A building, a layout, finally!!

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Nice work. You'll appreciate it once you're done.

No windows in that space?
I work in IT and have over the years spent a lot of time in the middle of buildings and really like the office I have with a huge bank of windows. Easier to do it know than later.....


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I have a couple places on my layout where the reach is a bit long, maybe around 4 feet. I easily overcame this, by making the areas out of reach accessible by using a home made wooden stool that boosts me up another foot, making access to the out of reach areas pretty easy to get to. The main level of my layout is 50 inches tall. I like to view my trains at eye level, so 50 inches tall helps this. I have a dowel rod with a small block on the end to which I have glued a small piece of foam rubber that I used to hook around things out of reach to either pull back into reach or push farther away with the foam backed block. Mostly I made sure that these out of reach areas, worked very well, so problems wouldn't arise! Of course the best laid plans... That's where the stool and reaching tool come into play. So when people tell you: Oh, you can't do that... well the reality is, yes you can!
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Did a bunch of clean up work and putting things away today. We did get the entire garage wrapped with Tyvek today and flashing installed where the new roof meets the existing wall
. Back to work tomorrow so my progress will slow down quite a bit. Things left to do before I can call the outside done.
1. Eves and bird boxes.
2. Shingles.
3. Trim.
4. Siding.
5. Windows.
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