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Good Morning All. 40° and clear in this part of the world this morning. A beautiful day in store for today and tomorrow, high in the 68°-75° range, sunshine and little to no wind. Yesterday wasn't bad, although a bit cooler. Spent yesterday morning getting new hearing aids. The pick-up microphone in one of the old ones failed about three weeks ago. I thought that it was an earwax build-up at first and applied drops; then I realized that I was hearing all of the device generated electronic noises just fine. Took it to be repaired, but Costco (where I got them from) no longer could get parts for their five year old models. :mad: They offered to sell me a new pair, but first I would have to set up an appointment three weeks from then, re-purchase my expired Costco membership, and they would no longer accept my American Express card. OK, since I originally got them, Sam's Club opened a store 20 miles closer to me and I already had a membership there. Walked in without an appointment and the audiologist worked me in right away. Now I can hear out of both ears again. In the five years since I originally got them, my hearing had deteriorated a bit (which I knew) from a 43% loss to a 45% loss. At that rate, I have another 125 years to go before I am completely deaf!:)

Ham, grits and sunny side-up eggs today Francine. Throw in a piece of French Toast to mop things up with.

Thanks for the likes and comments regarding my rehab project; Jerome, Sherrel, Clint, Chad, Phil, Lee, Chet, Curt, Tom.
Here's the results. Besides cleaning, fixing the drooping sign and reinstalling the handrail, I added a few more pedestrians.
11-08-19 004.JPG

Around back, I added a trashcan.
11-08-19 005.JPG

Here it is back in the lineup.
11-09-19 003.JPG

The rest of the block doesn't need as much work.

Also while out in the train shed yesterday, I took a shot of the additional detailing that I did on the old barn. As I had posted before, I was working on some doors over on the workbench to add. What do you think of the results?
11-09-19 002.JPG

Sherrel -
Willie -- I used to tell the folks who were on their first airplane flight:
Not to worry, folks ... we have never left one up there yet!
Clever response.

Everybody have a great day and a wonderful weekend.


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Morning - guess everyone's sleeping in today trying to stay warm - I'll let you have some of our heat!
It's 50* on the way to 89* high today with a clear (choke) sky.
The record high for this date is 88* in 2016, so it looks as if a new record will be made today.

Daughter is back home - doped up pretty good, hurting, and all other assorted type surgery hangovers. Michael said that they put 7 pins and three plates in her elbow. I sure pray that she does not lose any ROM, but pretty sure that it may never be as it was before. Her doctor has done something on the order of 3-400 of these "repairs" - hopefully, he has made all his mistakes prior?
I hel[ed the neighbor rip some window glass crates into full size 4x lumber yesterday. Dang - it was hot just standing in the sun - much less shoving those boards through the radial arm saw and loading them into his truck. Both of us almost ran out of juice trying to get the say back over the 1/2 inch curb of the garage floor. Just about the time that we finished, my wife's nephew came over to "fix" my wifi printer. I could not figure out why it quit working, and nothing I could do would make it go "Oink" Well, it seems that we changed internet providers, and I had not realized that the printer had to be programmed to accept the "new" router. Zeesh - I am really dumb on all this stuff. Ken spent about 45 min saving the mess that I had made - not knowing what I was doing? I'm strictly a "stick and rudder" man - all these computers drive me bonkers - and Boeing too! Look at the problems they are having. Wife an I will have to take Ken and his wife out to our favorite Mexican eatery for dinner as he would not let me compensate him for his time. After all this transpired, I pretty much did nothing the rest of the afternoon.
Have two things on tap for today: It's the annual Bunco Thanksgiving dinner tonight and I promised to make a desert - I'm going to try for a pineapple wrong side out cake - never have done one,... we'll see? The other thing is that I probably have another 5 gal of "beans" from that messy tree to sweep and vacuum up! I'm still determined to make that tree disappear some night, but have to be careful as it is on county land?


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Good morning ....

I cancelled plans to go to the Evansville Train Show today because my nasty cold continues to bother me. So, I'll miss good times with other tain nuts, and I'm missing out on dunes at a great donut shop in Henderson, KY on the way there.

Lee ...... Wow! .... Your Autocar is some truck !

Texas Hobo and Chadbag ....... Thanks for the videos of 4014 !

Texas Hobo ... Your Coast Guard photo makes me sea sick. I appreciate the work the CG does. ...... Did you say you are in Houston ? Just asking because that is where I was born.

Willie ........ Good to see you are adding details to your abandoned barn. Also, I like the "Greenery" building.

Sherrel .... I'm sorry to hear about your daughter having surgery on her elbow. I must have missed what happened, but apparently it was and accident.

Alan .... I'm impressed with the SP steam locomotives in your picture.

Chet ....... Thanks for your comment on my photo with the GE 44T.

Everybody .......... Have a good day.
Alan: That's a great picture of your club's layout and I bet those are your SP steam locomotives. I remember when this particular section of the NAPM was in the planning stages during a visit to the club. This layout is beyond describing in words and only photographs or an actual visit can one fully appreciate the planning and work that went into this layout. I enjoyed every visit that I have made to NAPM.


Wow! Great pictures again today,

Willie - I like the way you have populated the sidewalk. This must be the local shopping mall.
I keep checking to see what new detail you have added to the barn scene. You keep coming up with ideas.

Boris- Your pier warehouse is nicely detailed. You need to drop about 6 pounds of dirt on it and spay it down with a garden hose, lol.
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Good afternoon. Started the day off at 37 degrees and it's now up to 58. I had better enjoy it as we have a winter weather advisory again with some snow and temps in the low teens forecast. I did finally get the mowing deck off of the tractor and the snow plow and tire chains put on. Also took the snow blower out from under the front deck and let it run for a few minutes.

We did good bowling last night. Took three games. Could have done better if out high average bowler had done better. It was one of those nights when he couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a barn door. I have been doing some exercises with my little 5 pound dumbbell trying to get more strength on the right arm.

thumbnail_20191109_115345.jpg I gave her a nickname. Nancy.

Enjoyed the Big Boy videos. I'm, going to have to get in the right place at the right time and see it in person.

- That's a nice herd of Sp steamers. Good photo.

- Nice old truck. Hope you do well selling her. I do know the feeling about trying to keep up with the up keep. That's why I sold a number of my classic cars earlier this year. Hated top part with them but guess it better to have someone enjoy them instead of having them sit around.

- Really like that photo. There's nothing like a steam locomotive on the head end of some heavy weight cars. Hope your daughter improves soon.

- Liked the photos. No cob webs on these. Really like the last one.

Joe - Nice photos. Waiting for updated photos when you get the work done.

No train photos, but did snap this sunset photo leaving to go bowling last night.




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Boris- Like the car shop.
I noticed the Penn Central transfer caboose, funny story a club member has a PC train,engines,cars and caboose. At a show one time a millennial asked what PC stood for, before the train owner could answer Penn Central I piped up and said Politically Correct. It's a politically correct train. The kid thought that was so cool and walked away before we could correct him.

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Evening All,

Had a great time at Tom's house today. I'm watching the AL/LSU game (I really hope LSU wins). The wife is at a craft fair where she has a table (quilts and embroidery).

Chad- Nice videos.

TrucTrain- Beautiful looking truck.

Tom- Nice video.

Espee- Nice looking collection of steam.

Joe- Nice looking warehouse.

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