnny - I made a bookstore out of my Robert's Dry Goods kit. DPM didn't include interiors with their kits. Bookstore fits my era better anyway. I looked for a picture that I know that I have, but cannot find it right now.
Justin - Don't worry, staring at the layout is making progress. I have avoided some ugly mistakes by staring over and over. Progress can be slow and still be progress.
Louis - Interesting hopper picture. Bet they don't do that any more.
Chet - Did the club give the train wreck guy a sobriety test? At least it sounds like everything stayed off the floor.
Sherrel - Keep looking for the knife and you may come up with enough money for that "over the border" dental visit.
Karl - Congratulations on the dog adoption news. Home visit? They must be really particular - kudos to them.
Terry - Continue to be safe. Stay indoors if you can and play with trains. Looking at the news reports reminds me of Hurricane Harvey (tropical storm by then) that hit the Texas coast last year dumping over 40" of rain on the Houston and surrounding areas towards Louisiana.

RANT - I also see on the news about folks being rescued from "mandatory evacuation" zones in SC. What a waste of government resources. They were told to get out. In Texas and a few other states, you are liable for the rescue costs and can also be prosecuted for not evacuating, although prosecution is rarely applied. They do go after the costs however. Get smart people especially in hurricanes and floods. End of rant.

OK now, everybody have a great day and a wonderful weekend. There's a day for everything now. Today is not only National Linguine Day, but is also National Double Cheeseburger Day. Who comes up with this stuff???


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Management of my model railroad got a little carried away with The Great Motive Power Purge of 2018, and I made the unpleasant discovery I hadn't kept enough engines to cover the assignments on my home layout. So, the official story is, they found a trio of lease engines (Rent-A-Wrecks) to cover until permanent additions to the fleet could be acquired. Unofficially, I took advantage of a sale at MB Klein, and picked up three Athearn SD38s to pull my coal train from mine to dump. All three are sound equipped, with functioning ditch lights front and rear. The only thing I might do later is add windshield wipers. Maybe.
Here are roster shots of the three after being checked out, fueled, and placed in service. They are working on a local freight out of Terminal, and will end up at Standard Loadout, (Upper), for return on the coal run to Terminal. Yes, I use the initials for train designations... :)

That might have come with both wire and plastic handrails in the box. I had a GP40 (SP/SF merger) that was from a period when Athearn were still using the Blue Box shells and chassis/drive, but had updated them with factory fitted grabs and offered that choice.
Mine is the wire version. No grabs included either. But that's not an issue for me.
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