Historic Railroad Buildings

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Western RR.jpg
I was in Montgomery Alabama over the weekend,I have passed this building many times since I started driving (many, many years ago).
So I stopped to take a picture, and learned more history. This was the general office and freight depot for the Western Railway of Alabama. This building is located adjacent to the Union Station in Montgomery, which has been beautifully restored.
Keeping with this forums title of Historic Buildings, I am building a few of them. All physically lost to time. They were built on what is one of the most sought after real estate areas in the north east., so when they became outdated they were removed, and replaced somewhere else. Only the train shed and head house made it to 1871. At the time it was being used for the handling of freight. The terminal being replaced with a second one in 1857. I do not know when this combined roundhouse shop building was taken down.
IMG_3816 - s.JPG
IMG_3527 s.JPG
IMG_3820 - Copy.JPG

* I have been working on my last project for a few months now and have one of the four buildings almost done, and the wall of a second one cut out and the bricks that make it up painted. It is the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company's first terminal in Jersey City in 1841. The first build I worked on and have almost done is the Locomotive roundhouse and Manufactory building .It is three buildings that form one structure. It has a 9 stall roundhouse, with a attached two story Locomotive Manufactory Building and attached to that a Machine shop.
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The strange gray shape is the location and footprint for the Car manufactory building. I've been painting it today. All I have today is the four walls with the window openings cut out. I put in yht windows and doors to see how they will look.

IMG_3950 - Copy.JPG
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Thanks for the thumbs up Bruette.
I painted all doors and windows a dark green. Got 4 wall up but haven't made them strong yet. Ran out of plastic struct I am using for wall supports. Got to get to a hobby shop for some more today. Here's where I am now.
IMG_3965 s.JPG
IMG_3961 s.JPG
Louis. Nice photo of the B&O Baltimore roundhouse.
This car manufactory building has very little information on it available. The 1841 map lithograph is the only source for a actual view of this building. This 1841 map seems to be Identical to a 1844 incomplete map which has a part of it published in the book "From the Hills to the Hudson" . To me they are the same map. The 1848 map is the best of the three. Once enlarged footprints of this depot buildings can give foundation size and alignment information. It gives the only view of the Temple like, Greco-Roman, Hudson street style depot head house anywhere.
* I am building this building from this one view of it as i said from the 1941 map lithograph.

1st depot s.JPG
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Whiskey Merchant
Here's a station O can remember stopping at on our way from Montana to Chicago, the Milwaukee Road station in Milwaukee, WI. Unfortunately, it was lost to a fire.





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That has to be the ill fated Penn Station in New York. Such a tragedy to have it torn down for a the sake of progress. A decision New York regrets to this day. I understand the coach yards to the west are also now developed.
You are correct sir, as usual.

Like sergeant Shultz from Hogan's Heroes "I know nothing" about the coach yards.

I do believe that Penn Station still operates with tracks under Madison Square Garden.


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Yes, you are correct. I've transferred from New Jersey Transit to the sub-way, and Amtrak at "penn station" many a time. It is just missing the "station building" part.
I wish I had seen the place.

They robbed us and replaced it with an arena that would have probably done better in Jersey.

Is there a subway connection from Penn Station to Grand Central?


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In 1971 I watched the Baltimore Bullets beat the NY Nicks, 93-91, in game 7 of the eastern conference finals at Madison square garden, on tv that is :)


Whiskey Merchant
Here's a building that I feel quite close to, the old Northern Pacific depot in Livingston, MT.


This is the station today, which is now a railroad museum, and the engine facilities are now the Montana Rail Link shops.

Livingston shops.jpg

N. P. Depot, Livingston, Montana 1940s.preview.jpg

Here it is today.


It is also the home for my model railroad club. It is in the basement of the western building on the right of the next photo.

The building on the east is a restaurant. Great food.


In the next photo, the western part of the building is a wine bar. You can see the railing at the end on the building leading down to the basement where the club is. The club occupies three rooms in the basemen. One room was a baggage room, aniother was a coal bunker and the last part of the basement held a boiler room.


The town is close to the railroad and a lot of activities go on at the museum. The club is considered part of the museum, so we pay no rent which is nice. During the summer, the club is open to the public (part of the agreement with the museum) on Thursdays from 1 PM until 4 PM and on Saturdays from 7 PM until 9 PM. During the winter, Thursday open house is not open.

When I was a kid, we used to board the North Coast Limited here for out trips to Indiana to visit family. I am so glad that this landmark is being preserved.

Iron Horseman

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Is there a subway connection from Penn Station to Grand Central?
As far as I know, which isn't that much, No, not directly. One can go north from Penn to Times Square and transfer to the Flushing line to go east to Grand Central. I believe that is the shortest physically, don't know about time wise. I don't think the Flushing local runs as frequently as other trains.

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