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    Rod Stewart's secret hit track! After 26 years, the veteran rocker finally lets the world see his breathtaking completed model railway

    i thought it was relatively complete when it showed up in the ragazine a few years ago ?? btw... a good articles and lots of photos
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    Editing the thread description line

    terry .. saw your info about the gofundme page, donated a little ..
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    Nice street lights

    that's a fairly good deal ... a little large where the mount goes through, but not terrible at all .. they use LEDs ?? can't tell from the photo
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    What is the Name of Your Model Railroad?

    mine is called the Squirrel Creek, era is 1890, placed in 'up north' area, lol
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    Track plan for a small logging line

    yes, the one I have is the Redball 0-4-4-0, I didn't know it was an early one ?
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    Track plan for a small logging line

    does that mallett only drive on the back truck ??? or both .. mine [ a smaller version] in brass drives only on the back, and will take down to nine inch
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    Getting stuff lit

    well, if they are all out of the same batch, it -might- work ... best results are obtained when each LED has it's own resistor to drop the current to a readily viewable level ..
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    Need some Facebook Likes Please

    done ..
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    Hookup wire

    a good source of hookup wire at low cost is a used serial or parallel cable ... you can get over two dozen lengths of fine stranded wire out of one cable .. just cut the outside shielding off ..
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