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I have been watching off and on the Rail cam at Flagstaff, and reading the Chat. I was going to start commenting some, but apparently I need to open a you tube channel first. That's something I know nothing about. Can someone enlighten me? Would appreciate it. Thanks.
I know I could just go to google to get info, and I have, but I'm wondering about opening a channel for the soul purpose of joining the chat. I probably won't be doing anything else with it. Sort of a means to an end sort of thing.


Plucked Tailfeathers
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Paul -- If I am remembering correctly - All you need to do is register (sign up).

You will need to sign up anyway if you ever wish to post a video.
Be sure and register with a "handle" that you wish to have seen.

D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
I was up at the Flagstaff station last week and was watching the rail cam too. There is about a 25 second delay between real time and what is on the video.
I was watching it the other day while a freight was rolling thru, and some guy steps into the middle of the tracks like he is playing chicken with the train. The train went into full emergency stop, and the guy jumps out of the way at the last second. The guy must be mental, or on something. Just crazy.
All in all, it's very interesting to watch, and chat.

D&J RailRoad

Professor of HO
At the Ashland, VA rail cam, you can see a guy who pedals around on a bicycle quite a bit. He is usually wearing what looks like a cowboy hat. The rest of his attire will be spandex pants or a complete dark colored body suit that is covered with small light bulbs that twinkle. He usually smiles real big at men or waves to them.


Stuck in the 1930's
All you need is a Google account to sign into youToob. You can watch without comments without logging in. Lots of cool railcam locations. Ashland Virginia, norht of Richmond. La Grange KY., La Plata, MO., Horseshoe Curve, near Altoona, PA., Roanoke VA, And one that got hit by lightning last weekend, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. It took out the camera and PC it was hooked to. Great last few minutes of that thunderstorm, with lightning flashing every few seconds. TVRM is home to ex-SRR 4501 and 630. They use them on weekday excursions in the summer.
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I have stayed in Flagstaff many times on the way to Albq., and have never been to the station. If I ever make the trip again, I'll definitely go visit it.

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