HO Scale Traction Motors / Drive Update

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The new casing prototype works. We eliminated draft angle that caused compression of the gears and also opened up the side to enable better assembly of the gearing after the casings are closed.

A photo-etched plate will cover the gears.

The test was done with an Athearn RTR power pack. It pulsates at low voltage so I cannot demonstrate the low speed operation with this set up however as you can see, even without lubrication, this is a smooth runner.

The wheels are not balanced, we have a press still in tooling to ensure the production run wheels will be squarely in place.

Our supplier will begin final corrections to the mold ASAP, this is a rapid prototyped casing. All of the production components except for the casing and photo-etch are in stock.

We will start shipments in a few weeks time.

We also have the full kits for the Blomberg B/M and HTC trucks in tooling, T1 samples for the brake gear and details are due the 20th of November.

Our new spartan cab samples will be due then too!

All the best, thank you for the patience while we got this worked out. Please continue your support!

Here is the latest test video of the traction motor:


Christopher Howard
Railflyer Model Prototypes Inc.
SD40-2W frame kit with single traction motor test


As an initial test, I put the traction motor sample I finished this week into an HTC truck T1 sample and powered an SD40-2W frame with it.

This is a worst case scenario because the components are not production quality, assembly is not refined and the power pack does not work well at low voltage – however one traction motor will easily move the locomotive. It’s been tested with additional weight and does quite well.

Here are some images and video. I am meeting with Evan this weekend to go over QC items and my electrical engineer to finish up the PCB design. With the PCB in hand I will be able to power 6 traction motors and also use a decoder for motor control which will smooth things up considerably.

This is not production quality; it just shows that one traction motor will drive the locomotive. The release of the HTC drive will include 6 traction motors; the Blomberg B/M will have 4.
The first image shows what $2000 of 9t brass driver gears looks like. The rest are of the test model set up.









Please continue the support, the next 6 – 8 weeks are critical for getting the moulds finished for the drive and hood components we have in tooling.

Christopher Howard, President
Railflyer Model Prototypes Inc.

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Cambridge, Ontario
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