What a prototype scene!

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grande man

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Here's a view of the Alabama By-Products (now Drummond Company) coke plant in Tarrant, Al (Bhm) as viewed from the CSX (L&N) Boyles Yard. Some points of interest are 1/ it has it's own company RR that interchanges with CSX and NS, 2/ It's located on one leg of the Boyles Yard wye. 3/Between it and Boyles Yard is the SRM Aggregates Quarry. 4/ It's virtually surrounded by rail! There's ALOT of prototype industry close together.

I thought it might be of interest here... :)

MP15's in the "clash yard" at Boyles.

One set of Hump Engines at the crest. They're SD38's.
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(*jumping up and down in excitement*)

The top scene is exactly the way I want my slag pit to look! AND I also have a Kato SD38-2 in the CN&W scheme, waiting to be repainted in the colors of that CSX one in the third photo. THANX for posting these!

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Glad you like them, Ken. I posted them because sometimes the prototype has alot packed into a concentrated area too. That said, Boyles yard would take MUCH space to model unless it was "selectively condensed" like we're all used to doing on a model RR.

Steve B

Ken Calm down ken, you would have to knock down some wall's to get a slag pit to that scale
i like the paint scheme on the ABC switcher
Great photos Grande man!!
CSX has a couple of those MP-15's in in the Niagara Falls yard.
They handle the chemical plant switches.

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