New HO US 1950's-60's Vehicles from Oxford Diecast for 2017

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Yesterday Oxford announced their 2017 program including a few additional HO US cars. Not overly expensive and usually available at very well stocked hobby stores or from larger online merchants. No guarantee when new items will be available.

I have bought a lot of their 4 mm scale UK vehicles and find them very good for placement around my UK layout. I have checked the HO ones out at a hobby shop that carries them and a few will find their way to my US San Ramon valley layout in the future set 1947-54.

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I have been collecting any HO scale vehicle I can for the transition era, 1957 and older. So far I have every Oxford vehicle that firs into that time period and the future offerings have a few more that I will be getting as soon as they are available. The details is acceptable, but not as good as some others but I am still very interested.

Thanks for the post.
Thanks for the heads up on these. I will be buying a few. I do wish the Impala were a 62 instead of a 61 since Classic Metalworks has already done 61 Impalas in 1/87 scale.

Another company that is making 1/87 scale American cars now is BoS (Best of Show). So far they have released a 1909 Model T Ford, 1930 Packard, 1930's Chrysler Airflow, 1950's Willys Jeep wagon, 1957 Cadillac Series 62 coupe, 1958 Buick Caballero station wagon, 1959 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer coupe, 1959 Dodge Custom Royal convertible, 1968 Cadillac El Dorado, 1970 Cadillac DeVille convertible, 1960's style Myers Manx Dune Buggy, 1969 VW Baja Bug, and soon will be releasing a 1953 Studebaker Commander coupe and the 50's GM Futureliner bus and GM Firebird I ( both from the GM Motorama tours of the 1950's), and a 1985 Lincoln stretch limo. BoS also does alot of interesting European cars as well such as a Ferrari like the one used in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", and an Aston Martin DB5 like the one used in many James Bond films. I can't find a page with just the BoS 1/87 scale cars, but American Excellence shows them on their page along with other 1/87 scale vehicles they have in stock (including the just released 1/87 scale 1966 Jeep Wagoneers by Brekina).
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I like some of the offerings that will be coming for the transition era. It seems that so many different companies are coming out with the same vehicles. 50's Ford pick ups, 57 Chevys and so on. It's nice to see some that are totally different that no one else have made. CMW has done a decent job with the 53 and 55 Fords. They are vehicles that were common, 4 door sedans and station wagons instead of the 2 door coupes, hardtops and convertibles. The early 50's Chrysler cars, 4 door sedans are also good. Looking forward to seeing the new cars.
59 dodge 1 87.jpg buick 58.jpg
diecast_modelcar_bos-models_cadillac_series+62+hardtop+coupe_213621_big.jpg dune buggy.jpg
BoS (Best of Show) seems to be the company to watch for 1/87 scale cars. It seems like they come out with new releases in 1/87 scale just about every month and they have been doing a fair number of American cars. Their cars have nicely detailed and painted one piece resin bodies, though interior detail is very basic and the exterior trim is painted rather than chrome plated.
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Just picked up the 57 Caddy. Nice details. Also picked up another 57 Imperial from Neo along with a Saab 92. Forget who put out the little Carmen Ghia.

IMAG0985.jpg IMAG0990.jpg IMAG0986.jpg

Anything that will fit into the era that I am modeling. I like the Dodge, but it is too new for me.
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Just jumping in out of the blue - Our layout will model northeastern US 1950s - 1960s, so we're just beginning to acquire some vehicles from that era. This is some good information you guys have been sharing. I'll keep my eye out for BOS, Oxford, and CMW brand stuff. Won't need too many vehicles since our town is not large - but trucks, delivery vehicles, police, fire trucks, etc - working vehicles mostly, with a handful of autos.


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And it looks like that Caddy driver's been doing a bit of Bumper Parking on that poor VeeDub.
The VeeDub pulled in behind the Caddy to use the small space available behind it. Grin.gif

Although the Oxford models aren't as detailed as others on the market, they are a lot better than others I have seen over the years. I do plan on getting the Olds, Nomad and Buicks because that will broaden the vehicles on the layout. Still have some parking lots to fill.
I ordered 4 vehicles from oxford and at checkout it did not list PayPal as an option yet on their homepage it shows paypal. I sent them an email about this but I suspect it has something to do with me in the US and them in the UK. I'll take a look at Best of Show. Thanks for the input guys.
I ordered 4 vehicles from oxford and at checkout it did not list PayPal as an option yet on their homepage it shows paypal. I sent them an email about this but I suspect it has something to do with me in the US and them in the UK. I'll take a look at Best of Show. Thanks for the input guys.
Most of the Oxford models are available through Walthers and American Excellence. Ordering through one of them might save on the shipping over international rates.
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Also look into for Oxford products. A very large online retailer in the UK. They carry nearly all RTR products, even US prototypes. They take PayPal, ship at very low cost and usually get to California in 7-8 days. No duty or customs problems on hobby products to US from UK. I have used them for over 30 years as I also model a specific UK prototype in addition to SP.

Usual disclaimer I have no connection other than as a satisfied customer.


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I have posted these photos before of the three Oxford vehicles that I did order. The 55 Buick looks really good as well as the 57 Nomad. The 38 Buick doesn't have as sharp details as the others, but It's still a good offering. Having a Chevy dealership set in 1957 I will be getting more Nomads when they come out in other colors and will probably do the same with the 55 Buick.

IMAG1076.jpg IMAG1075.jpg IMAG1073.jpg IMAG1066.jpg

The 65 Chevy pickups look really nice. These are great additions for anyone modeling the transition era. Can't wait for more of them to come out.
Chet - I've visited the Oxford (UK) website, and they have some nice prices on vehicles, as you already know. A couple of questions: Do you have a membership with them, and if so is it worth it? Also, about how long does it take for an order to get to you from them?
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