Opinions please on Powercab vs. Procab

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Hi Everyone,
Here is my stituation.

I already own a hand me down Powerhouse DCC Command Station (PH-1 Circa 1999) without the handheld throttle unit which was lost AND a Loy's Toys Fuel Tank. I have a vague idea how to set them up and
I assume they are in working condition.

I contacted NCE about which handheld unit to get for my Powerhouse and they said the ProCab #524-010 will work with it. That unit sells for about $125-150.

For the pretty much same amount of money I can get the starter set Powercab unit.

So I am wondering which way to go. From what I understand the main differerence is power. 2 amps vs. 5 amps.

Here is the application I will use it for:

It will be controlling a bedroom size HO layout. I can't imagine running more than 3 trains at once (probably 2). I would like to have sound in all of them. Maybe a lighted passenger train. I would also like to have other working signals and stuff. Sadly, I don't have friends into model railroading so I will probably be the only operator.

What would you do?

Thanks to everyone that helped me with my layout design a few months ago. I ended up incorporating many of your ideas
The powercab will cover what you want to do. It allso can monitor how many amps your trains are drawing. I have 2 Athearn genesis gp-15 with dcc and tsunami sound and they draw about a 1/2 amp combined. I cant remember the exact number, but you can probably run 5-6 engines depending on how much each one draws.
I agree with Ken, use the power cab when you want on the program track, then as a pro cab on your powerhouse system ...lovin my power cab and power pro. Good luck.



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I started with the Power Cab, then added the 3b Smart Booster when I built a new, larger layout to take the power up to 5amps. I know I dont even come close to that limit as I sometimes run 10 engines (about 6 of them sound equipped) at once and I have my CBs set to trip if I exceed 3.71 amps. So expansion with the PowerCab is always an option down the road. It is a great, easy to use system. Good luck.

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