my five smallest tank cars- scratched

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If you click on attachment 63890, it comes up as a large photo. At least, it does for me. I hope it stays up as I redid the photo.

Thanks, Bobby
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If you click the photo (which now appears), you can see the larger version. If you click the "Attachment #####" link, it returns "Invalid Attachment".

Nice work, by the way.


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Picture is there now, wasn't when I first a question that might answer another eternal question. Were these the "eggs" that came before those other larger "chickens"?

Oh, and one's missing, or is that that other "thing" that's missing from the previous quandary?
Thanks Kevin. The link came up as invalid for me too. At least the photo worked the second try.
Mark the five up to old age. I still can't believe I did that, thanks for pointing it out.

Regards, Bobby

I've followed your work for years and you never stop amazing me with what you do.

I was able to see one photo and one link that did not work.

I'm sure you are asked all the time but do you ever sell the cars you build or even the parts you manufacture to build the cars? I would be so interested in the final resting place of all this grand work. If you still have them do you have a photo of the hundreds of cars you build in a single yard. WOW that would be so cool to see.

Leg pulling is good for us older gentlemen.
Tony, thank you. How to build them would take a book, and I'm a key board hunt and peck guy.
Dave, I don't have a photo of them all together. I've scratch built around 30 cars total. I still have them all and might be looking for a resting place soon.
I like the older ones too, they have a lot of character, thank you.

Do you mean that I don't run them anymore? I have run these, but after I installed P87 wheel sets I retired them. Putting these cars on the track with true scale wheels is a chore! And it takes special track and turn outs, all hand laid. All are a young mans sport.



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Ah, wasn't aware you had actually run them at all, think when I asked you just mentioned about the P87 wheels difficulty. I have enough problems on the club tracks with rp25's.
How funny, I thought you were a young man Bobby. I can't recall where it was but I thought I saw a picture of you someplace and you are much younger then most. I could be wrong being the old man I am. I think it was the flicker account I saw the picture.



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Funny -- I'm in the camp with Dave.

I thought the same as well!
I tell everyone that I'm just old on the outside.
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