Rivet Counter N scale locos

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I've been into N scale as of 1985, and I've seen it come a long way. That's a good looking locomotive, great detail. If it runs anywhere as nice as it looks, that will nice a nice addition.



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Sorry to hear about your credit card getting hacked, that has happened to me 5 or 6 times over the past 10 years, BUT, not once from buying on line.

On a brighter note, glad your engine arrived and am looking forward to hearing how it runs.
These are, quite simply, the best running and most detailed N-scale locomotives I've ever owned. I have the GTEL Turbine and now I have two of the ET44AC's that arrived Monday. Plan on (maybe) putting up a video. BTW, the NS model actually has ditch lights that flash alternately just like the prototype when you sound the horn. First time in a production N-scale loco unless I'm mistaken. All models have ditch lights that operate separately from the headlights, dimmable headlights etc. Massive amount of detail not only on the body but the trucks and frame as well. Worth every penny, even if I did weep a bit as I completed my order.
Whoo hoo. My loco should ship Monday or Tuesday. I had wanted to have my layout track all ready to go by the time it got here, but I've been so darn lazy, I've got a lot to do yet. Only have about half of the rails painted, and after that, I need to do the ballasting. As lazy as I've been, don't think I'll make it.

BNSF loco.jpg


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Look forward to seeing your progress. Watching builds is always interesting and, quite often, a learning experience as well.

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