Livingston Model Railroad Club Layout Cab Ride

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Whiskey Merchant
Here's a video taken at the Livingston Model Railroad Club located in the basement of the old Northern Pacific Depot in Livingston, MT, which is now a railroad museum.

The layout occupies three rooms in the basement. Occasionally you'll see an a**hole in a blue Navy T shirt and hat, that's me. No place to hide. The layout isn't of any particular place with the exception of the Gardiner loop which was all built from scratch. It is near the end of the video. It was built using photos from the Museum of the Rockies and set somewhere in the late 20's or early 30's. Most of the structures were built using photos from the Museum. The Northern Pacific ran rail service from Livingston, MT to Gardiner, MT which is at the North entrance to Yellowstone Park to take passengers to the park and supply the town with goods. Service was discontinued in the late 50's.

Here are a few of the old photos of the station at Gardiner.


Gardiner 9-950x547.jpg

Gardiner 3.jpg

Here's aphoto of the station at the club.



Active Member
Very nice video! I would love to have a club that is nearby, and have a layout this size to join. I see the second tunnel has a few inhalant's calling it home.


Whiskey Merchant
It works out pretty good Mike. At home, my layout is built for switching which I really enjoy and at the club, as you can see, the main line is fairly long and when we have 7 or * trains operating at the same time, it can make things interesting.

It is not really close by, it's about a 50 mile trip one way, but worth it. The club has been in existance for around 25 years and I didn't even know it until I heatd about a swap meet at the museum last year. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to