New HO US 1950's-60's Vehicles from Oxford Diecast for 2017

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Not Oxford and not exactly something that will even work on many HO layouts, but BoS has just released the 50's GM Motorama's Firebird I show car and it's in stock at American Excellence. The Firebird II show car has been announced for a future release and the 50's GM Futurliner bus has also been announced by BoS as a future 1/87 scale release. The Futurliner buses were part of the traveling Motorama show that GM did in the 50's. Anybody modeling a 50's GM dealership or a 50's state fair or similar event on their layout might want to get one of these factory show cars along with the Futurliner buses when they come out. They could be used to model a unique community event.


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Oxford just announced the 1955 Buick Century Broderick Crawford CHP "Highway Patrol" Special. Only 5 GBP or about $5.00 after UK VAT deducted at Hattons. Also a Beechcraft Twin Beech in 1/72 that will eventually come in civilian colors.

These are for 3-4Q 2017 and 1-2Q 2018 delivery.

Just outside my 1947-54 window. But it was a TV show so time travel allowed.

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That trailer looks like it could be a Strick (later for awhile Freuhof, before the Strick family bought the business back). The clue is the three closely-spaced ribs over the landing gear. I think Athearn sold some under the Freuhof name. For personal reasons, I reduced the Strick logo and placed them on the trailer.

Jim 68cuda

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BoS announced that they will be releasing a 1937 LaSalle in HO (1/87 scale) later this year.

Once it's released, I expect that American Excellence will be stocking it.

The most recent 1/87 scale releases are a 50's GM Futurliner from GM's 50's Motorama traveling auto show, a mid 70's Rolls Royce convertible, and a modern Cadillac Presidential limo.
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Thanks, Chet. Athearn's website has about a dozen items all 1960s - 1980s. I want 1950s for the era I'm modeling. The E-bay stuff looks inviting, but I rarely do anything with E-bay - couple of bad experiences. I'll keep checking but eventually I may have to go the E-bay route.


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I also had checked out the Athearn site and saw the same results. They don't put them out very ofter, but when they are, people gobble them up. That Mack I posted was so nicely detailed and when I tried to order another within a week, they were all sold out. You might sign up for their newsletter. That's where I found out about the Mack.
The Woodland Scenics fire truck would be appropriate for the 1950's.

The Busch American La France fire trucks are indicated to be 1970 models. But, the styling likely dates back to the 50's (but with single headlights on each side).

Athearn fire trucks may not be currently available, but besides the Mack firetrucks, the Ford C cabover fire trucks feature cab styling that first appeared on Ford trucks in 57.

Meanwhile, if you find an appropriate more modern fire truck, consider buying it and swapping a truck cab body onto it from another model (Classic Metalworks 40's Chevy truck cab might be a good source as would a Wiking mid 50's Chevy truck or the Herpa 1938 and 1941 Ford trucks).


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Jim - Thanks - that's useful information. I saw the WS truck on the MBKlein website, but thought it looked hokey - maybe it's just the photo. The Busch and Athearn trucks listed their era/age and I backed off on them, although the Athearns state 1960s-1980s and I could probably get by with them. The Walthers info is intriguing and I might try something like that. We have a train show coming up in two weeks sponsored by our LHS and I'll see if I can find anything there first. If not, I'll try one of your ideas, or just wait to see if Athearn releases one of the 1950s models, like Chet mentioned.


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The Ford C class cab over was introduced in 1957 and the class ran through to 1990. They are also well detailed trucks. You just want to make sure that you get the ones with two headlights instead of the quad. Here a C class at the John Deere Dealer on my layout. I also have a few that are single axle tractors.


Here is a Railway Express with the C cab and a tractor under the trailer next to it. Classic Metal Works also put out some trucks for that period. To the left is a '46 Chevy and they also made an International. Might check out their web site also.



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I just ordered the LaSalle Monday along with the 88 Oldsmobile. Waiting for the Buick police car.
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For those modeling the 1950's, Wiking recently reissued their 1957 Chevrolet snub nose truck with trailer as an individual piece. Previous reissues, of the 50 year old mold, have been available only in multi vehicle sets.

Here's a Sante Fe lettered set with the Chevy truck and a Willys Jeep.

This set is more typical of the multi vehicle sets that include the Chevy truck. This set includes a 50's Mercedes and a horse drawn wagon.
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