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Sherrel - Don't know if the G6 has a settings mode for the camera in it. That's where I went on the S8, to the setting and reduced the size of the photos.


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Maybe you can email the picture to yourself. Usually there is a size choice for this, you can choose small or medium size, which will reduce the picture accordingly.


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Golly mercy am I eat up or what.
Now I'm having dreams of packing stuff. I must have it bad.
I can't get any radio stations around here so I listen to my favorite Atlanta radio station over the net here.
Dad made an off-hand comment the other day about "I don't see any boxes packed".
He shouldn't tempt/mock me like that. I could be completely packed and ready to load in about a day and half.
However, I really do want to mess with some of this electronic stuff I got from wehonest_cn. It's a quandry.


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Willie.... It sounds like an interesting trip. Did you happen to get photos of the big railroad bridge over the Mississippi River at Vicksburg ?
I am home safely.
Garry - That is a fantastic bridge and I have seen it before, but I was driving and I don't take pictures when driving. I asked my wife to get some, but I haven't gotten hold of her phone yet to download anything from it yet. She also took some pictures at one of the railroad layouts because my camera battery fizzled out and she didn't want to wait for me to go back to the car for my other camera.
Johnny - By today I was just interested in getting back home. I do like your "rail" picture...I watch birds and take pictures in some of my little spare time.

Hey all of you other guys, I'll respond a bit to you all and recount some adventures later. Right now it's nap time. And yes Chet I took lots of pictures but haven't downloaded them to the computer to manipulate yet.

Afternoon All,

Got my hair cut today and after I got home I glued the detail parts on the engine house floor and painted the interior wires. Nothing much as to report. Oh yeah, the workbench that I think looks great is very oversized. It would probably work better with HON3 than HO. Since I won't be looking directly at it (the front) i decided to keep it in the build.

Sherrel- The details were molded into the resin castings. All I had to do is clean and plaint. I bought it on Ebay but I'm pretty sure it's a Rusty Stumps product.

Willie- Have a safe trip home.

Chet- Thank you. I like the lighting on the second picture also.


I hope everyone has a good night.
Morning: 52 degrees (chilly to me) - later heading to 80 they say. I cannot tell if those are clouds or smoke I am looking at? Must be low clouds.

You guys are driving me nuts with the phone/camera talk. I have spent too much time trying to sort it out. My Samsung G6 does not have a size to set? All I can get on one row is 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9 ..... another row shows these boxes: HD, FHD, FHD60, UHD and then a movie icon?

Has anyone an explaination on what these are?
The ratios are the video setting. The various HDs are the quality of the video. The 60 designates 60 frames per second instead of the standard 30. To FPS will give you a Blue Ray quality video.
There should be another setting for still pictures. The picture size would be designated in Megapixels. Sometimes the settings would be indicated with an icon of varying smoothness of a line. It would go from a smooth line to a ragged line. The ragged line would be the lower pixel size picture. The smoother line would designate a higher resolution picture which would translate to a huge picture when posting it on a forum.
Stopped at my daughters house this afternoon on the way home from work to do some work on her Ford Expedition. It had been throwing a code for the Throttle Position Sensor. I picked up a new one at Auto Zone and packed a bunch of tools at home this morning to do the repair. Got the shrouds pulled off the motor but I didn't have the torques bit to take the sensor off. Had to put it all back together and will take the right tools with me tomorrow.
I had to replace the air filter so I had my g son do that with my guidance. He had no idea how to do it but after doing all the wrench turning himself, he feels pretty good about it.
The G daughter has been moved to a drug rehab center up near Washington DC. She'll be in there for a few weeks. She had the staff and assistants running in circles at the Phyc hospital where she has been for the past week. She has quite a talent for that unfortunately.
Now, I'm going downstairs to do some work on the C40-8 chassis and see if I can get the soldering all done this evening. I want to get some more work done on the bridge too. Hopefully, I can do that while watching the Nats game tonight.


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Good afternoon Track Gang & Photographers,

Hi Francine & Flo, I guess your both are getting a bit of an education about Cell Phones and photography. I'll have some Coffee and a Apple Fritter with butter and Cinamon. Thanks Oh, you already knew what I was going to ask for, hah!

It's 62°F outside - Feels like 62.2°F;
Sunny with Wind from the South at 6.7 mp and Gusts to 7.4 mph;
Today the high will be 68° with a low of 43° to night;
Today is forecast to be nearly the same temperature as yesterday.

Sherrel Your Question - All I can get on one row is 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9
These are aspect ratios of the image size the phones camera would take 1:1 would be for shooting in a square format, it might be a macro mode setting too for doing close ups?; 4:3 is a rectangular format that is wider than it is high in the horizontal position for doing landscape shots or higher than it is wide in the vertical position for doing portrait shots or shots of tall subjects; 16:9 sounds like a panorama mode to me.

2nd part of ?..... another row shows these boxes: HD, FHD, FHD60, UHD and then a movie icon?
HD = High Definition for still shots; FHD = Full High Definition, still shots I believe; FHD60 = a setting for Full High Definition video shooting at 60 frames a second; UHD = Ultra High Definition which the best image but at a very large image size.

Hope this helps?

Say Garry: I intended to start listing some of the items I had available to me through my distributor but was stopped short when I couldn't find reasonable credit card processing that wouldn't eat up most if not all the profit I might make!

David - Here are a couple of photos I took with the new phone. The photo size was reduced to fit into the parameters of 3000x3000 after resetting them in the phone. I also found that I can change the brightness on the camera. Interesting. The first shot was default and the second with the brightness reduces. I sort of prefer the second picture.

View attachment 63399 View attachment 63400


Chet: Actually, if possible a setting in between the two exposures would even look better to me.

I was surprised to learn that images as large 9Mp could be posted on the forum.

Hope all have good day.
I'm back fellers. Been a busy bee again. I figured I'd share my progress with y'all. Ignore the red building. I kinda sorta put it in there to size up the space I have left. I actually have an unbuilt DPM building I'm going to throw in there. It'll be an easy build compared to the two structures I've built already.

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Hi Justin: The red building is also a DPM building. In fact, I've always liked the corner door effect. It would look a whole lot different if you used the dry brush method of applying some thined light grey to the brick areas to fill in the mortar lines. If you haven't done that before it's fairly easy. Don't apply much paint to a wide flat brush and just pass it back and forth over an area, brick surfaces and all. Then wait a little bit for the paint to start to dry and wipe off the surface of the bricks with a folded paper towel to help soak up any of the grey stain on the surface of the bricks. Even if you leave some of the bricks with grey on them they will just look like old bricks.


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I'm back fellers. Been a busy bee again. I figured I'd share my progress with y'all. Ignore the red building. I kinda sorta put it in there to size up the space I have left. I actually have an unbuilt DPM building I'm going to throw in there. It'll be an easy build compared to the two structures I've built already.

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Hey Chessie!

Did you get the locomotive from Terry? He has the best running locomotives
I'm wondering how you liked it?

Nice work on the buildings!


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Good Friday the 13th Morning Everyone. 68° and clear right now. Expecting 92° for the high for a couple more days, then a major norther coming through after daybreak Sunday. Thanks Chet! It's good to be home after the trip; my bed, my bathroom, my PC instead of the wife's laptop, my kitchen and most importantly, the train shed. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy the adventure. Recapping, we headed to Gulf Shores AL for a four day stay on the Gulf Coast and we were met with a pseudo-hurricane when we arrived Saturday. They basically shut the town down for what amounted to 1.5" of rain and 40 mph winds; known as a minor thunderstorm back home on the plains of North Texas. There was a storm surge coupled with an almost full moon high tide that partially flooded some of the low lying areas of the island around the bayou. Fortunately nothing serious. Some minor power outages 60 miles away in Mobile AL and casino flooding in Biloxi MS. You know that if you build a casino within 100' of the coastline at 1.5' above sea level, flooding will occur! No Einstein needed here. Sadly upon our return home, I discovered that the neighbor's teenage daughter never fed our resident cats at all like she said she would, and 5/6 disappeared. Haven't had a chance to speak with her yet, but I do imagine that they all went to her house since that's where the parent cats all live anyway.
Looking forward to getting back into modeling action later today, but will probably run a few trains first while I piece together the thought process.

Going back a couple of days to comment on some posts that I missed commenting on while I was out of town.

Curt - I think that you did an excellent job on the workbench and other castings. I like doing details a whole lot, even when no one but me knows that they are there.
Louis - I liked that picture of the baseball diamond. I guess that "anybody" could own one!
Eric - Thought about you and your home in Acworth. By Texas standards you would have been "close by" and I might have been able to convince the wife that we needed to stop by. By the way, have you heard from John (Beady)? He went AWOL about the time that we had the red page issue and hasn't been back. I do hope that all is OK; I liked him and his sense of humor. Is your Dad trying to get rid of you? lol
Ken (D&J) - I too continue to pray for your granddaughter and the whole family. Unfortunately I suspect that there is more to this situation than any of us will know.
Johnny - I had forgotten that you had posted last year about your wood shop. I hope that your latest works of art will be satisfying both to you and your eventual customers. Be Safe in the shop.
Sherrel - Read the manual for the phone to find out how to resize pictures. Or just do as I do, I download everything from three different cameras, two tablets and my wife's cell phone into folders that I set up in the computer. I then use editing software, in my case "Microsoft Picture Manager", not "Photo Viewer", to edit any way that I want. I do a "Save As" so I do not lose the original which eventually makes it to an external hard drive for back-up.
Justin - Your storefront row is coming along nicely. Don't worry about DPM kits being easy. Their detail really stands out if you put some time into painting them. Just don't rush it; there's no race to win here.

All right now, some pictures from the vacation. These are all from the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola FL at NAS Pensacola. I wrote down what type of plane that all of these are, but I think the list is in a dumpster back in Gulf Shores because I cannot find it.
IMG_0486.jpg IMG_0487.001.JPG
IMG_0489.001.JPG IMG_0491.001.JPG

Regarding downloading pictures. It appears that the limit on this forum is less than 2MB. The first one here is 1.93MB and it is also 3648 x 2736 pixels. The others I had to reduce because they were over 2MB. Now to see if they all show up on the forum when I hit reply.

Later all. Everybody have a great day.

Good morning everyone. 60 and partly cloudy here in SW MO - will be sunny and 85 later today. 85 in the middle of October?? Slight cool down coming next week.

Willie - Glad you made it home without incident. Those photos look great! The crafts I make for the fair are just small knick-knack kinds of items, nothing big. I just enjoy working with wood and making things that others can enjoy.
Ken - with others, I'm praying for your granddaughter.
Justin - that town is coming along nicely! Reminds me that I've got to take some photos to post.

Nothing to report from the train room today - seems we're getting home too late every evening, and what time I do have is spent in the wood shop or doing yardwork.

Have a good day everyone.
Good morning, y'all Happy Friday! 52°, breezy and cloudy. And yes, Friday the 13th did come on a Friday this month! :rolleyes:

Willie: Love those museum photos.

I don't know if it's me, the forum, Win 10 or what, but of late, I have had entire posts disappear just prior to posting. I have had problems uploading photos, and cannot see photos in posts of others unless it click on a link. Some times, when I click on the link, I get a pop up asking if I'm sure I want to leave the page. Other times, the link opens without issue. Best of all, if I go into the forum without being logged in, I can read the posts, and see the photos displayed without issue. The only downside to that is that I cannot reply to someone's post. But otherwise, the forum display is like it used to be.

Nationals failed in their quest for the NLCS. Will Dusty survive? Dem Bums are my last team....

Stay safe, and enjoy your Friday.
Friday morning. Weekend eve. Came into the office a little early as traffic was amazingly light today. Got the morning list of things to do published then went back out to get a couple dozen donuts for the office.
I've got all the right tools now to replace the throttle position sensor on my daughters Expedition. I'll do that this afternoon on the way home.
Today is my g son's 13th b'day. Not sure what to get him. I'm thinkin maybe a USMC jr. T shirt. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to