Running Bear's Coffee Sbop LXIX

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Good evening. It's clear and 87. High was 91 earlier, which broke the old record from 2010 of 84.
In November of 2010, we had 6" of snow...


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WOW, CURT, That's awesome!

Did it come that was, or did you have to add the tools and cans extra?
Those brushes on the right made me laugh - looks like my hair when I wake up!


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GarryCBQ Toot: ... Is PhotoBucket still in business ? :confused:

Just got an email from them yesterday offering me $10 off that sub price if I :confused:Upgrade:confused: now. Also it tells me that 3million (I think) users can't be wrong. That figure was probably taken just before they announced the new price.


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Talk about some crap.
Ever write a check and the receiver doesn't cash it for like 2 months by which time you have long forgotten about it?
Then said check hits the bank and now I'm about $50 in the hole!!!!!!
Golly mercy does that p... me off!!!
Guess I won't be renting any trailers this month.
That is so true about church.
Writing a check, yeah, when ya have to wait a few months to mark that check as cashed to balance the checking account.
I wanted to do some work on the C40-8 loco tonight and then a little bit of time on the bridge, but other events this afternoon put an end to all that.
On the grand daughter issue, now she calls her dad and tells him that she ran away because he wasn't home and her mother coerced her into making those claims about him. She is still in the Psych ward and will be transferred to a drug rehab center next week.


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GarryCBQ Toot: ... Is PhotoBucket still in business ? :confused:

Just got an email from them yesterday offering me $10 off that sub price if I :confused:Upgrade:confused: now. Also it tells me that 3million (I think) users can't be wrong. That figure was probably taken just before they announced the new price.
Toot ... Using their numbers. .... 3 million users X $400 annually. ... $1.2 billion annual revenue. ..... Hmmmm ..... Does anybody believe them ? ... I don't make my decisions based on what an imaginary 3 million people are doing.

Ken D&J .... Continued prayers for your grand daughter.

Louis ... The baseball diamond shirt is funny.

Eric ... Actually, I always record each check in my check register. I don't forget them .
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Good evening, y'all. 64°, breezy and waiting on some rain.

Well, Cleveland blew it, Yankees move on to the next round against Houston. Very disappointing outcome, like the Caps losing to Pittsburgh 3-2. At least the Nationals won 5-0, and the Devils beat Toronto 6-3.

Nothing accomplished in the train room, again. Busy with other stuff. Maybe Thursday.


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Hello all, I want to make a correction to what I said about cell phones as most of the newer smart phones'/iPhones' camera's have automatic sensors that adjust for the lighting condition as the image is being focused on and adjust the settings automatically. Although I believe there is a setting where you can set it manually too.


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Good Morning All, from West Monroe LA. Just five hours ride from beloved home and train shed. Visited two museums with model railroad layouts yesterday, one in Jackson MS that I went to last year, and another in Vicksburg MS located in an old railroad depot. Took lots of pictures, maybe some of them will be good enough to post after I sort through them.
Well, I'm getting ready to load up the car right now and then visit the breakfast bar before getting on the road. Everybody have a great day.

Good morning everyone. 45 and foggy here in SW MO, heading for 75 today, and back in the 80's and sunny tomorrow and Saturday. What a weird fall season so far.

Willie - where you are in West Monroe you're not far from the Duck Dynasty guys - stop in and say hi.
Chet - The photo I tried to upload was from the Internet, not my own - I usually don't have any problems uploading my own stuff. To make matters worse, it shows the photo in my Reply box right up until I hit "Post" and when it posts my reply it deletes the photo.

No news from the trainroom - I'm in the wood shop working on some crafts to sell at an upcoming craft fair. The trains will have to take a back seat for a couple of weeks - I'll get a little time down there but not much until after the fair.

Have a good day everyone.


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Good morning, or not so good. Woke up to a few inches of snow and a temp at 29 degrees. To top that off, extremely heavy fog all the way to work. Almost missed the road I had to turn off on. Then an automatic update from Microsoft turned the server off and it took a while to get everything back up and running. Should have taken the day off.

Willie - Have a safe trip home. It seems that you really enjoyed the trip. Waiting for photos.

Ken D&J - Hoping the best for your grand daughter and that rehab gets her back on the right path.

Curt -
The workbench is outstanding. That will really make the scene pop. Nicely done.

Louis - Interesting T shirt.

Eric -
Oops. Looks like you didn't write the check in the register and instead went by the statement.

Johnny - Hope Bob can make some sense out the the problem with the photo uploading. With some photos I try to upload I get a sarcastic little message saying the the photo failed to load.

David - Here are a couple of photos I took with the new phone. The photo size was reduced to fit into the parameters of 3000x3000 after resetting them in the phone. I also found that I can change the brightness on the camera. Interesting. The first shot was default and the second with the brightness reduces. I sort of prefer the second picture.

This is the Buford Shops transfer caboose. Finally took it out of the box last evening. The wheels are metal and the coupler looks like a Kadee in the smaller, closer to scale size.

20171011_172025.jpg 20171011_172017.jpg

I had just glanced at this caboose briefly and now after giving the kit a better look, It should turn into an impressive well detailed model. The hole in the side of the caboose is for the bay window. The paint is on the way so I can paint it Logan Valley colors, but first the F-3 need some work done to it.

Here's the rail picture for the day.




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Hello everybody ..

Willie.... It sounds like an interesting trip. Did you happen to get photos of the big railroad bridge over the Mississippi River at Vicksburg ?

David Trussrod ..... I was curious and looked at your Foothill Station website. Looks like you are just setting up because there are no items listed under each category I looked at.

Johnny .... Uh oh. Your trains are taking a back seat. I know the feeling. The dreaded non-model-railroad distractions are lurking everywhere. It's terrible.

Actually, yesterday I did work on the layout. I made some sawdust as I prepare the benchwork to install track as part of my corner project.


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Morning: 52 degrees (chilly to me) - later heading to 80 they say. I cannot tell if those are clouds or smoke I am looking at? Must be low clouds.

You guys are driving me nuts with the phone/camera talk. I have spent too much time trying to sort it out. My Samsung G6 does not have a size to set? All I can get on one row is 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9 ..... another row shows these boxes: HD, FHD, FHD60, UHD and then a movie icon?

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