"Scale Tinplate" Christmas

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Yep, Greg, as well as both SD60s. You thinking of getting one?;)

There are a couple of minor tweaks I've done with all 3 locos. Since they do run on 19" curves once in a while, I had to file down the ends of the coupler shanks so the hi-rail couplers can pivot on the trucks, as well as with the trucks.

Also, there was an occasional derailing problem on 19" curves. The lead wheel would climb the outer rail. After breaking them in, I opened the trucks to see how they were designed, and found that a few of the coil springs on the 1st and 3rd axles were compressed too much. I stretched them so that all were the same length (leaving about 1/16" of the square bushings sticking up from the gear housing before reassembly), checked the contact wiper tension (often too much from the factory). No problems after these adjustments.

All that was done to the U25B as well.
Like Luigi, Guido was disappointed by the lack of Ferraris over the holidays. He dealt with the disappointment by getting some exercise, such as helping Cookie Monster with cartons of cookies.

"Pit stop?"


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So that's Tinplate Corners, through 2006. The Christmas layout is down now, for the first time since 2003. The citizens of TC are sleeping, Brigadoon-like, until November of 2007 (or so). Prospective tourists will not be able to find the place 'til then.

G'bye for now!


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The RR crossing at South Gilbert Blvd is widely photographed, probably because Tinplate Corners Station is located right here. Heavy rail traffic through this artery provides plenty of subjects.

This "moon rocket" must be somebody's Christmas present.
The stubby-but-versatile little Marx flatcar makes a perfect vehicle.
Is this two-rail S American Flyer or 3-rail O gauge? And did you perhaps change the trucks on the Marx 3/16" scale "027" size flatcar to run on two-rail S track?
Well, whatever you did, I enjoyed it... :D

The layout is 2-rail AF and yes, that Marx flat has been converted to S gauge. Glad you enjoyed it!

And for some reason, the original pix disappeared from this entire thread. Restoration is now complete! :rolleyes:
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