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Thanks for the link Beady.

When I was a young boy, I went with my dad and 3 younger siblings via train from Grand Rapids to Detroit where my grandmother picked us up. We were at that train station.
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Good morning. Looks like another beautiful day. Started off st 59 degrees with the high forecast in the lower 80's again. Had to turn on teh S/C in the car while in town yesterday. Had lunch with my friend and then we went down to the lanes to see how the shoulder worked. I started off with my regular ball and couldn't hit a bull in the ass with a barn door. Having to throw a lot slower, I was lucky to hit the 7 pin because the ball broke so hard. I didn't have the speed that I normally had so I went to my spare ball half way through the first game which usually went dead straight. Being that I was throwing so slow, it did have a slight break. Only managed an 88 on the first game. After a little adjustment, I pulled out a 167 in the second game. I didn't want to push it so I quit after the second game. I'll have to try to get to town once a week and hopefully be ready for the league to start after Labor Day.

Louis - Nice deal on the range. Sounds like you got a floor model which there is nothing wrong with. My wife and I both really enjoy cooking and we are the opposite and prefer gas. She was so happy when we got her a 5 burner gas range.
Chet, I think you did very well for your first bowling outing! You must have worked hard in physical therapy. How does your shoulder feel today? I except it would be pretty sore and I think that would also normal after the major surgery you went through.

I think the range was a floor model, probably from of the many Sears stores that closed recently. I'm cheap, I always look for deals. Anytime I need an appliance I start at the Sears outlet.

I had almost always used gas, but I found the electric stove top to be easy for me. I set the stove top on 4 and I can cook an entire pound of bacon just the way I like it without having to adjust the heat. With gas I was always turning the heat up and down and I would over cook some of the bacon. I hope the new range will be the same and it even has a warm setting for my coffee. :)

We also have a 5 burner gas stove in our main kitchen, but that is my wife's baby, she loves it. I don't use it, I tend to make messes. The glass top on the new electric range will help me with cleaning up my messes. :)


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While in Denton TX for my weekly grocery/beer run, I saw something that I never had seen before, a Tesla on the road. They've been around for over ten years now! They're not real popular in Texas and the laws prevent them from being sold in manufacturers showrooms. You can look, but they cannot discuss anything; you have to go home and buy it on the Internet. They're also not popular because of their limited range/charging station locations/charging times etc. A trip from San Antonio to El Paso takes more than two hours of charging (at supercharging stations, longer at conventional chargers), along the way; as well as a 90 mile detour off IH10 to Midland to reach the nearest supercharger. I'm sure it's the same situation in Montana. What about the rest of you guys? Are there many in your area?

PRR Modeler

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Afternoon All,

Spent the morning visiting with Phil and Jon. I also picked up the 4 flat cars that Jon did for me. After getting home I glued on the AMB wooden decks and the bolsters on the F22 cars. The last photo gives a idea of positioning of the gun tube.

Sherrel- It sounds like your RV is like my pool, a money black hole that always needs some kind of work on it.

Willie- Nice looking structures.

Chet- Very nice scene. I'm glad you're bowling is coming back to you.




I hope everyone has a good night.
We have Teslas in Salt Lake City area. I see one or two a day when driving around, usually. Some days a few more, some days none.

I don't know if or where the super chargers are. I assume most people just charge at home for most local trips and just use super chargers if they have longer trips. Charging at home is a lot cheaper than using the Tesla network. Costco has some chargers and only charges 10 cents / kwh but they are only level 2 chargers (roughly 7-10 miles per charging-hour), but that is enough to top off while shopping for local travel.

Though that idea on home charging could be in error.

I drive as my car (not the "family" car, which is a regular gas engine Volvo) an Audi A3 e-tron. That is a plug-in hybrid, and I get about 20 miles per charge before it switches to gasoline. But with most trips being around town, 2/3rds of all miles on the car are "non gasoline engine" miles per the computer statistics.


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Ken, I'm very sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It's times like this that make us who live in and around Maryland feel secure in knowing we are in the epicenter of state of the art medicine. God knows I complain all the time about the cost of health care, but I'm always grateful for them helping me to feel better, I'm just cheap.
Knowing you are a man of faith is comforting as well, Godspeed my friend.
Louis, I always enjoy reading your eloquent replies!

...and again, thank you ALL for the prayers and well-wishes! Wish I had time to reply individually to each of you, but my "likes" will have to suffice for now. I'm dashing hither-and-yon trying to get stuff done that I won't be able to do for 6-8 weeks. Mainly "physical" type stuff that requires me to do driving, heavy lifting or getting into contorted positions; hopefully after 10-12 days I'll at least be able to get on my 'puter and take care of online bill payments and other communications.

Today my primary care doc gave the green light for my surgery to proceed on schedule, the lab report also showed that my kidney function actually improved since the April visit - so that's a silver lining in this storm cloud! Now I just have to avoid getting sick or injured between now and Monday.

C U later, being called to supper!


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Might add that it has now been 45 days since we had measurable rainfall.
Supposed to reach 90* today (normal is 90*), last year 94*, and record 100* in 2012.
Calling for sunny and breezy.
We're getting in that trend the lake breeze out of the sw off Erie that causes what they call a lake shadow. Thunderstorms or just rain gets evaporated when it gets into that area. Haven't had rain in 2 weeks.


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Howdy ..

Ken .... Prayers continue for you.

Willie ..... Nice rural structures .

Chet .... I am glad you are able to bowl again. Your night scene looks great.

Curt .... Your flat car project is looking good.

Louis .... The ransomware story has been in the national news. I hope it is all fixed soon.

Here is a view of my rural scene with the camera angle high enough so you can see some of the buildings.



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Willie, I see Tesla vehicles on a regular basis. The closer I get to DC the more I see them. In my travels the Chevrolet Volt is the most popular electric vehicle. My wife is a perfect candidate for an electric vehicle. Her drive to work can be as little as 3 minutes if both traffic lights in her path are green.

Delivering for Amazon I am often surprised and amazed at the vehicles I see on the roads and parked in peoples drive ways. Everything from Rolls-Royce Phantom to beat up old VWs. I've been seeing a lot of Bentley's lately.

My favorites are the old classic American cars. I've noticed that you see classic American muscle cars in all kinds of neighborhoods. The difference I have noticed is in the high-dollar areas they are usually fully restored, in the low-end areas they are in varying states of restoration. But it seems everybody loves them!

Personally I would be worried driving a high-dollar or classic vehicle. I'd worry some fool would hit me, too many stupid drivers in Baltimore/Washington area.


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Garry, they are still trying to solve the Ransomware problem. The city has asked the Feds for assistance, considering the NSA created the Ransomware, but the Feds have yet to respond. It's the same software often used to exploit Windows XP. That is until Microsoft issued a free patch for Windows XP.

Former Mayor, Mayor Blake commissioned a study of the city's technology before leaving office. The study was completed during Mayor Pugh's term. The study showed the city was vulnerable to ransomware, among other things, but Mayor Pugh choose to ignore it. She either thought she knew better or she was to busy enriching herself. I read her children's book, that did not take much time to write. She ignored the experts when she was in office, but she sure has surrounded herself with expert criminal defense attorneys now that she is out of office and under investigation by the City, the State and the FBI.

Not much is worse than a stupid person that thinks they know it all. The worst part is I voted for Catherine Pugh! I was however one of the first to sign the petition calling for her resignation.


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Good morning Everybody!

I want to thank Everybody for sharing their photos, I really enjoy them!

I have this song on my playlist and it really speaks to me.
"I let my past go too fast
No time to pause
If I could slow it all down
Like some captain,
Whose ship runs aground
I can wait until the tide comes around

Time stand still
I'm not looking back
But I want to look around me now
Time stands still
See more of the people
And the places that surround me now

Freeze this moment
A little bit longer
Make each sensation
A little bit stronger

Make each impression
A little bit stronger
Freeze this motion
A little bit longer"

Here is another one along those same lines.
"So understand, don't waste your time
Always searching for those wasted years
Face up, make your stand
And realize you're living in the golden years"


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I had a good day yesterday! Amazon asked me to run a 3 hour block at 11am, I hesitated, but I know if they are asking they must need me. Not that my contribution means much. Thousands of packages leave that distribution center every half hour.

Some of you may remember I stopped doing early blocks. I switched to evening blocks because they have fewer stops/packages, about half as much usually. Just as expected I had 44 packages and 36 stops, but they were close together and the delivery zone was between Amazon and my house. I resisted my instincts to be fast and took my sweet time. In the past I would have finished the route in less than an hour and a half, but yesterday I finished in Two hours and 36 minutes. I get paid the same no matter how long it takes me. I pulled up to each stop, sat in my van with the AC on scanned the package then leisurely walked to my destination. In the past I would have hopped out of the van, scanned the package as I quickly walked to my destination and quickly retuned. I even took a few short breaks just sitting in the van for a few minutes. It doesn't sound like much but when you have 36 stops, 2 minutes extra at each one equals one hour and 12 minutes! It's impossible to safely make up time driving so I don't even try.

The result was noticeable, I felt good when I finished. I even thought about going back for another route, but quickly resisted the temptation to push my luck. This morning I feel fine, just the usual "long over worked, former hard partying, half broken down" old man pains.

No work for me today, my pool is supposed to be delivered! I feel bad that I could not coach baseball this year or spend much time playing ball with my grandson. The doctors have told me to limit my activity and time in the heat. This pool should help keep my little man busy. I can sit in the pool and play catch with him or count his laps.

My grandson went to Ocean City with his Mom, so the beagles and I are home alone this morning, it sounds like an old school late 70s heavy metal club in here, but it defiantly does not smell like it because there is no lingering cloud of smoke or spilled beer, blood and whiskey. ;) and to think that was my idea of fun?!

I'll resist the temptation to share all the music from YouTube with you :) The old headbangers out there know where to find it.

Time for me to do something, like I always use to say "right or wrong, do something!"

I'll check back later, I hope. In the mean time, have a great day Everybody. God Bless you all!
Morning all,

Supposed to be sunny and 90 today with humidity on the rise. Welcome to summer.

Well I broke apart several of the old brass flex track fir the rails last night. These were held on with what appeared to be staples through ties into the track. Old stuff I know. Makes me feel good that I can reuse something I wasn't sure how to even use. Even though I've had a bunch of train stuff coming in the past few weeks, I still save money where I can. Hopefully the last auction stuff comes in earlier today than I think it actually will.

On a side note, the town I work for has been hit with ransom ware demands twice in the past 3 years. In each case, I was able to restore service and documents in a few hours. I try to keep on top of the crap before it happens, but being a smaller city, you can only do so much. Not as big a target as we don't have as much to for the crooks to gain.


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Good morning everyone. 66 and sunny out there. Mid July and we slept with the windows open!!

Louis - Good music!!
Willie - The only Teslas around here is the music I play from that group ;)
Chet - A nice night scene from your layout. Once I get all my buildings lighted, I will probably put up street lights
Garry - nice photo from your layout

Here's a photo of progress I made last night on the DPM structure I'm currently working on. I'm pretty convinced it will be a farm supply business. I pretty much like the color scheme: PollyScale D&RGW Freight Car Red walls (blotted with paper towels for initial weathering technique), primer gray windows


Have a good day everyone.


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Good morning, 70 headed for 90.

Willie-- we have several Tesla's in the Twin Cities. They only seem to come in like 3 colors. Lots of BMW, Lexus, Jaguar on the roads here as well. Those new Suburbans, too. I think they run close to $90,000. People like to flaunt money here as much as possible.

I understand the very rich stress out over being able to spend their money, so are forced to purchase expensive items.

Garry-- I love the livestock pen scene!

Johnny-- shaping up to be a very nice structure

more later, super busy at work now since hasn't rained in 3 or 4 days!



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Good Morning All. A more pleasant 70° and clear with light northerly winds. Only expect 91° for a high today and the next three days.:) It was nice sleeping with the windows open last night. Don't get to do that often in July around here. I'll take the Friday Special omelet today Francine, extra bacon on the side.

Thanks once again to all who liked or commented on my photos; Jerome, Patrick, Sherrel, Chet, Curt, Ken, Phil, Tom, Garry, Johnny.

Made it to the train shed yesterday, but I took the day off from modeling. I just ran trains for three hours. Gotta keep those engineers on their toes. Here's some pictures of the action, or inaction as the case may be.
Here's a pair of SD45's with an intermodal freight waiting on the siding in front of the Stallings horse ranch. Engines are from Lifelike P2K.
07-12-19 001.001.JPG

Here's a pair of SD40-2's with a mixed freight paused on the siding in unfinished portion of Ft. Wish. These are Kato engines.
07-12-19 002.001.JPG

Finally a pair of Athearn Dash9-44CW's heading up another mixed freight.
07-12-19 003.001.JPG

Chet - Smart move on not pushing the bowling too far yet. That 167 is better than any score that I ever got. If I could exchange my golf scores with my bowling scores, I would have done better in both!:rolleyes: I am a fan of the little mini-scenes on the layout, some partially hidden away in backyards, in alleys and behind structures.
Curt - Nice progress on the flat cars.
Ken - Continued thoughts and prayers for your upcoming surgery on Monday.
Louis - Good to see that you are back in your old form again. How's your new mayor Jack Young working out? Smart move yesterday in going slower on the Amazon route and resisting the second one.
Patrick - I like to reuse old stuff as much as possible as well. I have many industry spurs made from reused brass track.
Johnny - Nice paint job on the DPM structure. I have used the paper towel blotting before with good results.

Must be Friday today as I went grocery shopping yesterday! Everybody have a great day and a wonderful weekend.
Dang, that Rush is "funny" (not the song -- the look). Of course, they were young once, but they look more English Pop than Prog Rock in that video. And Geddy not playing a Fender (or a Ric or one of his esoteric high end basses) and Lifeson not playing a Gibson. Thanks for the post!


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Good morning ........

Johnny and Dave ...... Thanks for commenting about my scene.

Johnny ....... You are doing good work with the DPM building.

WIllie ..... Nice photos. Your Santa Fe locomotive fleet is impressive. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to