Question about building an N-Scale Bascule Lift Bridge

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Hi everyone, new to the forum here so I was hoping someone can help with some tips.

Are there any rolling lift bridges available from any N Scale retailer, (Kato, Atlas, Faller, etc)???

If not, does anybody have advice on how to make a manually operated (not motorized) two track rolling lift like this one here? Shared Assets Operations Shared Assets Operations

Anybody out there have one on their layout?

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Man I know there was one made a longggggggggg time ago I want to say by AHC or something like that best bet is hit the swapmeets everyonce in awhile you'll see it on flea bay and you'll pay dearly for it .
Out of the names listed I think Faller would be your best bet,good luck keep me posted.

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