Just joined and saying hello.

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My name is Fred from Melbourne FL. Been on HO scale since 1974 and my theme is logging the Western Sierra mountains C.1850. Just renewed my website as I've been out of modeling some years and decided to get back into it.

I took early retirement from the Marines in 1978 (12 years) and got into printing t-shirts and such and have been printing for my Ebay customers and a few local clubs but cut back on my Ebay store so I could get back into railroading.

I mostly scratch build structures which are on my website and I'll attach a few here.

Hope I may be able to contribute and learn here.

Thank you,






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Welcome to the forum! We just finished upgrading our website as well, new software, faster server, lots of nice features, so hopefully you’ll find it enjoyable.

Those are some really nice buildings, great details! I’m impressed with framing, looks like the real thing. Well done.


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Welcome to the forums and back to the hobby. Your scratch built structures look great by the way, very realistic. Will you be starting your "Railway" from scratch as well, a new layout build? If so, will look forward to seeing your work.


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Welcome to our forum Fred. I just found this post today, as I have been on vacation. Your structures and pictures look great, keep them coming.



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Welcome to the forum Fred. Glad to have you with us. We have a number of members in Florida and I was a state trooper in Florida before moving back home to Montana.

I modeled N scale when I got out of the service because I was stuck in an apartment and after moving home, had a basement and expanded the small N scale to over 11 scale miles of main line. Unfortunately, the N scale locomotives back in the 70's for the most part didn't run well and very few road names were available, the N scale was torn out and I moved onto HO scale.

The structures really look good. A fine addition to the area you're modeling. Looking forward to see your progress.

Stop by the Coffee Shop some time and have a cup.


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Hi Fred, just as well you added the FL to the Melbourne, thought we had another Aussie on board. Have to say, you really do "build" your structures. Must be hard to find those tiny nails. ;)
I thank you all for your kind words and for making me feel welcome.

I am really behind the times and a lot of what you are talking about I am not familiar with (DCC, stuff like that) but after reading various post I think I may catch on. Been away 30+ years.

As a side note, all of my Northeastern wood, Floquil paints, Campbell Scenery is also 30+ years old. Please bear with me as logging is my theme so I've got an old Model Die Casting (???) Climax and some hand built logging flats, Keystone Barnhard, logging sawmill (Keystone??) and an FSM kit of the rural sawmill. Lots of stuff still packed away but I'll be working on opening things up and taking inventory.

I'm mostly into scratch building structures and making dioramas as I don't have a lot of room in our mobile home.

Melbourne FL
USMC Retired
Hello Fred, welcome to the forum. Very nice buildings indeed! I to have just got back into Model RRing. I also enjoy the logging railroad scene so I'm loosely modeling the Pacific Lumber Co. out of Scotia California. I have just picked up a Keystone Barnhart Loader and a couple of Keystone log Buggies. Looking forward to building them........Welcome back to Railroading.......
Hi Fred.
Welcome back to the hobby and I can tell that all those things that are so new to you will be fun and exciting to learn and use in your new adventure. I can tell you that this forum will be a great resource to have to help learn all those things you want to update yourself to the hobby.

I can't wait to see more from your new layout.

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