Kit-Bashing of buildings, Contest announced!!!

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After completing my Kit-Bash of the Art Curren Gambol,Waite and Hope building from his Book entitled: Kitbashing HO MODEL RAILROAD STRUCTURES, i thought this would be a good basis for a Bit-Bashing Contest. I have made very good use of this book, which is Out of Print at this time. Mine was published in 1988, the year I started my layout. This book will be the prize for the winner of the contest, shipped to your place of residence free of charge!

This book has really helped me become proficient at Building Stock Building Kits, Kit-Bashing from this book, Kit-Bashing of my own designs; or, Scratch Building Buildings. Once you Kit-Bash or Kit-Mingle as Art liked to call it a few of his buildings, you will only look at the contents of Building Kits as the basis for building something unique to your layout. I cherish this book, however, I have realized how important the book is to a model railroader and the truth is I no longer need it and maybe someone else can make good use of it.

The rules of this contest will be: I am the Judge, Chef Cook and Bottle Washer. I will make the decision on who is the winner, based on photographs you post here at this contest and the discussion you state about what was changed from the stock kit, all posted here in the General Discussions Forum and here on the Model Railroad Forum! The Kit-Bashed Building can be something new you have built; or, a building you Kit-Bashed from parts you found in the Bilge of the Mayflower, when you where coming from the old country. The only requirement is that YOU where the builder (for this I will have to rely on your HONESTY)! You also need to outline what you did making the building a Kit-Bash


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Here are the OFFICIAL RULES for the above contest:

1). I am the only judge for the contest.
2). Up to three (3) photos can be used to show the Kit-Bashed Model.
3). The contest starts today and will end March 31st, 2019 at at Midnight.
4). The Prize for the winner will be my book: KITBASHING HO MODEL RAILROAD STRUCTURES by Art Curren.
5). You must be the builder of the structure (I will have to rely on your honesty for this).
6). Only use one (1) post for photos and a description of how you built the structure.
7). The Judge may Quarry the contestant about their build.
8). A contestant may enter only one entry in this contest. If the Judge determines that a contestant has posted multiple entries, none of the entries will be allowed in this contest! (Rule 8 added on February 22nd, 2019)
9). Only plastic kits may be used, no craftsman kits allowed (Rule 9 added March 3rd, 2019)

The nine rules above should be adequate to govern this contest, if you have questions, can I ask that you use the rules above to make sure that your question is not answered. No suggestions for changing this contest will be allowed!
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Bruette, although HO is mentioned in the Prize Book, entries can be any scale! If I can't afford a $225.00 SW1200, how could a afford Participation trophies? However, I feel your pain!

I do realize giving the Book on Kit-Bashing away as a prize, is putting the Cart slightly afore the Horse! Still, I wish all you all the best of luck!


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Mark ..... Great idea ! ..... I may post some pictures of kit bashed buildings. ... I hope there is a lot of participation between now and March 31st.


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I can see that my rules where inadequate, again.

8). A contestant may enter only one entry in this contest. If the Judge determines that a contestant has posted multiple entries, none of the entries will be allowed in this contest!

This rule has been added to the Contest Rules in POST # 2.

Gary B

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OK Mark, I'll start since is just the kind of thing I like to do best. Biggest problem is picking from several ones I've done. This one is kind of kit 'stack'. First floor is a Life-Like convenience store. The tower is bashed from Smalltown's Vicky Department store. The top is a Plasticville radio station. Add Legos, various sheet plastic, details and a few wild brain cells and there you have my apartment tower. Please disregard the Krispy Kreme shop. Open to questions but not 'Quarrying


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I would enter my roundhouse, but that was all scratch built, not kit bashed. It will be fun see the entrants to this one!


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KB02, I considered allowing Scratch Builds into the contest; but, upon further consideration felt that it wouldn't be fair to Kit-Bashing if I made a Scratch Build the winner; or vise-versus.


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Here is a Kit-Bashed Locomotive I built. It started life as a Rivarossi Mikaco. Through a bunch of work, I converted the loco to a Northern Pacific W-3 Mikado. I added piping, brass cast details, shortened the tender and added a Dog House for the front brakeman and used real coal in the tender. The loco has a Digitrax DH123D decoder in the tender. I followed an article in an older Model Railroader Magazine on doing the Kit-Bash.

PLEASE NOTE, This contest is for Kit-Bashing structures and not rolling stock!


This locomotive Kit-Bash was posted here in attempts to create some interest in the idea of doing this project, only!


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This contest is now one week old and I have one entry! Response to the contest has been less than spectacular, I'd even go so far as to say it has been dismal. It's possible the award is not good enough; or, people do not Kit-Bash structures anymore; or, people are just not interested.

I can see that I will bump this thread every week at least to keep the thread near the top of the pile. So, see you next Thursday!


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MARK -- In the interest of those who may wish to enter --
YOU need several months, 3-4, for those who may not have an immediate entry!


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Curt, read my rules on what to provide for the contest, in particular Rule #2. Also, can you state who the manufacture is? The acronym FOS means nothing to me, as I need an actual manufacturer's name, so I can go to a website to view the item's information. However, you are entered and thanks for participating! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to